Thanks to Ed Porter for contributing the thought provoking questions that make a key part of this month's Togo Memory of the Month.

You probably snickered the first time you encountered a bottle of BB. With its profusion of medals, it resembles a third world dictator, who every month gives himself a new award of some sort. But then you took a swig.... and said, with genuine surprise, “Hey - this stuff's not bad!” Then you took another swig.... and in a moment realized that your two years in Togo could turn out to be quite pleasant, thank you. (Richard Young, now a teetotalling - but still smoking - priest in Atlanta GA, told me how when he got his assignment to Togo, he thought “Well, this will give me a good chance to quit cigarettes and beer, since I'm sure they'll be hard to get over there....”)

And thanks to Ed Porter for the following note: Here are a few questions that might help pass time at the bar.

Does BB in the States taste the same as it did in Togo?

And for those of you who were in Togo before the brewery in the north opened, did BB brewed in the north taste as good as BB brewed in the south?

Finally, the age old question, which tastes better, BB in brown bottles or BB in green bottles?

(The last question may involve a detailed knowledge of physics and the impact sunlight has on beer through different colored glass.) Cheers!

(Ed, now living in Dubai, has indicated that he would like to see some of these questions debated on these pages. So don't leave without putting your two cents worth in the guest book!)

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