The Answer to the Most Frequently Asked RPVC Questions!

There are two questions every returned Peace Corps volunteer grapples with when he or she returns to the U.S. The first is, "How I can adapt to life in the United States in a manner consistent with my Peace Corps idealism and the lessons of my experience?" Sorry, I've got no advice on this one except to say "go to a graduate school with a good placement program". On the second question, however, I can be a bit more helpful. The second question (and maybe I've got the order wrong here) is of course "Where can I get BB in the U.S.?"

I've done some detective work on this one, and here's what I've found. First, brace yourself: it will cost you about $9 for six 12 oz. bottles. Now, there are three states with BB distributors, which is distributed under the name "Ngoma": Florida, California, and Washington D.C. (yeah, I know, Washington DC's not a state.) Each has one distributor who supplies to any number of retailers. These distributors should be willing to provide you with a list of retailers, or the one nearest you. They are:

For California: the Consumers Distributing Co., at 415-621-1828.

For Florida: the National Distributing Co., at 904-751-0090.

For Washington DC: the House of Wines, at 202-882-3333.

I will add additional states as I find out about them. By the way, if any of you cynics out there are wondering whether I get a kickback from anyone for passing this information on to you, the answer is "Don't I wish!"

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