Togo Flag The Togo Fufu Bar Glossary 
Togo Flag

BB: Bière Benin, the Togolese beer. There's none better.

Calabash: A hollowed out, dried out half gourd used as a bowl.

Frigo: A kerosene powered refrigerator that efficiently fills your house with black smoke.

Fufu: A starchy, dough-like mass of pounded African yam (which is nothing like a sweet potato) that tastes delicious... once you acquire a taste for it.

Lama Kara: A small city in northern Togo, unless you were stationed in Dapango, in which case it's a small city in southern Togo.

RPCV: Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

"Snap" Handshake: Starts like a handshake, ends with the two handshakers snapping each other's fingers.

“Yovo, Yovo, bonsoir... Ça va bien? Merci!”: This is a frequently heard traditional Togolese greeting. (Rough translation: Greetings, oh visitor from a far-off land. Welcome to our humble nation of efficient public transportation and pristine beaches.)

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