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Here are some of the messages that we have received with suggestions on what RPCVs can do about the events of September 11.
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Following are resources collected by the NPCA with suggestions
on how to cope with the tragic events of last week:

Thank you to those who have responded with suggestions of resources to
pass along to help us all deal with the tragic events of last week. Due
to the large volume of items to suggest, I will not be able to include
more than perhaps a brief description for each item, plus contact
information and/or website. I hope you find these helpful. All of the
items included below were suggested by subscribers to this list. I will
pass some more ideas your way soon. Thank you for your ideas!

Anne Baker
Global Education Director
National Peace Corps Association

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Photos from all over the world. A couple of them made me cry.


1) Choices is a program of the Watson Institute for International
Studies at Brown University. This is a research institution with
research staff working on a wide range of international issues. We have
asked several of these researchers to respond to a series of questions
and their responses are posted to our web site.

2) The format of alternative policy directions that appears at the heart
of every Choices curriculum unit is designed to help students to think
about divergent policy alternatives, each driven by different underlying
values, each with pros and cons, risks and tradeoffs. We have applied
this approach to the current crisis.

Please feel free to pass this information and the URL
<http://www.choices.edu/Sept11/top.html> on to anyone (or any
listserves) you think will find it helpful. There is also a link from
our Breaking Issues page at <http://www.choices.edu/issues/index.html>.

With best wishes,
The Choices Staff

Choices for the 21st Century Education Project
Watson Institute for International Studies
Box 1948, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912
Phone: 401-863-3155 Fax: 401-863-1247


Friends of Morocco has assembled a set of resources for teaching about
Morocco for Peace Corps Day and similar development education
activities. For the full set go to the Friends of Morocco web site at
http://home.att.net/~morocco/PCDay.htm but key links are inserted below
for convenience.

If you would like to tell the Morocco, the Arab world or the Islam
story, there are a number of resources that will help you. They

Teaching about Islam and Muslims lists publications available and web
sites at http://home.att.net/~morocco/99news/99teachislam.htm

AWAIR Arab World and Islamic Resources and School Services at

Looking At Ourselves and Others. This Peace Corps teacher guide
contains lesson plans, activities and readings to introduce students to
the concept of culture at

World Wise Schools Handbook for Educators and Volunteers at

K - 12 Educational Resources from the Middle East Network Information
Center at http://menic.utexas.edu/menic/k.html

More on the FOM web site

Global TeachNet News: The Global TeachNet is a project of the National
Peace Corps Association. The "Third Goal" of the Peace Corps is to bring
a global perspective back to the United States. The National Peace Corps
Association (NPCA) - the network of alumni, family and friends of the
Peace Corps - launched Global TeachNet to directly implement that global
perspective in U.S. classrooms. The objective of Global TeachNet is to
promote students' knowledge of, understanding of and respect for the
people, cultures and nations of the world. See
http://www.1wow.org/pages/teach.html for details.

Tim Resch, President
Friends of Morocco
6713 Beddoo St
Alexandria, VA 22306-6607



US News and World Report just posted a lesson plan I wrote for them
called "Policymakers." It was originally called "In the Situation Room."
The lesson's objectives:

1.outline the military options that President Bush has at his disposal
in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States;

2.identify the role that the president's Cabinet plays in the
development of policy especially in times of national crisis; and

3.illustrate how the terrorist attacks on America have changed American
domestic and foreign policy through the development of an emergency
response plan.

It involves a simulation of a press conference with the major cabinet
members who have developed an "emergency response plan" to the Sept 11

The URL:

George Cassutto
Webmaster of http://www.cyberlearning-world.com
Author of Internet Pocket Guide for Teachers


In response to last week's terrorist tragedy and subsequent attacks
against Arab-Americans, Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) has
developed a free, 25-page curriculum for middle and high school students
focused on issues of justice and mislaid blame.

You may access it at:

I encourage you to provide your districts and schools with access
information to this curriculum. Timing is critical. We believe teachers
and counselors should have access to the lessons right away.


Teachers Without Borders


A number of people referred to the article in the New York Times on
September 19, 2001 by Richard Rothstein entitled "Teach More than Where
To Put H In Afghanistan". Here is an excerpt referring to resources
(see link at the bottom for the full article):

The New York Times Company's digital division has collected selected
articles from last week for teacher and student use at
http://www.nytimes.com/learning/terrorism. The Web site includes
geopolitical analyses as well as discussions about balancing civil
liberties and security.

The Middle East Institute's Web site, http://www.mideasti.org, organized
by former Foreign Service officers, publishes a range of viewpoints;
some will reinforce and others challenge student preconceptions. A site
more sympathetic to Arab analyses is http://www.merip.org, run by the
Middle East Research and Information Project, which was founded 30 years
ago by returned Peace Corps volunteers. Some materials may be
appropriate only for students with more advanced interpretive skills.



I would like to suggest the Girl Scouts of the USA's Web site as a great
resource during this difficult time. It is located at
http://www.girlscouts.org and offers suggestions for parents and troop
leaders on how to help children cope with the recent tragedies.


Understanding Arab Americans

Although the Arab culture is one of the oldest on Earth, it is, in many
parts of the United States, misunderstood. To enable all of us to
understand Arab Americans better and to foster accurate portrayals of
Arab Americans in the media, The Detroit Free Press has compiled a list
of 100 questions and answers including those about religion, culture,
family, and the Middle East Conflict.

For what it's worth, perhaps this citation is also appropriate?

The losses from Tuesday's horrific attack are not only American.
Hundreds of people from England, at least one hundred Japanese, and then
also Koreans, Philippinos, Mexicans and Israelis, to mention a few
nationalities, lost their lives last Tuesday. The aftershock has hit
around the world.

The spirit of solidarity is demonstrated in the following remarkable
tributes and memorials from around the world



Though World Wise Schools does not have resources directly related to
dealing with the issues of terrorism, our resources are designed to
better help kids understand their fellow human beings. Culture Matters
is particularly effective in dealing with the subject of cultural
differences and responses/reactions to such situations. All Volunteers
are provided with this workbook and encouraged to work through the
exercises once they are in country. WWS has made the resource available
to teachers via our Web site in many forms, PDF, html, English and

The direct link for CM is: http://www.peacecorps.gov/wws/culturematters

Hi! I know you asked for resources about last week, mine is a little
out of the ordinary. My students here in the states have been working
for the last 3 1/2 years to raise money to build and support an
elementary school in Afghanistan. It has been an amazing project. They
have helped build an elem. school in a village that hasn't had a school
in over 22 years. The doors opened this spring in March with 465
students attending!! Last Oct. we had the privilege of hosting two
students and two teachers from the project. What a wonderful event it
was for students here to meet the people they had been helping! Now, as
you can imagine students here have a real connection to what is
happening - or may happen- there. They are very worried, as our their
counterparts there. The teachers in Afghanistan are terrified we will
stop our support and they will be forgotten. This is a wonderful
opportunity for students here to cross the world with understanding and
stand by students in Afghanistan. If anyone would like more information
please feel free to contact me. Thanks!! Khris

Contact: Khris Nedam at NedamKh@northville.k12.mi.us

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