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HOT! Peace Corps Crossroads is my web page chock full of links to Peace Corps and Third World sites, and more. If you haven't checked it out yet, you're missing one of life's great experiences, he said, modestly.

HOT! Here's a top notch site about Togo called Fait Comme Moi (which, other than the title, is in English). It's full of great photos and journal entries from Erika Kachama-Nkoy, who was born in Zaire and who travelled through Togo with her husband, Brian Anderson, who had served in the Peace Corps in Liberia and Namibia. I rate it a must visit.

HOT! Here are a bunch of Togo links from Stanford U.

Here are two maps of Togo, a smaller 95k one and a bigger 360k one, so be forewarned they won't load quickly.

HOT! (New address!) Be sure to visit Roger Burks new page, which he calls The Griot in Kansas: A Collection of Imaginations and Opinionations. Even if you've already visited it, he keeps on adding tales, so stop by from time to time.

HOT! Here's a fine site with some spectacular photos from Charles Danforth, who visited his sister, a Togo PCV, and created this web page entitled Song of the Yovo: A White Man's Travels in Black Africa.

HOT! Serendip's Togo connection is a site about Susan White, now an Associate Professor and Chair of the Chemistry Department at Bryn Mawr College, who was a Togo PCV from 1978 to 1981. This site has some photos, as well as information on her attempts to find US schools with whom to start a "sister school" arrangement with schools in Togo.

HOT! David Pauk returned from Togo in September 1997, and on his Dave Inc. web site has a nice section called “Road Trip”, with stories and pictures of his life in Togo, as well as some nice highlife sounds.

HOT! If you're the parent of a current PCV, be sure to stop by Peter Jones's new Peace Corps Family Support Group website.

Want to see some top notch pictures of Togolese money (i.e., the CFA)? Or, alternatively, here you can see links to pictures of money from other African nations. (These are new links; my previous link to pictures of the CFA died.)

Also for those researching Togo, here's Microsoft Encarta's introductory version's entry on Togo. (Here's a nice photo from that entry. There are more good links for those doing research further down in this section.)

... And here's the Encyclopedia Britannica's Togo entry, as well as their (separate) entry on the history of Togo.

HOT! There's now an “Official ” Togo Page!

Here's a page from a French friend of Togo.

Don't miss my new and improved Peace Corps Information Network page... a great source of information for prospective PCV's... and if you're an RPCV, why not volunteer to be a "mentor"?

You'll find a brief remembrance of one volunteer's experience teaching in Togo called “Life, Death and Trigonometry” at the Peace Corps web site's essays section. There's another essay by a Togo RPCV entitled “A Clash of Cultures”.

Wentling committed to improving West Africa's economic progress is an article about a woman with a strong interest in Togo, whose parents are both RPCVs.

Want to see a ton of books on Sub-Saharan Africa ?

HOT! Get the latest Togo news from The Washington Post and the Associated Press.

For the latest on Peace Corps activities in Togo, check out the (U.S. Government) Peace Corps Togo Page.

Read The Lonely Planet's Travellers' Reports: Togo, for recent travel reports and warnings.

HOT! Here's a neat Togo site in French: Togo Contact.

Want to buy a Peace Corps Togo Lapel Pin? (It's got the US flag, the Togo flag, and the Peace Corps logo.) Check out the Blackrose Enterprises home page.... they cost about $5.50 (with bulk discounts.) The lapel pin is actually pictured on this page!

Here's a Togo Page from the University of Pennsylvania.

Here's where to find the Togo Entry from the CIA factbook.

And here's info (in French or English - click on the flag) on Togo Music.

The Africa News Online site is a great place for up-to-date news from Africa.

Recipes from Ghana... how to make fufu from potato buds and Bisquick, and more.

Si la langue Français vous manque, vous devez aller au Page d'accueil du MediaPort.

And while we're on the subject of French, did you know that there's a French version of Yahoo?

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