Honduras: How in the $#@! do you pack for 2 years?

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How in the $#@! do you pack for 2 years?

How in the $#@! do you pack for 2 years?

So Honduras has alot of things you can buy here, down to Herbal Essence. My advice, instead of spending alot of money in the states buying what you need, save it, pack light and buy the stuff here. If you're a size 9 or above, you won't have alot of clothing options. But other than that, you'd be suprised what you can find in Tegus. Alot of American products make it down here.

My List:

Fleece pull-over
Rain Coat
Medium jacket (40º comfort)
Bring what you normally wear, if you usually wear jeans, bring those, if you usually wear skirts, bring those (but I wouldn't bring many much shorter than above the knees unless you want alot of unwanted attention). Bring a pair of khakis or nice slacks for just in case.

Again, what you normally wear. We usually wore t-shirts in training and you should have some nice stuff for special occasions or charlas (talks).

Bring a nice dress or outfit for swearing in and a skirt or two for special occasions

Chacos or Tevas (even though you can't wear them in training), hiking boots, tennis shoes and a pair of nice shoes and you should be fine.

Underwear here isn't the best quality bring alot from home, a swimsuit, socks (I haven't seen many good ones here), a cap,

towels (quick dry, beach)
nail clippers
tampons/pads (PC supplies tampax)
shampoo and conditioner
antibacterial wipes/handiwipes
2 watches
contact cleaner *this is expensive in Honduras and PC does not supply!

sleeping pad
sleeping bag (not down)
army knife
ziplock baggies (freezer)
Nalgene bottle *with measurements
head lamp
big flash light

barge/epoxy glue
good scissors
duck tape !!!!
batteries (the batteries here are not good quality)
travel alarm clock
money neck belt
2 eyeglasses + repair kit
sunglasses (clipons?)
CD player + speakers
sewing kit
pocket tissue paper
2 cameras (1 SLR and 1 weatherproof)

If you'd like to look at more packing lists, here are some additional sites:

-obviously not specifically for Honduras but still lots of good suggestions as well as a what not to bring list

-lots of good general info plus a list that is very similar to the one PC give you.

-from a volunteer who went to camaroon.

FOOTNOTE: I'm adding this now that I have been in country about 3 mos. and had to lug all my stuff around Honduras and what I wish I had left behind. My really WARM jacket. All the hygiene products. PC gives you tampons and if you look hard enough you can probably find some type of product comparable to what you use in the states unless it is REALLYYY special. Its not worth the extra space and weight it takes up. My chakos (sandals) were the best until they got stolen. If you can afford it, get some and don't leave them outside in your back yard to dry. Do bring some nice clothes and some long sleeve shirts because training is cool, sometimes cold.

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