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By Anonymous ( - on Saturday, April 24, 2004 - 4:27 am: Edit Post

Just plain silly

Kerry favors RPCVs like Wilson who's wife is a CIA operations Officer who got everybody killed in Iraq(the Spanish Opertions Officers and others) after being paid money to confirm her identity in vanity fair. The coups started right after Kerry hired him as a consultant......

By the ways and means(they really are) Plame was fired for either killing the wrong people in a time of war or because Wilson worked for the CIA in WMD and had a conflict of interest with his wife of five years.

Kerry condemned the administration for favoring greedy Enron executives, polluters, powerful corporations, lobbyists and political insiders, and attacked the president for offering "the most privileged among us" sizable tax cuts in a time of war. "With George Bush in the White House," Kerry said in a prepared text "we have seen a 'get mine and get out' ethic that in effect glories a creed of greed."

By Anonymous ( - on Friday, May 21, 2004 - 3:00 pm: Edit Post


She is foreign born, but I doubt that they are related. If they are it might explain why Kerry hired Wilson(RPCV and contractor to CIA WMD)and his wife, Plame(CIA Operations Officer by her own paid admission in Vanity Fair).

By Anonymous ( - on Tuesday, November 04, 2003 - 11:02 pm: Edit Post

I have fianlly read this and woould ask if there was a problem with Russia. You may want to be aware that the FBI arrested Ames on Feruary 19 (1995?) and the Peace Corps program was closed in Russia on the same date-February 19-after a RPCV was murdered in Russia-RPCV Spy Dies. Please look up the intelligence area of RPCVs in Russia-from Russian with Love section,etc.- here.

I believe this may help your family in understanding what might be the problem. I have no other information.

Good Luck!

By Anonymous ( - on Sunday, April 25, 2004 - 10:57 pm: Edit Post

Ames was a volunteer. I think he did okay. The trainers (Wilson and Ames) were a little strange, there is one who works for peace corps?

By Anonymous ( - on Friday, May 21, 2004 - 2:49 pm: Edit Post

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This is a strange way to get Kerry supporters.

By they way, why won't PCOL list the beheaded volunteers? There were at least two.

By Anonymous ( - on Saturday, April 24, 2004 - 4:02 am: Edit Post

I meant The Special Operations section(services and planning, continuity-time errors)
of UNV/HQ is undergoing..........conspiracy things.

By Anonymous ( - on Saturday, April 24, 2004 - 3:55 am: Edit Post

Don't like Special Operations Group at Peace Corps UNV branch?

By Anonymous ( - on Sunday, October 05, 2003 - 7:51 pm: Edit Post

No one sees this.

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