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Open Discussion
Criminal background check question
Drug charge = disqualification?
Obituary on j dale chastain
Kristen Hopper
Guinea Bissau RPCVs Reunion - Sunday, June 28, 2020
RPCV visitors for Greenville SC RPCV in nursing home?
RPCV visitors for Greenville SC RPCV in nursing home?
Do you know David Shoup?
Looking for freinds
Looking for legible copy of Peace Corps Nepali language w...
RPCV Running for US Congress 2018 - Democrat - Nevada Dis...
Looking for RPCV from Cameroon 1998
Seeking manager for our Non-profit in Ghana
Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer
Will dui keep me out of peace corp?
Looking for Peace Corps Members serving with mother-in-law
Peace Corps at Job Fairs
Chad/West Africa Stories Blog
Daughter needs to interview a Peace Corp member from the ...
PC Director in 1978?
Anger Management in PC
Appealing a medical decision
Finding RPCVs
Connecting with RPCV's
Peace Corps Forum
Current/Former Tanzania PCV
Volunteer Medical Care - Recent PCMO changes
High School Student Research Project
Deferring Your Invitation PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!!!
Former Depression Issues-Eligibility
NPS Summer Job Opportunities in Alaska
Retirement Credit for Service as PCV?
Cultural Values Learned through Story
Reporter looking for returned PC Volunteer w/health issue...
Former volunteers-student loans?
Searching for PCV Ernest in New York(Malaysia -1976)
High school dropouts eligible?
Spanish Teaching Position
Peace Corps to the Army
Treated for Depression - immediate rejection?
Received standard rejection letter after submitting app!
Peace Corps Colombia Has A Podcast
How did PC service effect your career?
Questions about Peace Corps Colombia
Decades old mental health record question
Documentary Film "Jacks Children"
Serving PCVs are vulnerable in times of political transition
Older volunteers
Going to Medical School after Volunteering... Advice
Romantic Relationships
Self esteem / self worth
About non-american applicant
Making Peace with the World, Photographs of Peace Corps V...
Kate Puzey - murdered volunteer. Peace Corps value public...
Amazing Job Opportunity for Retired Peace Corps Volunteers!
30-something PCVs, and unrelated: electricity and running...
Questions for Volunteers
High schooler asking for help
Former PCV: Were you scared to go?
Looking for a returned volunteer to answer questions
Question on how to request volunteers
Interested in Volunteering
Address of Peace Corp Cameroon
Getting Medical Clearance
Do you think i'd be accepted?
Invited to serve in TOGO- asking for advice
PC Masters International/Fellows Combo Graduate Programs
Questions from prospective volunteer
Peace corps malawi
Bachelor of Theology in Pastoral Ministry Fees
Job opportunity - working with Foreign exchange students
Urgent attention
College education?
Non Triditional Volunteer
Museum of the Peace Corps Experience
Family thinks Two years is too long! What do I say!??
Why is the PC in the Philippines after 40+years?
Locate current volunteer
PTSD and peace corps
Children and the Peace Corp
Inter-religious dialog at the United Nations
PC Application--need advice/help...
Can any former PCV get in contact with me? I'm considerin...
Safety in a world with a worsening economy
Student Loan Forgiveness?
Chris Dodd should resign
RPCVs and the Intelligence Community
Gaining Foreign Language Fluency as a PCV
Non-traditional applicants
ICT Companies in DRC
Resume boost
Outrage at the behavior of U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania, M...
Future applicant, with a past.
Peace Corps, United Nations, and Rotary Partnerships
Peace Corps Volunteers in Madagascar are Safe
Peace Corps Director under Obama
Questions for Returned Volunteers
Questions for RPCV from Africa
RPCVS from development projects
Questions before joining
Urgent ? about invitation!
Urgent ? about invitation!
Animal Planet Seeking Stories
Puppies being sold from Cameroon
Attorney in a peace corps placement
Inauguration 2009
2008.11.09: November 9, 2008: Headlines: Politics: Electi...
No college degree
Question about the peace corps!
When to apply
Just Applied for Peace Corps
Mental Health
Is the Peace Corps Difficult to get into?
Peace Corps Scams
Doing Information Technology in the Peace Corps?
Drug test for applicants?
How Do Current Peace Corps Volunteers Vote For President?
National news reporter wants Lariam stories
RPCV's Visiting Guatemala
Womens perspective
Gluten-sensitive /Celiac????
I'm paying the price for a Peace Corps mistake
Helping Small NGOs in Developing Countries to Fundraise
Introduction of STEP and request for the assistance
I was injured in training
Peace Corps Medical
How can you find obituaries in Colombia?
Looking to informally interview someone in the peace corps
Peace Corps' detractors
January 16, 2005: Headlines: Criticism: Index: PCOL Exclu...
How are 50+ volunteers dealing with their homes in the US...
Dominican Republic- physician needed there?
Looking for Sonnike Speaker/Interpreter in Seattle
Volunteers needed for a Peace Corps Week event!
Now that I am legally and medically cleared, how likely i...
ISO rejection / appeal experiences
Applying questions
Can Gay's do the peace corp?
Free Science Textbooks!
Author Seeking SME on Congo
Need advice on nomination
Considering joining the Corps, but I have one small problem
How much (if any) will the Placement Officer work with yo...
Appropriate female dress
Hiring: English Teacher - Japan good salary & great jo...
RPCV Sri Lanka seeks Haiti soc. service contacts
Peace Corps At 50 Anniversary Book Project
Peace Corps leaves many volunteers stuck with their medic...
School suggestions to set up scholarships for girls
Peace Corps/CIA connection
I worked for cia 10 yrs ago - why can't i be considered f...
May 4, 2004: Headlines: Intelligence Issues: Laws Governi...
Peace Corps à Gemena( Ex-Zaire)
A problem with Corps Care
Employment opportunity for former PC volunteers
An eye opener
I'm only 16, but would like to join the Peace Corps, how ...
How do I join
100 Free Seeds
Hungary Cancer Specialist- MCC & Thyroid
Left in the Wake.
USPS Eliminates International Surface Mail Service
Call the US post office and complain about not having the...
What do you bring??
Medical Restrictions
Questions, some general, some health-related and can I go?
Beware the Peace Corps Medical Office: Tweedle Dee and Tw...
To disclose a previous mental health issue or not ?
Question about joining
New Discussion Forum for International Development and Jobs quality search results through collaboration b...
Married couple--to apply...
Married couple, one US, the other Canadian - is is possib...
Conference on Honduras 2004
Do You Support Universal Service? Share Your Voice
Call All Candidates to Support Mandatory National Service
Rejecting Nomination
Can anyone answer some questions for me?
Gifts for someone going to Costa Rica
Joing PC in the middle of law school?
Warm "ALoha" to all the PCVs who have served on Kapingama...
PC dangers and teaching
Government Sponsored English Teaching Jobs in S.Korea
Need Contact Info. for Antigua/Guate PC Office. Guatemala
Budget travel suggestions to Peru or Costa Rica
What to put in care package to a Malawi PCV
Looking for PCV to send care packages to.
Urgent: Help Secure Access to Essential Medicines !!!
ORS Packets - HELP!
I'm planning on applying...HELP!!!
Medical review
Invitation for a New World Order
How to participate
*** New happenings for a New World Order ***...
Submit a Photo Essay and Educate People on your Cause
Be BOLD Mothers - Make Maternity Care Safe and Mother-Fri...
Political Agenda of the Peace Corps?
IHRN Human Rights Fieldwork Training 2006
Up-coming Training Programmes by IHRN
Peace corps and legal history
Pedals for Progress partnership with Jamaican NGO ECODAC
Short term housing in madison wisconsin
Peace Corps 2007
Question about medical screening process
New Mammography restrictions for 50+ gals
Daughter going to Africa
College student looking to take time off and join NPO
Internet freelancing in Cambodia
Up-to-date eGovernment Sites Directory for Countries Worl...
message for nkemabin berryclain
Pohnpei, Micronesia - travel arrangements
Must Read For RPCVs
Where to volunteer?
How long did it take?
Medical appeal -- need some advice
Are the projects imposing and culturally insensitive
Are you ready to serve--again? Join Peace Corps Encore!
Are you a PCV that has served in the military? Or comes f...
Steps and careers tp think ab out for the peace corp
National guard at high schools? Why not peace corps?
New Worldwide Safety and Security Policy
College degree?
How to join PC with private student loans?
Ethnographic research study taking place in Manila
RPCVs Needed for interview!!!!
Seeking help re: info on training PC volunteers-curriculu...
Weight issues, 3 month training
Peace corps nominations
Parent of a volunteer
Turned down, apply again?
Criminal Records and peace corps
Seeking PCVs in Thailand
Deborah Gardner's Murder
CANDIDATES WANTED-Technical Advisors-Various
Author seeking PC experiences with Lariam
+ tb skin test- what now?
Concerned applicant has safety questions
Seeking answers about the PC
Do most PCV's come back to the U.S. with health problems?...
AmeriCorps VISTA Leader needed immediately at Vietnamese ...
Washington, DC benefit to raise money for women in Ghana!!
Question - Dates of state side training
Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment
This years student rights
This years student rights
This years student rights
An event in Appleton, Wi for the Genocide in Darfur!! Ple...
Questions--is my wife eligible? Am I?
Cool Bandanas for Hot Climates
Mozzie Nets and Sleeping Bags
Peace Corps Baggage Allowance
Foot Locker Safe for Peace Corps Valuables
Second Time Volunteer -- After 37 Year Gap
High Blood Pressure
Is motivation enough?
Research group seeking project to benefit third-world cou...
Interview for nurses involved in the Peace Corp
Master of Fine Arts concentration in fiction and Peace Corp
Liberia: Natural Resources:
Peace Corps & The 2006 World Scholar Athlete Games
RPCV Needed for Survey
Crisis Corps Hurricane Vols Needed
Participants needed for trip to Nicaragua
Applying from outside the US ?
Peace Corps Birthday Present: Department of Peace Bill in...
Jimma Ethiopia
$40K Scholarship Opp for RPCs
Nervous about interview!
Great Sadness: Peace Corps Mourns the Loss of Volunteer S...
Engineers Without Borders - Volunteer Overseas
Taking our dog with us?
Teach English Worldwide
Train in Spain -- Teach English Worldwide
Hang your heads in shame
Seeking Minority RPCVs for contributions to anthology
Interview with past peace corps volunteer
DWI, drunk driving, dui, and a license to drink
A permit, (or license) for the purchase of alcohol bevera...
Former Africa Volunteers Needed as Speakers
Canadian wanting to do independent volunteer work in rura...
Contrasting now with then - anyone using it?
Rude recruiters / married couple question.
Employment Opportunity: Guinea-Bissau
ApproTEC hiring Director of Business Development
Looking for ST Microfinance consultants with Ag exp.
PCVs: Want company in your vil, help with your project an...
Burkina Faso March 2005
HIV+. Should I even bother applying?
Preparing to serve
Group 19 to Uzbekistan,January,2005
Medical Exams
The Presidential Election and RPCs
Building schools in Malawi, Mali, Nicaragua and Haiti
Help building schools in Malawi!
Site about Yoga, meditation, relaxation, the Maha Mantra,...
Learn to teach English in COSTA RICA - School for Interna...
Questions: Presentations in PC
Peace Corps Advice
Gently Educate My Family?
I want to volunteer but I have two dogs
Tips On Getting to Your Prefered Region?
RPCVs of Asian decent
Like to talk to a RPCV older married couple
Peace is us
Children's Author would like to talk with PC volunteers f...
Sending Gatorade
How long does it take?
Host an International Exchange Student!
Volunteers with Diabetes?
An RPCV teaching photography to disadvantaged Mozambican ...
Safety and Security and Pairing of Volunteers
Conference Call for Applications: Building Transatlantic ...
Learn to teach English in COSTA RICA - SCHOOL for Interna...
Global Documentary/Pen Pal Exchange needs your help
PCV family (and other) travel
I need assistance to apply for the rotary ambassedoral s...
NGO trainers in Africa
The Peace Corps in a Howard Dean Administration
Peace Corps and Iraq
Campo Oven Photo
Peace Corps and Clinton
Bulletin Board Posts
How much do peace corps get paid?
Lan Nguyen RPCV
Is there a Peace Corps Ring?
Information on ASSIAMI
How to join the peace corps in canada
I wanan be a peace corps....
What are the main dangers in joining peace corps?
Looking for a returned volunteer
Blake Walker, Son of Brian Walker, To Be Sentenced 8/2...
New Peace Corps Logo T-Shirts
Peace Corps-type organizations of other countries.
Teach English Abroad. Train in Prague with Next Level TEFL.
TEFL in Prague with The Language House
Teach & Travel Worldwide. TEFL Worldwide Prague.
Peace Corps Memoir
Looking for Gerald Nelson, RPCV from Michigan
Peace Corps and security clearances
John Acree is Looking for the Maryland County Gang, Liber...
Looking for Mr EDWARD LEWIS who was in AHAR Iran during 1...
Bringing Kindles and e books to underserved children
Looking for Mr Ernest Peace Corp
Making Peace with the World
Looking for Mary George: Helped Dennis Priven Get Away w...
Mary George
Mary George
ESL Tutor Guide for use in Peace Corps
Mrs. Mead from Mississippi
"Ask me about the Peace Corps" -- Where can I find a bump...
Seeking Pescaline d'Yotokope, TOGO - West Africa
Looking for Mrs. Sheri Lane Williamson & Kamerhe
Searching for host families for high school exchange stud...
Host an Exchange Student in PA
Looking for RPCVs from C.A.R. who speak Sango to help ref...
Looking For Rolf Gerdau
Invitee with important question...
Peace Corps Volunteers in Madagascar are Safe
IHRN Conference & Training Programmes 2009
In search of Lynn Evens Liberia 1987
ET v. COS - when grad school calls
Early Termination-- can it be treated as a regular resign...
Information on joining
Arabic Interpreters Needed--Modest Stipend!
Find a job
Find a job
I'm interested in joining the Peace Corps
Joining the peace corps with an associate of arts? can it...
What need for Amer. Music Teacher, gen. elem. classroom, ...
What need for Amer. Music Teacher, gen. elem. classroom, ...
Hey i just have a little question
I know that I have a dream that I want to pursue
Joining the peace corp
Help a village garden development project in The Gambia!
Volunteers required for Peacekeeping Operations
Community Health/HIV/Aids
looking for avacancy in social work
Applying for UNV
Apllying for UN Volunteer as military man
Request for a volunteer's job
Un volunteer in the field of hiv/aids anywhere in the world
I am a graduate student and doing masters on business stu...
I would like to work as a Peace Crops Vlunteer in any par...
My interest
" Social Work "
Humanitarian Work.
By Germaine GBEHA
Disarmement,/demobilization/reintegration - Africa
I.P. Banning
I.P. Banning
Fully funded scholarship for peace practitioners
Application for scholarship
Philippines 73-75; Rural Banking; Van Hook, Dirk
Peace Corps Documentary Photography Project
How do NGOs pay employees in isolated areas?
Looking for an Opening in NGO
Moving to Canada
How do i join in?
High school senior who would like to be involved in the P...
46 yo mid career Fed employee - looking to apply to PC......
Looking for an employment.
Sick with unknown pathogen
RPCV Mary Hensley (Philippines 1976-78) will be giving a ...
Return Mali Volunteer dies
How do I get more information about joining?
Information on how to join the peace corps
Nervous about actually doing
The Peace Corps and Yoga
Declining an invitation?
Case Study Opportunity for New Book on Joining the Peace ...
Monica & Toabo Tooki
Message for current Cameroon Peace Corps Director
Liberia 23 Reunion in July 2005 in Maryland
Thoughts on peace and unity from Swaziland
Peace Corps housing in Jamaica - what to expect?
Peace Corps Volunteer Holy Ghost Secondary School Segbwem...
Contact address
Peace Corp Volunteer in Boston Bay/Port Antonio, Jamaica
Namibian coutry directo
James Geenen
Sick with unknown pathogen
Caribbeana, a 3 hour radio magazine, is looking for volun...
Costa Rica IX is having a 40th reunion in Denver Co on Ju...
RPCV Needs Fishery/Coastal Management Information
RPCVs NY: help needed for Phillipine friend
Democrats Abroad Ecuador
Peace Corps Projects
Visiting Ecuador
We need RPCV's Senegal!
Looking for Guimba Diallo
Any El Salvador Invitees?!
Teach English Worldwide
Teaching English without certification
Publishing Opportunity for Volunteers
Bob Savage Ethiopia First group
Should I even bother? (relative lack of experience)
Researching the Congo
Seeking Summer instructors for Peru programs
Mental Health Medical Clearance
Helping peace corps new to North west Province-Cameroon
Peace Corps Family
Why Julia?
My condolensce for Julia
Interpreters of Thai, Lao, Lahu, Khmer, Burrmese & Hmong
Sponsor a child in Afghanistan - Slovakia RPCV is Project...
Thinking of doing Peace Corps in Phillipines
RPCV Kenya looking to connect with PCVs in Chile, Peru & ...
Hotel Management /Tourism Internship Opportunity In Antig...
Looking for pen pal from Sierra Leone age 9-13
Reunion for Group 46- Trained George Wash. Univ. 6/1966 t...
Looking for hosts in Boston, Tallahassee, Lansing and Nas...
Looking for Peacecorp in Thailand
Returning to Thailand
Interested in what you do...
Ron paul will help the Peace Corps!
RPCV/DR Professional Photographer Available for Hire
Questions about life in Dakar
Internship/Volunteer opportunities
How do I send packages overseas?
How do we send shoes for children in Tanzania?
Youssou N'Dour: Return to Goree
Recent pictures of Limon & San Juan Bosco
RPCV's from Sierra Leone, 1982-1984
Trying to contact a friend Geoffry Bishop a PVC to the Ph...
Trying to contact a friend
Peace Corp Volunteer in Calunangan Elem. School in Caluna...
Wish to speak to mid-career professional PCVs, RPCVs
For PCVs and RPCVs Interested in "Honor" Killings
Margaret Schutzius, Chad 1987-1989
Community Maps
Anyone have any automobile association badges from Africa...
PCV Memorial Scholarship for Village Women in Zambia
Looking for Sesotho lessons
Keeping in touch with volunteers to Ghana,Asuom E/R
Anyone Ever Heard of TOCC in Chiradzulu , Mpama - Katolez...
Could anyone tell me how to contact Mr. Peter Hessler?
Peter Hessler
Could anyone tell me the email add of Mr. Peter Hessler?
La Cumbre de Agua Limpia
Support group for mothers of people serving in PC?????
Benin Africa???
Looking for....
Looking for RPCV from Vanuatu
Gene (Harlan) Peuse
RPCV Tanzania lookin for Namibia travel tips!
Uzbek interpreters in the U.S.
Seeking info on the first group of Volunteers to go to Ko...
Looking For Ghana Peace Corps Office Address, phone numbe...
2007.06.25: June 25, 2007: Headlines: Fiftieth: Writing: ...
2006.12.14: December 14, 2006: Headlines: Editors: Publis...
Helping Another RPCV In Need
HeartBank | A really simple idea that can make a world of...
AFghan children's songbook project
Sierra Leone Group # One
Looking for Jack Caraco
Kenyan Sign Language Interpreters Association (KSLIA)...
Looking for Stephen W. Moore
Great Job in Guatemala, Exec Director of Safe Passage
MPH advice for a soon-to-be COSd volunteer
Find former Peace Corps volunteer in Albania - Helen Bunc...
Need fundraising consultant ASAP
National news reporter wants Lariam stories
New volunteers swearing in ceremony, April 27, 2007
An exploration into non-violence
Practical tips on taking laptops to your post
Visiting Accra 4-21 to 4-28
Bambara Language materials
Quick Survey About Technology
Please help
Teaching in Ghana
Know anything about Billy Chisupe/ 'mchape'/ traditional ...
Peace Corps and leagal history
Tanzania, Mt Kilimanjaro
Hospice St Joseph, Port au Prince Haiti
Over 55 volunteers
Looking for Good Cheap Hotel in Addis Ababa
I'm the producer of a for youth by youth radio program in...
Lobbying group for Peace Corps
A Special Request for those in PARAGUAY ($$)
Adoption in 1971
Were you a sociology major in college?
Peace Corps Contact Group
A messge for John Luethe
Peace Corps Podcast
A high school senior wanting to join the peace corps. I ...
Hiv positive wanna work as a volunteer in africa
Friends of the Peace Corps at Prosper
Seeking international adoption
Searching for Parker - Kenya PCV 1984-85
Work in Karachi, Pakistan
Looking for RPCVs in Paris for Peace Corps Week 2007
Reunion, Poland 2
Father of RPCV Stephen Lotti, killed in Plane Crash in P...
Seeking for Volunteers in Africa
Info on Argentina
Question about what to expect with placement...please res...
Seeking volunteers in Belize
New Peace Corps Group
When the Doctor's Not There
Looking for GLOBAL NOMADs...
Peace Corps Volunteers Work
How do I list my name and address as a return volunteer f...
Nomination for Central Asia or Asia
Impressions of Ivory Coast
Collecting data for anthropologists
Looking for a Volunteer to speak to Girl Scouts, NH
Certificate Program in Development Project Management
The Alan Dorsey I once knew from TN?
Agro-forestry in Senegal
How to email someone serving w the Corps?
Convince me to join.
Looking to buy from country villages/artisans
Trying to get rid of stubborn intestinal parasites
Great Jobs!!! Wilderness Counselor for At-Risk Kids
Tourism in Paraguay
Former Volunteer wants to visit volunteers in Costa Rica
A Project for Niger, check it out
How can I submit a story for publication on PCOL?
Ten-Year Lesotho Friendship Reunion - July, 2005
Life Skills Binder
Problem downloading the PC Life Skills manual
Summit on Clean Water
PC Afghanistan Reunion 1974-79
Yoga Teacher Training/Certification in Prague
Housing Opportunity for singles, student group or family.
RPCV India trip companion
Panama PCV
Book Donation
avian flu in jos nigeria
Looking for Moritz Thomsen photography
Interested in working with leading non profit organizatio...
Report from Iran
Volunteer In Service To America (VISTA) with Habitat for ...
Deciding on Invitation
PCV blog
Employment opportunity for former PC volunteers
Overseas Career Opportunities
Host Families sought for international exchange students
Host families sought for international exchange students
Leaving for Zambia fish project 2003
Friends of Congo
Additional required language courses
Invitee to Peru looking for advice/guidance from RPCVs
RPCV moving to South Africa
Should RPCVs be allowed to sell goods of services on this...
RPCV Needed - Rebuilding Campaign/ War-torn Congo/Africa'...
Assignment in lesotho beginning June '06
International Dance Festival featuring local internationa...
Looking for volunteers that were in Sierra Leone 1998-2001
A new notion
What is required to teach English in Eastern Europe?
Director of International Support and Recruitment - ABA
Sargent Shriver documentary
Everything's not what it seems...
270-Hour Yoga Teacher Training & Certification - Prague
Want to volunteer for PC - Business Development Program q...
Looking for Michael Gold, RPCV Bolivia XII
Question about App process
Fair Trade Company seeks experienced Sales Person
Fair Trade Company seeks experienced Accountant
Fisheries Observer Jobs
Question please about joining!
I want to know more about Peace Corp
I want to join, but I can't hide.
Chachi indians
Does anyone know Yamai Secka-Jack's email address?
For Docia Blackerby
Work on Native American reservation
Looking for zambian pc volunteer frm 1996, Lonnie Porter
Youth Director Wanted - New Canaan, CT
Employment Opportunity in Outer Banks, North Carolina
Tonga peace corp group
Reporting Doing a Story on Older Peace Corps Volunteers
EC 19 Reunion Where is Jay Best?????
Looking for a Guatemala Country Coordinator:
PC Tanzania Celebrating 45th Anniversary
Share your Peace Corps Travel Photos and Pictures
Lookin for my teacher Mr. Peter F. Green
A productive summer
Looking for Carol Long
Book: "Volunteers for Peace"
Global Transformation Day
I want to join the Peace Corps in Morocco but....
Information on Morocco or Jordan, returners??? PLEASE and...
Guatemala PC contact details
Duplicate Posts
Partisan Politics in Wartime is Destructive!
The spy activity of the Peace Corps in Bulgaria
The spy activity of the Peace Corps in Bulgaria
The spy activity of the Peace Corps in Bulgaria
RPCV heading to East Africa & seeking advice
Going to Zambia in January for CAHP!
230-Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Prague
Looking to contact Mr. John McAward
Need Czech article translated
I need your contributions
RPCV founded Nonprofit NY benefit
Be our global partners in education.
Peace Corps Letter Project - PLEASE HELP
Death Announcement
Looking for RPCV's traveling to Dominica
Guatemala Today 10-08-05
Republican Study Committee Report recommends freezing Pea...
Factors for selecting a COS?
Choosing a COS
Looking for Colombia XI
Hurricane Katrina Relief
September 7, 2005: Headlines: Crisis Corps: FEMA: Hurrica...
Friends and family of pcv's in Zambia email address
A question about country selection
Promoting volunteerism in Honduras
June 10, 2005: Headlines: Stamps: PCOL Exclusive: A repor...
August 18, 2005: Headlines: Stamps: New York Times: Here'...
Peace Corps Afghanistan Reunion 2005 - Food for Work
What now?
Any RPCV or PC t-shirts for sale?!?!
21 years old and would love to volunteer
22 year old male with great work ethic
I need to learn about Sustainable Agriculture in Zambia
How do i join?
How do i join?
Visit to Niokolo-Koba Park in Senegal
Degree requirement
Question for Burkina RPCVs
Satellite phone for sale
VISTA Leader Opportunity Serving Rural Alaska
Investigation by OIG/Peace Corps
OIG Investigation
Need Help setting up a charity fund for DR of Congo
Looking for Annamae Moku
Packages for Peace Corps volunteers
Looking for Mr. Frank Ridley
Book on volunteer teacher with the P.C. in... Mali?
Does anyone know where the transit house is in dakar, ...
RPCV D Peterson visits Panama March 2005
Nina Erani Hostel Mataji
Nina Erani Hostel Mataji
Looking for John Anderson, Taught TENNIS to children in G...
Charles E. Rugel III,General Manager for Tom Dooley Herit...
Seeking Brian Snow's N.Z. and Guiding Experience
Health Benefits for RPCV
UVM Field Naturalist graduate program open house
Peace Corps Photo Book
HONDURAS--20 year COS reunion
Software donation empowers women worldwide
British TV Documentary looking for stories
Who wants to brag about their PeaceCorps experiance?! YOU...
RPCV Zaire Robert Carsky
Does anybody know how I can contact PC Malawi by email?
Foundation Soliciting Board Members
Money for peace corps projects specificly Ghana
Web Site Link: Adam and Danielle Sickmiller in Peace Corp...
We need families for International Students!!
Muff Singer February 14, 1942-January 16, 2005
Thanks for the November 30, 2004 Article
Employment Opportunity on the Outer Banks, NC
Class Action Suit
Cover Up of Safety Breeches
Research Coordinator in Kenya
Missing former Thailand Peace Corp volunteer - please help
To: Valerie Smith, new voluneer from U.S.A. , posted to N...
Where in the world is Jim Billings?
How do I find former volunteers to Africa who now live in...
PCV Marshall Islands
Brazzaville, Republic of Congo
Has the peace corp ever caused any dissaray when trying t...
ApproTEC recruiting Country Director for Tanzania
Eddie stice, fiji + suriname
Short term projects available in Uganda and Kenya
Did you volunteer in Kenya and Uganda? Interested in ret...
Did you volunteer in Kenya and Uganda? Interested in ret...
Did you volunteer in Kenya and Uganda? Interested in ret...
Are you interested in returning to Ethiopia or Eritrea in...
Robert H. Schneider
Robert H. Schneider
Kids wanting to help
Costa Rican Host?
Your Peace Corps Experience may be needed in Schools!
Why you joined?
Teach english in india
Interested in helping a family in Guatemala?
Ready for a transition? Become a teacher!
Ministry Director, South Asia Region
Looking for John Collis
Trip to Nepal
Peace video of interest
Cultural readjustement among RPCVs
Looking for Rolf Gerdau
Photographer coming to mali
Job Openings: Counselors for At-Risk Youth
Packing question from invitee to Lesotho-leaving Oct.2004
Continue your international experience. Host an exchange...
What to put in a Care Package for a PCV in Mali?
Fund Appeal - Athens Olympic Games Volunteer
Online Peace Corps Journal Publication
ApproTEC hiring Country Director in Mali, West Africa
Can anyone answer some questions for me?
ISP - Internet Service Provider banning by Peace Corps
"Magic Meter" sustainable agriculture
Mozambique RPCV Photography Project
What does "Elder Coprs" consist of?
Peace Corps HQ Job
SF Bay Area Non-profit Seeking Exec. Director with Enviro...
Kennedy Assasination and recalls
MALAWI: Looking for Justine Treadwell, PCV 2001-2004
Colle student looking to interview RPCV who served in Jam...
Stiver School for the Arts in Dayton ,Ohio
RPCV's what about this legal Research?
Looking for RPCV'ers to interview for a college class
Peace Corps Effect in Panama
Peace Corps Project I am working on for college
Malaysia XII Reunion
Continue serving at home in Colorado
Looking for Volunteers for Russia
RPCV learns to teach English in COSTA RICA
Peace Corps Journal Published Online
I have a friend who lives in the village of Gado-Badzere ...
The World STILL Says No to War!
Looking for content from around the world
Listening to NPR on SW in The Gambia
Director, University at Albany, SUNY
Arrested in a foreign country
Good reading light for the village
Host an exchange student from a small organization
Need Help with a Cape Verde Student
Old computer
Malawi here I come
"Peace Corp"-Type Experiences for EU Nationals?
I was sent your book on the Peace Corps
Who do I talk to about getting published on the web two ...
Turn off the faucet
Uzbekistan RPCV's or PCV's Contact Me
Looking for The Official Peace Corps C.A.R. Cookbook
Memorializing the fallen Peace Corps Volunteers
Howard Dean and the Volunteerism he has Inspired
Would you please help this HIV positive volunteer guy
HIV Positive Volunteer
Would you please help this HIV positive volunteer guy
Ukraine Volunteers- See below link
Advice for a Parent of a Would-be Volunteer
New Group That Explores PC as well as its counterpart age...
Volunteer Safety and Security problems at the Peace Corps...
Sharon Capeling-Alakija
One World
Looking for BRUCE DURY
How to enter Peace Corps?
Financial obligations
How do I get funding for an airline ticket from belize to...
Kenneth Kaunda speaking at Boston University
What type of shortwave radio?
Attn. RPCV's I am looking for interviews
World Wise Schools
Peace Corps and Intelligence Activity
Anybody know of Peace Corps cemeteries?
Looking for Basotho Dwellings
Question about Peace Corps in Peru
National History Day Competition
Anyone sued PC for defamation?
Is there a danger of viruses from PCOL?
Photography by Peace Corps Volunteers
Looking for Peace Corps 1975 publication
Malian Tourists Released this Week
RPCVs Living and Working Overseas
Peace Corps Recalls and California (Orange County?) Recal...
Peace Corps Fund
Looking for RPCV Artwork for San Francisco Regional Peace...
Host families sought for international exchange students
Kabul nurses
Reunion, Guatemala III
The spy activity of the Peace Corps in Bulgaria
Anyone went through the reinstatement process with success?
9.3 Trillion Dollars in Land Value as Collateral (World B...
Recently returned Botswana PCVs
We need some of you great international people to conside...
James or Jim Berry
Panama 1969-1971
RPCVs Meetup Day
From Peace Corps to Comedy: Gamal Dillard's Story
Offer of surgical services
Looking for Andy and Barbara Rowles PCs to Marshall Is. U...
Can anyone in NJ help?
Looking for Shannon from Maryland. App. Trail hiker 2001
Looking for RPCVs who have done 2 tours of service.
Who are the editors and writers for PCOL?
To Medical RPCVs and Staff - Afghanistan
In Memorium
Peace Corps Demonstration in Dominican Republic
Early Peace Corps volunteers to interview for school project
Conference on Honduras 2003 to be Held in Copan Ruins
Invitation to returned volunteersBrigitte
Morocco 1972-1974 era
Traveling to kyrgyzstan
Retirement ideas
Looking for RPCVs to visit Chile2004
Turkmen Legislation on custody and maintainance of childr...
Assignment country change?
Living allowances survey
An Alternative to War
New Book about the Peace Corps
Travel to Nicaragua with RPCV's!
Hi Reuben, and Ben
Good Ben
Peace Corps Macedonia - Mak 7 2002-2005
Is there a Village Profile Status Checklist?
How do I register for the Morocco Embassy Event?
National Peace Corps Day
Will my sister have email access in the Peace Corps?
Announcement: RPCV Geologists organizing Technical Sessi...
What is the logic behind PCOL Directory listings?
Please change the link to my web site.
Ad in New York Times
Correction to NPCA Trip to Iran
Return to Iran
Here's a story on RPCV Chris Matthrews
Nomination Phase
Looking for Jim and Debbie Richards - Peace Corp Voluntee...
Do you now of any organizations that look after the right...
Which Moslem Countires will Peace Corps be going to?
I need help researching a paper and would like to talk to...
How do I set up my account up for automatic delivery of e...
How can I do a search on PCOL by author, title, or content?
Where can I get a copy of the pending Peace Corps legisla...
Eco Challenge 2003
How do I make a change in information in my "Friends of" ...
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Archives - Bulletin Board - 2004 - Starts Below
Archives - Bulletin Board - 2005 - Starts Below
Please help me to get her contacts
Archives - Bulletin Board - 2003 - Starts Below
Archive - Bulletin board - 2002 - See Inside
Looking for a Lost RPCV Posts
Former Peace Corp Volunteers in Sierra Leone 1980
Looking for Floyd Clark
Looking for Willie Sumpter
Where in the world is Jean Deal?
Where in the world is Jean Deal?
Anyone know where Connie Keeney is?
Looking for Donna Brown
Mary g porter
Looking for David Turner
June and July 2006
Looking for Bob Campbell Bo, Sierrea Leone
Looking for Francis Hickerson and George Hickerson
Looking for old friend, Nat Davis
Herbert david Grunwald circa 1964 Sierra Leone
Rainey Cheney
Rainey Cheney
Jim Stillson
Looking for Tony Newman, Haute Volta 77-79
Would love to make contact with two former teachers who w...
Hari Gadtaula from Tehrathum looking Gary Simon Steve Sam...
Contact info
Looking for a Brian Williams,a volunteer who taught Engli...
Looking for Tom Archibald , Bangkok 1974
1971 Poster Winners
Looking for a Lost Volunteer
Looking for a teacher and a friend..
Russ Breyfogle
Looking for a teacher;
Trying to contact Roland Drogemueller, Peace corps Paragu...
I'm Ester Mbwale looking for my Friend a peacecorp volunt...
Looking for my dad
Cindy Gora
Ghana RPCV John Sullivan - 1986
Looking for Marshal Kaplan
Uganda RPCV's that worked in the national parks
Looking for a Robert Hooper
Looking for a Lost Volunteer
Lost Volunteer
Search for my former teacher
Cherry Long,Peggy Roller & Joyce Dannenburg
Looking for artist peace corp volunteer in Ghana
Looking for an American peace corps volunteer to ethiopia...
Peter Lamb
Looking for Stacey Carlson
How can i apply to be a peace corp volunteer in my countr...
Looking for Sharon who worked in Sierra Leone as a teacher
I am searching for Julie Harold how worked as peace corps...
Looking for Burkina Faso former PCVs
David Bloch
Mark or Mary Thompson
Hi there you know yolanda palabrica
Searching for Miss.Lynn Roye(Lynn Royd)peace corp in Gran...
Looking for my teacher and friend Doug schneider peace co...
Looking for my teacher and friend Doug schneider peace co...
Looking for my teacher and friend Doug schneider peace co...
Seeking two nurses from Gabes Tunisia 1964.
Russell Rasmussen
Dedee King
Marc Lawrence
Looking for Joey Lynch, served in Samoa at Levaula College
Looking for Ghana 1970 PCV Dan Morris
Looking for Bob Kuman - Mauritania I
April, 2005
Irving lundquist
Looking for Jean Smith and Mary Malmquist
Looking for Pete Howard
Looking for ken powell
Looking for Margo McMahon, Peace Corps Lesotho
Looking for Rebecca Coolidge, PCV Cameroon 1998
Looking for Peace Corps trainee James C. Patterson from B...
Looking for jack baumgartner
Looking for my long lost friend, Marilyn Anne Killion
I'm looking for Marty Kumorek, a PCV and trainer in Afgha...
My name is Solomon Wodajo. I am trying to get intuch with...
Looking for Vicky Sutherland
Looking for Carol Long
Looking for Charles McDowell, PCV to Sierra Leone, 1961 - 63
Looking for a friend
Find my dad Adam martin who works as an agriculture in li...
Find my dad Adam martin who works as an agriculture in li...
Looking for Ms. Brenda Hanning, Us Peace Corp Volunteer t...
I'm looking for a Returned Volunteer
Looking for Stephanie Bache Zambia 4
Looking for Tom McCarthy, Peace Corps, Bahia, Brazil 1965-67
Rebecca Roch PCV 1975
Looking for LARRY- Korea Peace Corps Volunteer (1967-1969...
Rebecca Roch PCV 1975
Looking for my father Ron or Ronald from New York who ser...
Looking for my father who once taught english in limon co...
Larry and Lucille Palmer
August 2006. Trying to keep in touch with our Group 23 ...
Looking for PCV Tom Land
Looking for Peace Corps Friend - Mary Ann Wanush
Look for Miss Sirvin(?) who worked in Daegu, Korea 1967- ...
HIi there I'm looking for David Kasa-Peace Corps trainee-...
Where is Martha Fabian, RPCV Mali in the 1980s ?
Looking for Sierra Leone Aggies 1983-85
Looking for Carole Long
Question for Dave Magnani
Seeking Erica Richardson from Arlington, TX / 5th Ward Ho...
Looking for lost classmate, Anne L. Marinelli Poole
Looking for Carol Betz in Tonga
Looking for Mr Theodore Brian Pack
Looking for Bill Phelps (Poland 1996-1999)
Looking for Cynthia (Cindy) Dunbar
PCV in India, group numbers 45 and 50
Looking for Mary Martha & Roger Cohen-Iran-1974-1976
Searching for John Clark Peru PCV approx (1972-74)
Looking for my mathematics teacher Mr Howard Hoffman
Looking for Joanne Polka's whereabouts
Peace Corps Colombia
Looking For A Former Peace Corps
Thailand VIII (1964-66) malaria reunion
Thailand VIII (1964-66) malaria reunion
Looking for Steve Rogers served in S. Yemen then moved to...
Mary Ann Uzelac
Anthony Patsky
Looking for Linda Carithers-served Colombia/Monteria
Looking for PCV in Brazil, mid 1960s
Search for Someone
Dick Qunitanilla
Looking for former PCV George Bodley
1992 or 1993 in Freetown, Sierra Leone- Looking for Eric ...
Mary jo Nelson, Brazil 18
Jack Nelson
Paging Rick Gentry, Afghanistan 1970
Group 44 Philippines - Philippine Social Welfare Department
September October November 2004 - Looking for a Returned...
March April May 2006
Russ Rassmussen
Dede King
Looking for Linda and Dr.John served in Ethiopia (Gawane-...
HAnk Stelzer
Curt Walter Nepal
Bill Barrett
William & Mary Post - Liberia 1970-71
Seeking Barb Miller/Afghanistan '77-'78
Mr.Myron Bergman,US peace corps ,served in Thailand 1972-...
Don Blissing
Looking For Lee Burke - PCV Samoa
PIM from holland
Looking for Laurence Smith RPCV PNG
Looking for Kimberly
Looking for Scott Walter Schulte - Malaysia - Sungei Peta...
Ms janet nelson /saratok secondary 1973
Your junior (72-77)
Fiji VI or anyone from 1970-1972
May, 2005
Looking for an old friend
St. Kitts (Eastern Carribean)
Looking for Nicholle Lavallee
Sierra Leone PCV and RPCV
ISO Karin Patterson--Dominican Republic, TOEFL
Looking for a former peace corp teacher
Looking exvolunteer peace C (Joseph)
Uganda RPCVs
PC Uganda RPCV's 1993-1995
Looking for Peirce / Peter Davis
Jerry Swanson RPCV from Somalia 1969 /70-
Ann Pollom
Tom thompson peace.corps.volunteer 1979
Tom thompson peace.corps.volunteer 1979
Looking for Mr EDWARD L. LEWIS who served in town of AHAR...
Looking for Michael Burke Peru 1960's
Looking for Michael Milan
Looking for old friends
Looking for Larry beck
Jamaica 1963-64
Looking for an old friend PCV from 1972-1973
Looking for Elizabeth Becker Philippines VII
Teresa Lewis
RPCV Paraguay 80-84
Looking for a lost RPCV friend now an ambassor
Looking for PC Ethiopian Staff Jo Pamment of 1967-70 period
Looking for Rebeca Lopez -Volunteer in Trishuli, Nepal
Looking for a former Peace Corps, Douglas Hill, Yap 1967-...
Looking for Sheila Franklin, Mathematics Teacher in Yendi...
Onitsha 1967
Looking for Cecelia Moran
Looking for BRENDA HANNING, U.S. Peace Corp Volunteer to ...
Looking for Bob Drake, Malaysia 1967-70
Looking for Don Fisher who was once a PC Volunteer in Mal...
Marty Coonan
Looking for Noel Colon, Paraguay 93-95
Looking for an old good friend
Looking for Robert Murranka
Looking for Joseph Rodriguez, RPCV to Lampang 1972-73
Looking for lost peace friend Mr Earnest from New York
Looking for Richard Johnson Milwaukee, WI
Looking for a teacher, 1978-1979 in Sanaa, Yemen
Looking for
Looking for Rich McBride ex Tuvalu
Jolynn spaeth
Looking for Pat Farris India 103
Bob Flores, DR '73-'75
Looking for Keit from usa.
For Contact
Looking for Dr. Peter Gardocki - Poland
Looking for Mr. David W. Schneider
In search of David Lawrence who volunteered in Cameroon a...
Looking for Pam Moore
Cyprus Volunteers 50th Reunion
Pamela Moore
Looking for a friend
I'm looking for three (3) Gabon I RPCV's.
Looking for a married couple..David and Patricia
Looking for Rebecca Currin from Portland OR, Thailand 93-95
Looking for bob
Looking for shannon Fieny who worked in Kenya
Looking for Denise Pearson who worked in Kenya, anybody h...
Peace corps Liberia
Looking for a friend
Looking for a friend
Looking my best teacher at Crab Island,The Gambia
I am looking for a american girlfriend
Halla girlz
I am indian want to be an american
Hello ladies
Hi i'm emmya
Looking for American Girl Friend
I am looking for a american girl friend that will be a dr...
Waiting on line for you
Looking for American girl friend
Extremely urgent
Kapingamarangi PCVS
Are you out there
Looking for Bob W. - Maktar, Tunisia
Tom Perez
Looking for India Volunteer from Texas 1965
Looking for RPCV Martin J D Hill, 1967-1974
Looking for Hoyte Smith
Looking for a former english teacher in zaire ( Congo DR ...
Looking for my former english teacher Julie Fredrickson
Looking for India 40
Looking for Dinah E. Wolfe, PCV, Harar, Ethiopia 1965
Ivory Coast PCVs from 1978 to 1981
Ivory Coast PCVs from 1978 to 1981 (cont'd)
Seeking Charles Cadenhead, Ghana and Kenya, 1976-1979
Looking for Douglas Hill, Yap 1966-1967
Venezuela volunteers, 1963-65
Looking for Iran RPCV 1970-72
Karyn Gail Smith- Panama/Colombia
Looking for Pam Rhodes from Buzzard's Bay Massachusetts
Looking for Marjorie and Wayne Nishek from N.Dakota
Looking for John & Kim Smith ex RPCV
George McFadden Korea-early 1970's
Looking for kate Mahoney, Beth Mullin, Fiji 60
Joan Savage Venezuela/ RPCV from Seattle
India - 101 Reunion
Philippines, Group 1, Looking for people
Looking for Joy Hedberg
Looking for Earl F Sanders
James Carlton Parker. PCV-1972 Rajastan,India
Looking for Gregory (do not have last name) St. Lucia...
Looking for long lost friend
Christiana, pakistan volunteer
Looking for a friend
Looking for Eileen Kane Who was a Peace in Recife-PE, Bra...
Looking for a PC Volunteer. 1966-1968
Debbie Green 1988-90
Looking for an old friend and volunteer
Looking for Steve Miller, RPCV, Colombia, SA - 1973-1976
Looking for Laura Danylin & Mike Duprez
Attention Stephan Soule
Looking for RPCV'S From Malaysia 19
Misamis oriental, philippines rpcv 1974-1977
Looking for Ethiopia I volunteers--Harar
Please help me find Sam who is based in Mtika, Zambia
Searching for Jonathan Shacat of Washington Crossing,PA
Looking for Rose who taught science at Tupou College, Tonga
Joanta Green
Looking For Mary George: Helped Dennis Priven Get Away Wi...
El Salvador 1978-79 Roy Fuller, from Arkansas, married to...
El Salvador 1978 - 79 Tom Burns from St. Petersburg, FL, ...
El Salvador 1978 - 79 Margie Keith from California
El Salvador 1978 -79 Looking for Maria Teresa Miron
Looking for Gay Huntsman PC El Salvador 1978 - 79
RPCV's from Sierra Leone, 1982-1984
Searching for Steve Chiavini, PCV - Aklan, Philippines 19...
Dominican Republic Group I
Looking for Edwina White - Niger 1967-68
Young, Johnathan, Mauritania 1990-91 Bolehrath, Salik
Friends i can't forget
RPCV Quintel Freeman, Zimbabwe 1994-7 Found!
Looking for Wendy Hansen served in Senegal 1992-1994
Looking for Nicole Taddeo
Looking for Lawrence Hauge- Cos Rica Volunteer
___!!Searching any info about HALEY HYATT (PCV in UKRAINE...
March, 2005
Larry rose peace corps thailand
Looking for a foster daughter
Looking for Frances "Gabby" Winzurk, Botswana PC
Looking for rick solberg who seved in Fiji in 1984-1985
Returned peace corps volunteers from philippines-groups 7...
Looking Jeffery Azma
Looking for Nancy Ann Jordan Sharp V.B.H.S. CLASS OF 64
SAIPAN 1960's male school teacher. Was that you?
Looking for Darla Jean Price PCV late 1980's
Looking for Charles Charrier , Dangjin Korea
Sharon Rayball
Looking for David Giffford and Shilla Wiliamsa British t...
Looking for irving lundquist
Where is Martha Fabian, RPCV Mali in the 1980s ?
Looking for a lost benefactor
Art carucci
Iran I John Jenkins, Don Croll, Joseph Mullins, Arnold Ne...
Terry Moore- Mokil Peace Corp Volunteer late 80's
Bruce Hawkins Costa RIca 81-83
Looking for Robert Michael Wilson
June to December 2005
Looking for Elizabeth Becker
Camila e flores
Looking for barbara summers who was in kuala trengganu
Looking for Michael Hintze, was in Wroclaw/Poland around ...
Looking for a peace corp volunteer in the name of Ethan W...
Looking for John Greer, 67, Nepal
Looking for Aurelio -- Morroco 90-91
My MUPPET friend
Looking for davia giffford british teacher in tonga at Tu...
August, 2004 - Looking for a Returned Volunteer
Looking for Harry Goon
Jerry Lemert, Ethiopia I, Dessie, Is he in Salem, Oregon?
Pasto (Nariño) Colombia
Deborah Martin served in Zimbabwe circa 1985
Tom Ray
Tom Akins, CAR mid 1980s
All RPCV to Liberia 1969-1989
Looking for Volunteers who lived with Ichiro Benjamin in ...
Looking for John Fanselow, volunteer to Cameroon, returne...
Desperately seeking Maurice V. Fox
Looking for my teacher Linda Swanson - Peace Corps Volunt...
Looking for Noel Colon, RPCV Paraguay 1995
Looking for paul and magali kirwan
EARCH succedd
I am looking for Cathy Campbell, Peace Corps El Salvador
Sharon Gray, PA, ISU, went to Thailand... I am looking fo...
Jeff Henry, Colordo RPCV from Nepal
Looking for Bolivian Altiplano RPCVs 1970-71
August 2006
Johnathan Young Mauritania 1990-91 Salik is looking for you
Looking for Martha Tribble
Looking for a Peace Corps Volunteer in Burundi
January 2006
By: jasmin cabaldi-jamon awitin (Camiguin Prov. Phils)...
Looking for Laura Bland- Malawi, Africa-
Looking for Tony and Anne Fisher's Former Au Pair (RPCV)...
Neil Carter, Zimbabwe 1996-7 - Where are you?
Well done all volunteers
Looking ex-PCV-jennifer andrews of Iowa, USA.
Searching for Lesotho Volunteers 1970-72
Looking For Mr. Robert R. Bruner
Finding Anne Morris Gingrich
Ask help
Searching for Jack Hamilton, a PCV in Ethiopia ,1967-69
Looking for Richard "Dick" Theabodoue
Looking for BRUCE DURY
Looking for Peace Corps volunteers who served in Lesotho,...
Looking for John?
Returned PCVs from Malaysia - Mid or Late sixties
Looking for James Barnum, Honduras 1972 to 1974
Looking for 93-95 Panana APCD Jamie Dickinson or RPCV Kev...
Ann Kelso and Heath Seifert from Papua New Guinea circa 1998
I'm searching for my great teacher
I am looking for my peace corps teachers Mr.David Douglas...
Serching for My Teachers in Tanzania 1966-67
Hi Iam searching my friend DB.subhashini
Looking for Nancy Bird or Byrd 1973-1975 Jamaica
EC 19 - reunion?
Looking for Bob Lawrence
Searching for Jason Thompson, RPCV Niger 2000-2002
Looking for Tanya russell
RA PHOENIX THOMPSON I'm looking for you!!
Looking for Joy Greenich from Ouagadougou 1974 to 1978
I'm looking for Carole Long
Looking for Denise B. Martin, RPCV from Colombia 1965-68
Melissa Easton, Moldova 9
Looking for Eddie Lawrence from hartford, CT...Rexana
Looking for khrishna who served in Chikwawa Malawi.
Looking for Mark(or Marc) "Marco" Sadler RPCV Paraguay tr...
Looking for tommy sharp
I am looking for an old friend of mine Mr. Christopher We...
Looking for an old friend
Hi Elena
Looking for my former peace corp teacher by the name of M...
Looking for an old friend of mine Mr. Christopher Welch
Granville, where are you?
Looking for Judy Lamar
Looking for Miss Harris - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia 1967
Looking for PCV from Niger Natasha Levin 1996?
Tracy McCracken, where are you?
Looking for Richard Fallon (Korea, Late '70's)...
Mary (b*tch) George -- Director For Tonga in 70s
Paul Metzger- Guine-Bissau 1995-1997-Last seen NYC
Looking for Fred Smith
Looking for Gretchen Cowman/Zimbabwe
Searching for friend from Peace Corps/Jamaica/65-67
Trying to locate David E. Poole
EC 19 - reunion?
EC 19 - reunion?
Tom Harkins - Ecuador
David Erickson where art thou?
Looking for Mr. Schwoeffermann...
Vincent Schommer, Where are you???
Looking for Terry or Maria West
Looking for Jeff Crook who served in Kenya
Looking for Meredith Evans - Malawi 1995-97
Julia Michels, Pernambuco, Brazil, 1974-1977?
Looking for Marcus Morris
Looking for Ms Lambert (1969-1970), Sipitang, Sabah
Looking for Stephen Kelley, who was a Peace Corps volunte...
Looking for an RPCV
Where is Christine O'konski from Pittsbrugh
Lookind for an old friend
Looking for Peter and Barbara - PCVs in Zahedan, Iran aro...
February, 2005
Looking For A Former Peace Corps
Looking for christopher who came to rotuma
January, 2005
What happened to John Capuano?
Issa is looking for David, great teacher at Lycee Amadou ...
Looking for Bob Bonjoneski,tought at Sekolah Dato' Abd . ...
Jennifer olson
Looking for members of India 41 (Maharashtra)
Looking for Kathleen Dillon: Brazil 68-69
Looking for Carleen Pantano
Looking for Korea K-42's 1976-78
Looking for Matt Hogue he was in Thailand
December 2004
Micronesia-Pohnpei..86-87 BASKETBALL ^^number one^^
Ponape Islands Central School 1971-1972
I am looking for Curt Hanson, Botswana, science teacher
Jackie Woodfork is Sought
Looking for Sharon Gorgacz in Nepal(?)
Looking for James Almsted - Peacecorp 1997
Site about Yoga, meditation, relaxation, the Maha Mantra,...
Searching for Jeff Robinson
Where is "Atang"?
"robert becker"
Looking for Dr. Mckinney, M.O. in Naples w/ the USN
Douglas Schneider
Douglas Schneider
Douglas Schneider
I just wanted to be in touch with fatou sonko
I just wanted to be in touch with fatou sonko
July 2004 - Looking for a Returned Volunteer
Looking for PCV Patricia King
Search for Mr.charles F. Fareless ?????????????
To get the email of miss suzzane cray
I am looking for Mr Nicholas Crawford a returned peace co...
Ex student Looking for Donna Chmara (Turkey)
Ex-Student looking for Sadibou Kone
Bob Brox Honduras 80-81
Looking for Mr. lee rose Epinger.
RPCVs Philippines 77-79
Trying to find Sherwood Smith, FPCV, Tanzania
Looking for Chris Tsiatsias
Looking for Pat Reilly
Looking for Joey Lynch of (Western) Samoa in mid '80's...
Glenn Peterson, Micronesia
Looking for lost Returned volunteer
Our adopted Son in Colombia, Richard Schmidt
I am looking for Frank Milano my biology teacher 1984 at ...
Seeking Nell Agen Broau/Broad? RPCV East Pakistan/Banglad...
John Mann UCSB '87, NIGER 89?
Trying to locate Kristi L. Cruz current volunteer in unkn...
Looking for Daniel Hill
Looking for sergo louis
Trying to find Nigeria 27
DOREEN MEYERS: where are you? from: Erick Brent
DOREEN MEYERS: where are you? from: Erick Brent
In Search of a former high school teacher of mine in Addi...
Did you know Elizabeth Lee in Belize?
Looking for Scott Loligar(spelling?) and Seth Jacobs
Trying to locate Thomas Williams - RPCV Botswana, 1989-2001
Looking for Elizabeth Redding from Portland, OR
Jonathan Pearce
Looking for Shea, PCV Jamaica Group 68: 1997-'99
Looking for Jim Hicks - Afghanistan 1973-74
Looking for harry irizarry -k-39
Looking for Philippines RPCV Brian Duseth
Marshall Wimbley or Wembly - Ha'apai, Tonga in early 1970...
Looking For Penny Elizabeth Pagels who worked in Cameroon...
Edwin T.Upchurch, Jane, Gary Tollakson & Sandra
Looking for Gary Martin, "Mas Gary" RPCV Jamaica,70-72, f...
Frank Schutz
CAE / CAR 1978 volunteers
Looking for the Maine hiker named "fat man", from sept. 2...
May 10, 2003 - PCOL Exclusive: Hints on how to use this ...
Looking for Thomas F. Sheahan from Brockport Peace Corps ...
Looking for my teacher Linda Swanson - Peace Corps Volunt...
I'm looking for Dina Blair (PCV Togo, 1992-1995)
James Frazer
Looking for Josh Thomas
Looking for Jane Steele
Looking for Jane aka Tia from Col. Oviedo 2000
I am looking or Jenni Dykstra any info would be helpful
Looking for Jim and Debbie Richards - Peace Corp Voluntee...
Looking for PC Panama people 1993-1995
SMbithi looking for Susan Douglas RPCV From Mombasa, Kenya
Looking for susan douglas
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