Edie Bukewihge says, she is definitely running for the U. S. Senate position in 2004.

Peace Corps Online: Peace Corps News: Headlines: Peace Corps Headlines - 2002: 08 August 2002 Peace Corps Headlines: August 11, 2002 - Peace Corps Online Exclusive: Director Vasquez says he will "absolutely not" run for US Senate seat from California in 2004 : Edie Bukewihge says, she is definitely running for the U. S. Senate position in 2004.

By Bill Lake on Sunday, December 15, 2002 - 6:33 pm: Edit Post

She knows the hill she must climb, and awaits the challenge diligently. The formed constitution of this United States has no option than to let it happen. She says, "Nothing is too far or high a reach for a native of this United States, especially those of the heritage that was on this land prior to any of the states formed today, and especially and even moreso those natives who were legal citizens entitled to the heritage of this land when the constitution was written."

She has a website, http://www.voteedie.org and those who agree will join her campaign. I have not a doubt.

By dtracette (ppp-67-114-59-211.dialup.irvnca.pacbell.net - on Tuesday, November 25, 2003 - 6:50 am: Edit Post

Times do change. Edie is a woman. She looks like one, acts like one, that means . . . she changes her mind like one.

Yeap. She's not running for the U S Senate, I understand it like I see it, she is running for the highest seat in the country! President!

I would vote for her in a heartbeat if she would only set this one down and rest upon Barbara Boxer. The hill she wants to climb right now, is not only going to be tough, its just hard to say anything of the stress involved to start to do it.

Why do politicians get mad? At least, this is what I think has happened. Republicans are not as open and willing as other parties, and then, some parties are really sometimes the same as any, its hard to say.

Edie? Please drop the run for President. What do we have to do to help you run for U. S. Senate, in the state of California. You can beat Boxer! We will help, just tell us what to do. Bush is not going to win, trust in me. Dean will prevail, no matter what, have you turned the lights on yet? Bush is done! He's an idiot.

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