Togo in the News

The best source for the latest news on Togo is the Africa News Online Togo Page. Updated frequently, it collects stories from various sources.

Here's an article from the New York Times that ran several years ago, about the Dead Yovo Market in Africa, although of course that's not what they called it.

Not all publicity is good publicity. Togo got a lot of coverage several years ago when a woman named Fauziya Kasinga sought asylum in the US to avoid genital mutilation. The New York Times on September 11, 1996 ran an extensive, well written and thoughtful article about her and her family in Kpalime, Togo. Click here to read a (filched) copy of it. The New York Times article included a nice photo of Kpalime... click here to take a peek at it. Eventually, the woman was granted US asylum: here's the New York Times article, entitled U.S. Grants Asylum to Woman Fleeing Genital Mutilation Rite.

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