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A Live International Journal of a Peace Corps Volunteer

A Live International Journal of a Peace Corps Volunteer

December 13, 2002

The other day I said goodbye to a friend that was going home, and who won't be back in California till after I'm gone. It's a strange feeling saying goodbye to someone you know you're not going to see for quite a while. I had a lump in my throat when I was saying goodbye. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I have to say my goodbyes to my family and friends. I hate goodbyes. Hate 'em!

I wonder what things will be like when I return. Will people be married? Will new born children be in the picture? Will my brother be a world class triathlete?! You better bro! :) Go abroad man! I'm sure you'll love Rome.

Alejandro Catalina Run Alejandro Catalina Bike Alejandro Catalina Swim Some pictures of my brother at the Catalina Island Triathlon.

I just found out that my departure date for Miami has been moved up an extra day. I'm outtie on the 5th of January now. An extra day in Miami! Woo! All the extra camera gear that I'm getting for my life in Nicaragua is getting a little pricey. It's put a nice little dent in my funds, but I know it'll be worth it. Looking back on all these experiences when I'm old and wrinkled, I'll be able to smile and know that I did what I wanted to do. Carpe diem.

December 11, 2002

I just made my flight reservation to go to my Peace Corps staging event. Holy $%&*! I'm starting to feel really anxious, almost a sickening feeling, but more excited than anything. I'll be off to Miami, Florida on 1/06/03. I'll be there for about a day and a half and then I'll be off to Managua, Nicaragua to begin my 12 weeks of training before I set off for two years at my site. Two years and three months! sounds really strange even saying it. But not doing the 27 months seems worse to me.

Every day I observe the elderly and wonder if they could do it all over again, would they do anything different. For me, I don't even want to look back on my life at age 30, and wish I would have done something different...wish I would have taken full advantage of all the opportunities presented to me. When I was younger I never thought that I would do something like the Peace Corps. For some reason I thought you were supposed to go to college, "fall in love" and get married. Now I smile when I think of that, how extremely far away I am from that mentality!

24 years old, the world right in front of me, and I'm going to do something that scares me, that makes me nervous, that will challenge who I am. Money isn't my motivating factor in life, seeing and experiencing the world is, following my "personal legend" reading my first Paulo Coelho novel, "The Alchemist", I came to many realizations in my life, but the best one was looking within myself and figuring out what my personal legend is. A personal legend is something that you have always wanted to do. For those of you who are interested in reading a good book, here's the link, good luck on your journeys!

December 9, 2002

This past weekend I traveled down to party with some college buddies in San Francisco. The trolley party that Roger threw was the bomb! Fun times, fun times. While I was sitting on the trolley I wondered what "parties" are like in Nicaragua. Hmmm....I don't think there'll be any trolley parties going on while I'm down there, but I'm sure there'll be some cool little adventures.

December 6, 2002

Right now, I'm about 4.5 weeks away from leaving everything I'm used to...all the people I love and care about. My whole reality--- the reality of living in the United States, the reality of living in a rich country --- is about to change. Growing up with everything at my fingertips is slowly moving to a different place...

I'm leaving as a Peace Corps volunteer to Nicaragua on January 7th, 2003. Why am I doing this? It's a question I've asked myself a lot. I feel I've been given everything a person could want in a life --- awesome friends, a loving family, food and roof over my head. Yet, in the past couple of years I have had the constant feeling that there must be more to life than having everything. Why does materialism permeate my society? Why do I feel people here really don't value the life they've been given? How is life different if you don't have "everything"? How is life different living in a third world country? Well, I'm ready to find out... and experience a new culture and to learn about Life in the process.

Thanks to all my peeps, especially my cousin Damian, who are making this website possible. My hope for this site is to be able to stay in touch with my friends, family, and the world.

Calm befo the storm Cousins

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By Miranda on Wednesday, February 12, 2003 - 9:45 am: Edit Post

I hope all is going perfect Marco. I am off to Bulgaria soon, in April to be exact and all the same feelings are flowing through my brain as we speak. You will love it there, I think you will find that the parties are even better than you imagine!

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