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2. Third World and Eastern Europe Related Web Sites

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Note: probably the easiest way to find web pages associated with a particular country is with a web search engine, like Yahoo. To go straight to the Yahoo listing of all countries for which Yahoo has page listings, check out Yahoo - Regional:Countries. Each country is listed, with the number of web sites for that country in parentheses. My list here is somewhat redundant with Yahoo's, but what the heck. You'll find some here Yahoo doesn't have, plus some comments to help you find your way.

critter A. Africa
B. Asia, Middle East, and Pacific
C. Eastern Europe
D. Latin America
E. Other and Misc.

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A. Africa

I. The Continent

HOT! The Africa News Online Web Site, from the African News service, is a great place for up-to-date news from Africa, sports info, recipes, and more! This is a superb site from a top notch organization. (They also put out a great cookbook!)
Here's the University of Wisconsin African Studies Web page. It's got some nice links, as well as access to the U. of W.'s gopher archive of articles on Africa.
And here's the U. of Pennsylvania African Studies Web page. Tons of info, including links to country specific home pages for just about every country in Africa.
A Guide to Restaurants Serving Sub-Saharan African Cuisine is a funky little page I slapped together, where you can read reviews of African restaurants by other visitors, and leave one of your own.
Africa by Region is brought to you by “Nerd World”.
HOT! You might also want to check out Africa South of the Sahara.

II. Nations Within Africa

Former West African volunteers might want to check out the unofficial Ghana Web Page, which has lots of nice links and tries to keep up with the latest news from Ghana.
Recipes from Ghana... how to make fufu from potato buds and Bisquick, and more.

The Working in Ghana Project is a series of interviews with Ghanaians and foreigners working in Ghana.
Take the Moroccan Guided Tour. A nice site, with info on everything from Moroccan history to Moroccan cooking. Very professional.
Michael Maren, RPCV and noted author, has an extensive site called NomadNet, with a focus on Somalia.

Education with Enterprise Trust is an organization that seeks to turn the youth of South African into entrepreneurs.

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B. Asia, Middle East and Pacific

I've heard some very good things about this Arab Net page.
University of Texas Asian Studies Network Information Center
Take a trip to China.
Kuwait Net
This Malaysia Homepage is very slick.
Micronesia Zone!... tons of Micronesia links.
Here's a fine Nepal site.
This has been described to me as an “excellent site on Papua New Guinea complete with the 'wantok's forum' which is a chat group focusing on Papua New Guinea.”
I've always been curious about Pitcairn Island, of Mutiny on the Bounty fame.
This official Western Samoa page history, tourism, the people, info on investing, and some beautiful (and historic) photos. A nice professional site.

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C. Eastern Europe

IREX is a Washington DC based nonprofit organization involved with professional training, institution building, technical assistance, and policy programs with the Newly Independent States (NIS), Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), and Mongolia. Check out the sophisticated Irex Home Page.
University of Texas Russia and Eastern European Network Information Center
The folks at the U.S. Information Service in Riga, Latvia have put together a nice page on what they do and on Latvia.
For a offbeat look at Russia, check out the Moscow Channel.

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D. Latin America

University of Texas Latin American Network Information Center
You Better Belize It! is a “Belizean owned and operated” page.

HOT! Here's a great on-line English language Brazilian site.
The University of Chile
Here's a "web travel review" of Costa Rica. Also has some nice links.
University of Costa Rica
HOT! Cuba's economy may be in a state of collapse, but the official Cuba Web is actually a pretty well done set of pages... and where else could you read the “Cuban Political Bureau's report to the 5th Plenum of the Central Committee”??? (By the way, unlike any official U.S. government pages, this page is sponsored by private companies, and runs ads for them.... go figure.)
If you'd like to see a Cuba site that is definitely not official, (it describes itself as “THE clearinghouse for everything you want to know about doing business in Cuba, especially in a post-embargo or post-Castro Cuba”), check out this CubaWeb.

Here's a March 30, 2000 Amnesty International report on the harassment of dissidents in Cuba.
Ecuador and Galapagos
The University of Lima, Peru site is in Spanish, of course... and is a nice looking page.

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E. Other and Misc.

Find out about crime in the country you're thinking of visiting from the Overseas Security Advisory Council.
Lonely Planet - Text Express is a good way to get travel advice on trips to your favorite third world country. (I link to the Text Express because I've found the graphic version quite slow.)
The motto of Conde Nast Traveler is “Truth in Travel”, and the magazine has a well deserved reputation for going past the fluff that some travel mags carry. This is a well done site, that lets you do searches by (for example) country and continent, which will give you excerpts from past articles.
The Arid Lands Newsletter Home Page discusses arid lands worldwide, and is very professional, with lots of articles, photos, links, etc. It's also a good source for links on building web pages!
After a trip to arid lands, you might be in the mood to visit Antartica, which you can explore from this high quality site.
The English as a Foreign Language Web Page... a.k.a. "EFLWEB"... lots of info for TEFLers, including schools advertising for TEFL teachers.
Si la langue Français vous manque, vous devez aller au Page d'accueil du MediaPort. With an AfricaNet section including info on African and Carribean singers! Click on the flag for English. And there's a French version of Yahoo!
Here's a U. of Texas Map Collection
The Web of Culture lets you test your understanding of cross-cultural communications interactively.

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