Tell Me How to Join the Peace Corps!

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Many prospective Peace Corps volunteers come to this page looking for information on the Peace Corps, and I sometimes get mail from them asking where they can get more information. If you are in the United States (and yes, the Peace Corps only accepts U.S. citizens), you can contact a recruiter for the Peace Corps by calling 800-424-8580 and then pressing 1.

There are several good sites on this page for getting Peace Corps info, including the Official Peace Corps Home Page - How to Volunteer. You can fill out a form to get an information packet from the Peace Corps at Official Peace Corps Get an Information Packet Page. You'll also find a wealth of information at the Peace Corps at the University of Maine page.

Here's a well written description of the Peace Corps process from a website with the unlikely domain name of "soyouwanna", as in so you wanna join the Peace Corps? It tells you about what you get paid, the application process, what to pack, and even talks a bit about what to expect, although of course I think you're better off exploring my site if you want a variety of insights into Peace Corps service.

If you've been assigned to a country, and would like to contact others who have also been assigned to that country or who have served there, be sure to check out my Peace Corps Information Network. This is also a good page to look for someone to answer questions like “What is it like being a middle-aged female Peace Corps volunteer”, or “What is Peace Corps doing in Business Development”? If you are a soon-to-be-departing volunteer, or would like to be a mentor, be sure to fill out the form in the “What is this page?” section of the PC Info Network.

Of course, you'll also want to find out about the variety of Peace Corps experiences by exploring the many personal and group web pages which my Peace Corps Related Web Sites page will give you access to. Good luck!

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