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Koki7Anonymous9-27-06  7:56 pm
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Posted on Sunday, June 29, 2003 - 10:16 pm:   

I know this is really unpleasant but I think most RPCVs aren't squeamish anymore about parasites. I served in Central Africa and I didn't really get sick until I got home. I've had what feels like worms crawling in my gut for over 3 months and no doctor can diagnose it! Ive been on Flagyl, iodaquine, quinacrine, everything, and nothing has completely worked.

If anyone has had a similar experience and finally found something that worked, please let me know!

Posted on Friday, July 04, 2003 - 10:31 am:   


I had the same worms for Central America and Africa. You usually do not get sick until you return home. They can diagnose it through stool samples. It goes away in three months with treatment.
Gretchen McDowell ( -
Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2004 - 9:42 pm:   

Well, while in service, I had weird gurgles, belching, and my belly was constantly bloated! I swore that there were worms in there, but I had also taken the meds to kill it, even though my stool samples were negative, and nothing had happened. While home for vacation, I was put on medical hold, and an endoscopy and colonoscopy where done, with samples taken out. In the end, I had GERD (gastro-espophogal reflux disease) AKA acid reflux disease, possibly due to a viral infection that passed through and threw my digestive system out of sync. I never would have guessed the final diagnosis...I never even had heartburn or 'acid throat'! But pictures and samples/biopsys don't lie. Everything improved after being on the meds for a couple of months. I know my case is an oddball one, but if there is nothing else that's helping your problem, maybe it's worth it to do these tests...................
Anonymous ( -
Posted on Monday, November 28, 2005 - 9:40 am:   

This is the story a British man severely poisoned by a Twix chocolate bar,
as he felt his life slipping away from him he saw the helpless innocent
children dying due to this most deadly chocolate. The sad saga escalates
as Tesco is slow to withdraw the terrible Twix from the shelves of death
and the guilty party starts using threats and coercion.

The incredible incident began brewing on the evening of Friday May the
10th 2002 when I purchased my groceries at Tesco Rama 3, this was my
regular shopping haunt as I had moved into a new condominium based partly
on the fact that it was located conveniently close to Tesco.

When I was at the checkout I noticed a chocolate display that had my all
time favorite since childhood - a good ole Twix bar. Twix bars were often
of poor quality in Bangkok most often probably due to heat exposure, in
7-11 the chocolate often shows evidence of melting and re-solidifying
subsequent to manufacture. The packaging on the Twix seemed fresh and
shiny and I had already picked up a dozen cartons of soy milk and knew
that they did indeed complement each other nicely for a midnight snack.

As midnight approached it was time for my snack and I got my Vitamilk and
Twix from the fridge and reclined in my armchair to enjoy my supper. I
took a bite of the Twix and started chewing, seconds later a pungent
aromatic organic smell filled my nasal cavities and surprised me -
something was obviously wrong. I ran to the bathroom to wash out my mouth
and felt nauseous, fearing that I would pass out I returned to my seat to
regain my senses. It was very puzzling indeed, as I thought frantically
how on earth could they smell like benzene I started to feel my chest
going tight and started to asphyxiate, I could breath in but not out. Even
though something was seriously wrong with the Twix I was helpless, I could
feel myself blacking out and thought that I was dying, as the light faded
I said my prayers, I prayed for justice and prayed for mankind.

Hours later I regained consciousness, I pinched myself to perform a
reality check and felt a sigh of relief - I had survived. I could hardly
believe what had happened, I smelt the Twix wrapper but there was nothing
suspicious. I decided to taste a tiny bit of the Twix chocolate to
discover whether or not it was at fault, after sampling a tiny piece in
the bathroom and getting that tell tale smell again it was plainly clear
that my chocolate had definitely been adulterated. I washed my mouth out
thoroughly and as I was still feeling light-headed went to lie down.

It was nighttime and there was not a lot that I could do until the store
opened when I could warn them of the danger. I was shocked when I called
Tesco and found that they could not do anything, as their manager was not
there. I contacted Effem the distributor of the chocolate and they told me
that they would send an officer to withdraw the suspect product. My
stomach regularly started convulsions and heaving on an empty stomach was
extremely painful, I could feel the gastric juices being pushed up my
larynx and burning my throat, my neck had started to swell and felt hard.

The following week my throat was still swollen, Tesco had come round with
a basket of fruit to apologize but I was not in the mood for the fruit and
so distributed it in dribs and drabs to various security guards in the
condo where I live.

Effem explained verbally over the phone and then by visiting me and
finally in writing on headed paper signed by their Regional supply
director that Tesco had used concentrated industrial warehouse floor
cleaner to remove price stickers.

Tesco subsequently wrote stating that they believed that this was the
cause of the poisoning, they also arranged for me to meet their internal
lawyer - Steve Purser. When I went to see Steve Purser he shook my hard
extremely hard almost crushing it as he spoke in an intimidating voice. He
expressed anger at me for making noise about the issue and explained that
he felt that Tesco was a victim of an internal terrorist attack. I told
him that I was the real victim and he took me to see the bottle of floor
cleaner in the Tesco warehouse. The floor cleaner came in a big bottle and
had a skull and crossbones Hazardous chemical warning clearly on the
bottle. I opened the bottle and there was a hiss as vapors pressured
through the loosened lid, the stench that came from the bottle was indeed
the same smell as in the poisoned Twix bars being sold by Tesco.

The instructions on the floor cleaner gave clear warnings, the floor
cleaner was also supposed to be heavily diluted before use.

Tesco tried to make me believe that a young innocent untrained boy from
the rice fields was responsible for the poisoning incident. I asked the
staff there if they received training as to how to safely deal with
foodstuffs and they explained that they had not received any such training
whatsoever. I was very saddened by this total lack of corporate
responsibility and told Tesco that I would like to know how t

I do not particularly like doctors and this can be easily understood by
looking at three simple facts:

1) I have not had vaccinations against diseases as a child like other
children and my entire body is totally void of any evidence of vaccination
or needle scars. This is because my ancestors lived natural lives and
unlike capitalist consumers were allergic to modern medicine.
2) I had to undergo extremely painful operations as a child, which left me
mentally scarred, and with an even stronger phobia of doctors.
3) Since my horrific operation on my throat, inner ears and nasal cavities
I have avoided hospitals and doctors and have only visited in cases of
broken bones as a quick in and out visitor.

My friends recommended that I visit a doctor as more than a week passed
and my throat was still swollen. I thought that a visit would not do to
much harm and I plucked up the courage to go. I was terrified and almost
fainted when I heard that I must take a blood test. The first time I went
to see the nurse I almost vomited and had to sit down and collect myself
for over 2 hours before mustering up the courage to visit the nurse. Even
though I felt my body tensing like a rock I knew that for the sake of all
the poor children the poisoned chocolate from Tesco that I had to let my
blood be drawn.

Tesco had promised to get back to me with details of the poison and how it
reacts with cocoa butter to produce even deadlier poisons, they also
promised to let me know about the side effects and after affects of these
poisons, this they never did and so I felt compelled in the interests of
mankind to pursue by filing complaints with the Thai FDA at the Ministry
of Public Health and Welfare, the Thai Consumer Protection Agency and the
Crime Suppression Division of the Royal Thai Police.

These complaints soon disappeared as Tesco confessed in writing that Mars
in Australia had found traces of solvent contamination in the Mars bars
that were on sale at Tesco Lotus Rama 3.

NGOs world wide were shocked at how Tesco was using multinational abusive
power to override Thailand's justice system thereby turning this case of
the poisoned Australian made chocolate bars being sold on the shelves of a
British supermarket in Thailand.
Anonymous (
Posted on Tuesday, July 25, 2006 - 9:04 pm:   

I pray for the victims of Tesco's poisoned products. It is sad that a british multinational has such low class standards and a lack of civilisation.

Twix are not guilty, the cocolate was poisoned by Tesco staff and Tesco staff should pay for Tesco crimes.

I pray that Tesco are stopped from commiting corporate terrorism

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