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I wanan be a peace corps....Oyewole Oluwafemi Su12-27-17  7:54 pm
PeacekeepingAnonymous3-18-07  11:48 pm
What are the main dangers in joining peace corps?Matt Nachtigal11-09-04  2:44 pm
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frazer morgan ( -
Posted on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 1:07 pm:   

Does anyone know what qualifications a person needs to join the peace corps? I live in canada and am greatly interested. Where can one find information or what address/organization can I get feed-back from? Nothing really gives info about joining. Thanks from anyone for any info.

Admin1 (admin) ( -
Posted on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 4:44 pm:   

To find out if you are qualified to join the Peace Corps, go to the Peace Corps web site and take this quiz:
"By now, you probably know that you have to be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen. Beyond these requirements, how do you know if you're qualified to become a Peace Corps Volunteer? Use our quick calculator to find out."
Best Regards,

Robert Barker (robertjbarker) ( -
Posted on Monday, January 26, 2004 - 2:36 am:   

Consider a Canadian organization. Peace Corps isn't the only worthy volunteer group...
kirsten ( -
Posted on Saturday, February 07, 2004 - 6:51 pm:   

I too also live in Canada and I am greatly interested in Joining the Peace there a Peace Corps In Canada as I am not a U.S citizen which conflicts with the application procedure on the Peace Corps there an alternative?
Casey Morrison ( -
Posted on Wednesday, February 18, 2004 - 5:17 pm:   

There is Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO) Canada. It is simular to PC, but nongovermental and funded differently. There website is Good Luck.

Colin Neufeld ( -
Posted on Thursday, December 30, 2004 - 10:39 pm:   

I too also live in Canada and I am greatly interested in Joining the Peace there a Peace Corps In Canada as I am not a U.S citizen which conflicts with the application procedure on the Peace Corps there an alternative?
Posted on Friday, May 13, 2005 - 11:01 pm:   

I live in Canada and I am fifteen. I really want to spend a month during the summer in some sort of organization similar to the peace corps. I don't know if my age will conflict. How do I get started?
Lyra Alluse ( -
Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2005 - 5:00 am:   

I live in the United States and would like an opprutunity to help an organization or church group in Canada. Is there a way I could do this? The reason I have my heart set on Canada is because I feel drawn to the culture and would like to help out there any way I can; possibly even get a job. I am not quite sure how to go about doing this, being an American citizen, but any advice would be greatly appretiated and welcomed. Thank you for your time! ^__^
Lyra Alluse ( -
Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2005 - 5:00 am:   

I live in the United States and would like an opprutunity to help an organization or church group in Canada. Is there a way I could do this? The reason I have my heart set on Canada is because I feel drawn to the culture and would like to help out there any way I can; possibly even get a job. I am not quite sure how to go about doing this, being an American citizen, but any advice would be greatly appretiated and welcomed. Thank you for your time! ^__^
lauren (
Posted on Monday, September 19, 2005 - 4:31 pm:   

LL i want to take part in something greater, and i would like to do it here where i live... in CANADA... can anyone, (at all) find a Canadian peace corps
rhealittleton ( -
Posted on Friday, October 07, 2005 - 1:36 pm:   

Im a 16 year old girl who is very interested in joining the peacecore, and learning more about it, i like to travel and help out. Can someone send me the qualities that are needed for this.
Jessie Lynn (
Posted on Monday, October 10, 2005 - 3:56 pm:   

I am seventeen and am interested in joining the peace corps, or an organization like it, that will give me the opportunity to go overseas and help others in need. i live in Canada, however, and you need to be of U.S. citizenship to be in the peace corps, so i was wondering if there is another organization i can join, or look into. if it would be possible for someone to send me some info. on this subject, that would be great, thank you.
chantal f ( -
Posted on Monday, November 14, 2005 - 1:32 pm:   

i'm 15 in canada , and i want to join a group like the peace corps, CUSO or PBI to work overseas when I graduate highschool and turn 18, but for all of the volunteering jobs like that you need to be a trained proffessional or 25, or american...
RPCV ( -
Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2005 - 11:41 am:   

Check out these web sites for Canadian international volunteer opportunities:

Peace Corps is unfortunately for American citizens only, however, many PCVs collaborate with Canadians from the above organizations.
RPCV ( -
Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2005 - 11:45 am:   

Youth Volunteer Program

VSO Canada’s Youth Volunteer Program provides opportunities to Canadians and Permanent Residents of Canada between the ages of 19-30 to work overseas in career-related fields in response to requests from our overseas partners.

Youth Volunteer Program placements are for six months in countries where VSO works in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Depending on the needs of our partners, volunteers may work in some or all of the following roles:

Strengthening organizational capacity: working with organizations to strengthen systems, planning and management
Building individual capacity: working alongside colleagues to share skills
Institutional development: working to increase organizations' abilities to network and influence policy at the local, national and international level
Service delivery: working to improve the quality and availability of vital basic services to people in greatest need
Recruitment generally takes place each year between January and August, for departures between May and October, although this may depend on the specific program. In 2005, we are recruiting volunteers for the following three programs:
Anonymous ( -
Posted on Friday, December 09, 2005 - 10:49 am:   

Peacecorps isnt the only organization consider joining the UN Canadian Peacemakers
archyallie ( -
Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2006 - 5:25 pm:   

hi everyone,
If you are canadian and under 18, why don't you try talking to your school guidance department?
When i was in high school, i had the chance to travel to south africa as well as to Sri Lanka on research/volunteer exchanges.
Also, you can try the government's katimavik program, which is a fantastic program.
if you would like to talk about any of this, please feel free to email me.
stefanie ( -
Posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 12:29 am:   

I was wondering, I am Canadian, but if I were to become a U.S. citizen, would I still be qualified to join the Peace Corps?
RPCV ( -
Posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 10:15 pm:   

Yes, you certainly could.
Don Eric ( -
Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2006 - 11:04 pm:   

I'm 17 years old turning 18 in about a week. Right now, I'm considering maybe taking a year off to volunteer as a part of an organization. Just asking if it is possible for me to join such organizations, such as CUSO or the Peace Corps, right after graduating high school.
Kerry Erickson ( -
Posted on Thursday, April 06, 2006 - 3:49 pm:   

Hi, Im a 17 year old female living in Canada who is interested in joing an overseas volunteer program in South America or Africa this summer or the next, and was wondering if anyone could get me information about a organization that would send a seventeen or eighteen year old with a little bit of missions experience. I would need to go with a group where you dont pay your own way.
Any info is helpful. Thanks
My email is
lindsay levasseur (
Posted on Thursday, April 06, 2006 - 11:30 pm:   

I just came back from doing Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans and loved it. I'm looking for an organization where we would be doing more hands on things like disaster relief. I am 21 and Canadian and was wondering if anyone could recommend anything for me. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous (
Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2006 - 11:57 am:   

Check out Canada World Youth

I did it, it was amazing.
Olivia ( -
Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2006 - 7:29 pm:   

i live in america, but im underage, is there something else i could do? another volunteer program or something? i really want to help
Anonymous ( -
Posted on Thursday, July 20, 2006 - 1:02 am:   

I agree with the message of Peace Corp not being the only volunteers out there....there are much more respective volunteers too...not saying that peace corp isn't but you don't hear about others either!!!
Christopher (
Posted on Tuesday, August 15, 2006 - 11:10 pm:   

I live in Canada, but I have U.S citizenship as well. Does anyone know how I can go about joining the Peace Corps. I have citizenship, but as I have never lived in the US, I have no US address to put in the application.

Anonymous ( -
Posted on Thursday, December 07, 2006 - 10:50 pm:   

If you have any interest in working and living abroad to gain a better understanding of global issues, maybe learning another language, try Canada World Youth ( There are 50 projects across the country and around the world. Or you can try, the in-country sister organization (started by the same guy, Jacques Hebert).

Peace Corps isn't the only option, Canadians! There are programs for us out there.
Anonymous ( -
Posted on Friday, March 02, 2007 - 2:31 pm:   

I did the Katimavik program at the age of 17, I highly recommend it. I am now 19 and have a completely new outlook on life, I only wish I could do the program again.
If you are a Canadian, and are 17-21 years old, check it out:
Anonymous (
Posted on Monday, May 14, 2007 - 3:57 am:   

I am an Indian. age 59. Having experience in government job for 37 years. Posted as a indian diplomat abroad in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Canada, Belgium and China. Wanted to join in UN volunteer services anywhere in the world, preferably in India. Pradip Chakraborty
brandonumpherville ( -
Posted on Thursday, July 12, 2007 - 6:37 pm:   

hey everyone, i am 19 and i participated in canada world youth last year. i went to cuba for four months, it is an amazing program. the selections for this fall are already done but check out
Stephen Herczeg ( -
Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2008 - 6:13 pm:   

Hi, im 17 years old right now, and live in Ontario.
I want to join a peace corpe of some kind for abought 9 months in the year 2009 starting in September, so I would be 19 when I go.

I would prefure a location in Europe, since I have a British pass port, and I love Europein culture.

If any one knows any organizations like this it would be greatly appreciated if you could E-mail me them, or just wright them on this wall.

My E-mail is
Anonymous ( -
Posted on Sunday, February 10, 2008 - 2:12 am:   

There's a great organization called Cross Cultural Solutions. The head office is in the US but it is open to all countries. You have to be older than 19 to apply but there is also a youth program that is offered in the summers for students 15-18 that is for 9 days. It is basically just like the Peace Corps except it's for everyone and for a shorter amound of time. They have insite abroad that's for 1 week, volunteer abroad for 3-12 weeks, or an internship that's a maximum of 12 weeks also. The website is
Anonymous ( -
Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2008 - 6:41 pm:   

UNFORTUNATLEY,,,Canada does not have a Peace Corps, in the civil sense like that of the American Peace Corps of the United States...

Loosley considered the Peace Corps of Canada, the Canadian Army is a non-engagement force, which usually serves as peace-keeping, conflict resolution and disaster-relief forces...
however, for any private Canadian citizen who wishes to participate in any relief effort for Canada in a non-military dicipline..unfortunatley can't...
UNLESS, you join such organizations as CUSO and similar NGO's...HOWEVER, again, CUSO is greatly different from the Peace Corps, because CUSO recruites ONLY professionals, which means people who have "professional" experience which can be utilized in a similar needed skill in an affected area in the other words, you'd have to be a working man/woman...
whereas, in the Peace Corps, high school grads can join and help..

We DEFINITLEY need a Peace Corps in Canada!!
Posted From:
Posted on Friday, October 24, 2008 - 8:33 pm:   

Hello im Ali Dentist From Iraq and Live in HOlland came here for asking to give me refugee there but they didnt do that i want somebody from Canada to help me to come to Canada and work as Dentist there
Doug Wong
Posted From:
Posted on Wednesday, November 05, 2008 - 9:27 pm:   

I am a 21 year old Canadian looking at a long term placement with a volunteer agency. I have volunteered in the past with United Planet and ICYE, but I am looking for a longer stint of volunteering. But all the volunteer organizations in Canada that I can find one needs to be a professional or pay a costly amount. Does anyone know of an organization in which I can volunteer without a degree and without having to pay a large cost?
Justine Little
Posted From:
Posted on Friday, November 14, 2008 - 2:03 pm:   

One great volunteer organization is Canada World Youth ( They organize youth cultural exchanges which take place all over Canada and the world. There is an amount of fund raising all participants are required to do, but it is pretty manageable and they help you out if you are having trouble. I went on an exchange with CWY when i was 18 and it really opened my eyes to the world and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about themselves and other cultures and ways of life.
Unregistered guest
Posted From:
Posted on Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 4:36 pm:   

March 26, 2015

Hi Peace Corps Office,

My name is Gerry Pound, and "I am interested" in "working/volunteering" doing "healthcare-relief" and/or "food & beverage box and bin distribution" with the "minority population" in Canada, especially, "in communities effecting youth ages 0-18. Could you send one official "Information Brochure" along with the "Program Coordinator Address & Phone #" of whom is "coordinating volunteer projects" in working with "health-care relief in minority populations in Canada," to the following address:

"Mr. Gerry Forrest Pound
65 Riverside West.,
Listuguj, QC G0C ~2R0

Thank You,

Mr. Gerald Forrest Pound
B.S. Parks, Services, & Recreation
*(Environmental Advocacy)*(America's Environmental College)

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