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The Unofficial Peace Corps Bulletin Board is composed of two parts: the top part, where you can post your bulletin board item, and the bottom part, where you can do a keyword search to see what is on the bulletin board that would be of interest to you. Click here to jump to the search section.

This board is set up to accept three types of postings: “In Search Of....” postings, announcements, and general questions. Please note: if you are a soon to be departing Peace Corps volunteer looking to find others like you, or looking for info from returned PCV's, don't post here! Instead, go to my Peace Corps Information Network page. Also, if you want general info on joining the Peace Corps, please check out Section Three of this page.

By the way, this page had a bug in it for a while.... which cause many of the messages have an erroneous date (Feb. 18, 1997.) Therefore, many of the messages with that date are considerably more recent. Sorry about that.... the bug is now fixed (as of June 12, 1997).

The NPCA has a page similar to this which you also might like to check out. It's called Finding Friends. The NPCA page limits postings to only 7 days, however, while I'll be more generous.... your postings here will get a run of about a year. (Note: on January 17, 1998, I deleted all messages posted in 1996.)

I reserve the right to delete postings I deem to be inappropriate.



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3. Quick Information for Prospective Volunteers.

If you've come to this page looking for information on how to join the Peace Corps, you can contact a recruiter for the Peace Corps by calling 800-424-8580 and then press 1.

There are several good sites on this page for getting Peace Corps info, including the Official Peace Corps Home Page - How to Volunteer. You can fill out a form to get an information packet from the Peace Corps at Official Peace Corps Get an Information Packet Page. By the way, I'm just about positive you have to be a U.S. citizen to join the Peace Corps.

You'll also find a wealth of information at the Peace Corps at the University of Maine page.

Also, be sure to visit my my Peace Corps Crossroads Page.

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