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Yes, FoFM is now an email discussion group (list server)!

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Announcing an Email Discussion Group
Provided by the Peace Corps Friends of Free Markets

Background: several years ago, I put a lot of time and energy into starting an organization called “The Peace Corps Friends of Free Markets”. Unfortunately, after putting out several issues of the newsletter (which won an award, by the way), I became overwhelmed with the task of maintaining the database of members and keeping the newsletter coming. After letting the organization languish for far too long, I have decided to give it new life as an email discussion group. I am creating this email group on May 13th, 2000, and it is my expectation that it will take some time before the group gets active.... but I encourage anyone reading this to subscribe right away! (See subscription information below.)

PCFOFM is an electronic mail discussion group sponsored by the Peace Corps Friends of Free Markets. PCFOFM is a means to communicate rapidly, frequently, and conveniently about issues related to free trade and open markets via electronic mail ("email"). As a subscriber to PCFOFM, when you send an email message to the PCFOFM email address, your email message will be automatically re-sent to the email addresses of all PCFOFM subscribers. You will receive via email all messages "posted" to the list by your fellow subscribers. It is easy to subscribe, and just as easy to unsubscribe.

In order to keep from being inundated with email, members can sign up for a "digest" option. This way, they will only receive one email a day, which contains all of the messages of the group for that day (if there are any). You may not want to use the digest option for a small group in the early stages of development, but it may be well worth using as the group gets bigger.

TO SUBSCRIBE: It's easy to subscribe to PCFOFM:

Send a blank email to You will receive a subscription confirmation message. Simply reply this message and your subscription will be complete.

TO UNSUBSCRIBE: It's just as easy to unsubscribe to PCFOFM:

To unsubscribe via email: from your email program, send a blank message to


TO SEE PREVIOUS MESSAGES: Direct your browser to (I'm not quite sure how this works yet.)

To change your subscription to daily digest mode: send a blank message to In digest mode, messages are delivered in batches of 25 or daily, whichever comes sooner. This is the best option if you want to receive fewer mail messages and don't need up-to-the minute posts in your inbox. Email attachments are not available in digests.

To change your subscription to back to individual emails (in other words, to quit out of digest mode): send a blank message to

If you have any problems signing up for PCFOFM, please let me know. I'm new to this myself at this point, so let's work together to make this work!

About eGroups: I have registered PCFOFM with eGroups, an online service that provides free listservs. Because it is free, the emails you receive may have an advertisement at the bottom. However, their website assures users that eGroups is committed to protecting its members from “spam” (that is, unsolicited email). Although no email-based service is completely protected from “spam”, eGroups takes the following measures to protect you:

Group members' email addresses are obscured anywhere they appear on the eGroups Web site. They are available only to the moderator of a particular group.
eGroups will remove and ban users who propagate spam.
Anyone added or invited to a group is sent a notification message which includes email addresses to report spam abuse.
eGroups moves swiftly when it receives a spam report. eGroups will ban a member causing repeat or severe spamming problems and delete any group associated with these activities.

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