Breaking News - Peace Corps Official hopes to send Peace Corps to North Korea

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Peace Corps to North Korea?
Official says Peace Corps work with North Korea could begin in the Stalinist state's special enclaves like Sinuiju 17 November 2002
Peace Corps Official hopes to send the Peace Corps to North Korea 15 November 2002

How PCVs vote overseas
How Peace Corps Volunteers vote overseas 17 November 2002

Changes to S 2667 Clarified
Explanation of the change in wording in S 2667 regarding intelligence gathering 13 November 2002

Experts investigage Lariam
Fort Bragg study faces scrutiny 8 November 2002
Study says Lariam not considered a factor in Fort Bragg murders 8 November 2002
Army health team to investigate Fort Bragg slayings 24 August 2002
Experts Investigage possible Lariam link to Fort Bragg Murders 8 August 2002
UPI Investigates Lariam and the Peace Corps 30 July 2002

Peace Corps supports Dodd Bill
Peace Corps supports Dodd's Amended Peace Corps Bill 7 November 2002

Program to collect PC Oral Histories
Ghana I RPCV Bob Klein collects Peace Corps Oral Histories 7 November 2002

Vasquez endorses crony in California Election
Vasquez's candidate loses election 6 November 2002
Gaddi Vasquez endorses disgraced OC Chairman Roger Stanton in election 28 October 2002

Bush Advisor wanted to axe Peace Corps
Bush Key Economic Advisor wanted to axe the Peace Corps 6 November 2002

Peace Corps and the Responsibility Virus
The Peace Corps and the Responsibility Virus 6 November 2002

More Russia visa problems
Russia refuses visas to religious workers 2 November 2002

RPCV Murdered in Jordan
Diplomat Larry Foley murdered in Jordan was a Returned Volunteer 27 October 2002

Call Your Congressman before the election
Support the Peace Corps Bill in Congress 27 October 2002
Action Needed to Pass Peace Corps Charter for the 21st Century 25 October 2002

White House considers PC Bill a "High Priority"
Exclusive: White House Considers Passage of Peace Corps Legislation a "High Priority" 25 October 2002

Walsh Visa Program moving forward
Nepal RPCV James Walsh's Visa Programme provides opportunities for young Northern Irish people 24 October 2002

RPCVs comment on Senate passage of Peace Corps Bill
NPCA's Pre-Election Update on the Status of the Peace Corps Bill 24 October 2002
The NPCA and Peace Corps Fund comment on Senator Dodd's Peace Corps Bill 21 October 2002
Op-ed: The Tequila Worm is Missing: What happened to the Dodd bill and what RPCVs can do 21 October 2002

Vasquez lays out Peace Corps Message
Director Vasquez delivers powerful message to 1,700 students 24 October 2002
Peace Corps Director speaks at University of Washington 16 October 2002
Maryland Returned Volunteers host Picnic for Director Vasquez 5 October 2002

Slashdot discusses the Peace Corps
Slashdot discusses Peace Corps in "Visiting the World, as a Geek?" 17 October 2002

Amended Peace Corps Bill passes Senate
Amended Peace Corps Bill passed by US Senate 17 October 2002
Senator Dodd's Peace Corps Bill may pass today in Senate 15 October 2002

PC returns to Madagascar
From Ivory Coast to Madagascar 15 October 2002
Peace Corps Volunteers Return to Madagascar 11 October 2002

RPCV starts aid organization in Afghanistan
Morroco RPCV Sarah Chayes starts aid organization in Afghanistan 7 October 2002

RPCVs debate War with Iraq
RPCV Congressman Chris Shays supports Pre-emptive Action 7 October 2002
RPCV Congressmen Farr and Honda oppose attack on Iraq 5 October 2002
A RPCV and a Vietnam Veteran debate war with Iraq 30 September 2002
RPCV Thomas Gouttierre says focus on Afghanistan, not Iraq 26 September 2002
RPCV Chris Matthews says Bush wants a War Department 11 June 2002

GOP's Latino Outreach
Gaddi Vasquez weighs in on courting the Hispanic Vote 4 October 2002
Polyglot Politics: The GOP's Latino outreach 28 September 2002

NPCA increases dues
NPCA Membership dues to increase 4 October 2002

PC Programs suspended in Ivory Coast
Peace Corps suspends Programs in Ivory Coast 3 October 2002

All PCVs now safely out of Ivory Coast
Local Ivory Coast volunteer from Escondido is safe 2 October 2002
Peace Corps Volunteer Mary Christensen hopes to return to Ivory Coast 2 October 2002
Peace Corps couple escapes Ivory Coast 2 October 2002
A Story of the harrowing escape from rebel-held area 2 October 2002
All Peace Corps Volunteers now safely out of Ivory Coast 1 October 2002

Tim Russert discusses Peace Corps with RPCVs
Tim Russert discusses Peace Corps Issues with Returned Volunteers 1 October 2002

Afghans should get more than baseball
Malaysia RPCV Michael P. Sabas says Afghans should get more than baseball 29 September 2002

Vasquez says more Volunteers to Muslim World
Director Vasquez says Peace Corps to Send More Volunteers to Muslim World 29 September 2002

RPCV Tony Hall's noble crusade
Congressman Tony Hall's noble crusade 28 September 2002

PCVs Safe in Ivory Coast
Hundreds airlifted in Ivory Coast 30 September 2002
Ivory Coast braces for civil war 29 September 2002
Second Ivory Coast City Evacuated 28 September 2002
Ivory Coast's crisis troubles local family in Lubbock Texas 28 September 2002
Americans flee homes that became fear-filled prisons in rebel-held Ivory Coast 27 September 2002
Exclusive: Ivory Coast Volunteers Carrie and Jonathan Brunger fled to Ghana 27 September 2002
Peace Corps volunteers in Ivory Coast will be escorted by road into Ghana 26 September 2002
Exclusive: A Volunteer reports on the situation in the Ivory Coast 26 September 2002
Peace Corps Relocating Volunteers in Ivory Coast 26 September 2002
Peace Corps in contact with all 133 volunteers in Ivory Coast 25 September 2002
Peace Corps in contact with 132 volunteers in Ivory Coast 24 September 2002
Peace Corps monitoring Volunteers in Ivory Coast 23 September 2002
Peace Corps has contacted 97 volunteers in Ivory Coast 21 September 2002

Somalia RPCV works to ban land mines
Somalia RPCV Kenneth Rutherford injured in explosion joins worldwide campaign to ban land mines 27 September 2002

Bellamy on world's problems and opportunities
Former Peace Corps Director Carol Bellamy speaks about world's problems and opportunities 26 September 2002

DR President visits Peace Corps
President of Dominican Republic visits PC Headquarters 26 September 2002

First Muslim Peace Corps Volunteer honored
Senegal RPCV Bill Aossey honored as first Muslim Peace Corps Volunteer 26 September 2002

A Profile of Gaddi Vasquez
Correction to Profile: Three RPCVs on PC Senior Staff 24 September 2002
Orange County Register profiles Gaddi Vasquez 15 September 2002

PC returns to Bangladesh
Peace Corps Returns to Bangladesh 19 September 2002

Peruvian President visits PC
Peruvian President Visits Peace Corps 14 September 2002
Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo thanks Peace Corps 14 September 2002
Peruvian President to meet Peace Corps Director 12 September 2002

A Profile of Thomas Tighe
Santa Barbara Magazine profiles Direct Relief President Thomas Tighe 13 September 2002

Sargent Shriver and the Politics of Life
Sargent Shriver and the Politics of Life 12 September 2002

US Ambassador to Thailand returns to Lamphun
Thailand RPCV Darryl N. Johnson, U.S. Ambassador to Thailand, returns to Lamphun 40 years later 12 September 2002

House Panel Approves Foreign Operations Bill
House Panel Approves $16,500 Million Foreign Operations Bill - Peace Corps gets what it asked for to meet expansion goals 12 September 2002

Staff Appointments at PC HQ
Senior Staff Appointments at Peace Corps Headquarters 12 September 2002

911: A Different America
911: A Different America - Changes In United States Not All For Better 9 September 2002
Director Vasquez's Message for September 11 10 September 2002
Things We Lost in the Fire 11 September 2002
Liberty Wins -- So Far 15 September 2002
Ending Terrorism By Working For Peace & Reconciliation 21 September 2002

Hostility to Volunteer Initiative
Hard-Line Hostility for a Volunteer Initiative 4 September 2002

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