Larium always has been an excuse

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By Anonymous ( - on Tuesday, June 01, 2004 - 1:10 pm: Edit Post

I was advised by my family doctor never to take this drug. I travelled and lived overseas alot before I was hired to work with PC.

Dreaming is a disease. A good psychiatrist will tell you that. R.E.M. (It's a good group) is a compromise of this disease.

Brain damge may ocur if you close your eyes and see, as example, a television. It is electronic and most humans are not.

The using of a human this way is always unacceptable.

In the end, one should consider that, anything seen with your eyes closed is probably something that can be seen on a televison.

People are really tired of 'images' that science has been able to access when a person is 'dreaming.'

A good psychiatrist will be able to view the whole thing on a TV.

Ototoxicity is another disease, much like the dreaiming.

PC is much better than this.......

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