by Peter Godwin

Peter Godwin is a former foreign correspondent for the London Sunday Times, now making documentaries for the BBC. He was born and grew up in Rhodesia during the time of its status as a “rougue state” under the rule of Ian Smith. During this period, Godwin served for a time as a para-millitary police officer. After independence, Godwin reported on events in Zimbabwe for British news services.

This book is a memoir of his extraordinary life in Africa. Basically true (although he recreates conversations, and changes names etc. to protect identities), it is a fascinating book on a number of levels. It reminds me a little of The Power of One (a terrific book and mediocre movie) - except that it's all true. I heartily recommend this book.

I give it **** (out of ****).

Mukiwa was recently released in paperback by Harper Perrenial books for $13.00. You might find it at your local library, or you can order it from Amazon books.

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