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This is a disclaimer. The email about Illegal Activities at Peace Corps was forwarded anonymously to Peace Corps Online. You could call it a "tip" or a "leak" like the Pentagon Papers. We do not know who wrote it. We cannot confirm that everything contained in the email is true. We are not lawyers and we cannot vouch for the legal conclusions in the email.

All we do know is that the email has been circulating on various RPCV listserv's - so it is out there - and that makes it news. You, as the reader, can consider the allegations contained in the email as an unverified rumor. But the fact that the email is publicly circulating makes it news. And this is a news forum and it is our job to publish news about the Peace Corps. Just like the mainstream press published various rumors that were circulating about other attacks on September 11. Just like the press has published unverified or "background" stories about US actions in Afghanistan. Just like the press has published stories about rumors of more cases of anthrax breaking out.

So do your own research. Draw your own conclusions. Take this story for what it is worth with a large grain of salt. But this is a news forum, this is news, and if anyone has any additional facts to either confirm or deny this story, please send them to us or make your own posting below. In the meantime, we will try to get to the bottom of this in the next few days.

Note: We have contacted the Press Office at the United States Peace Corps to get their comment on this story and are waiting for them to get back to us. Once we have their comment we will publish it below.

Following is the verbatim email as we received it.