August 25, 2003 - When are you going to update "Peace Corps Crossroads?"

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When are you going to update "Peace Corps Crossroads?"

Peace Corps Web Pioneer, Jonathon Muehl, creator of "Peace Corps Crossroads" on vacation with his family at Disneyworld

Here is a question that we receive on a periodic basic: When are you going to update "Peace Corps Crossroads?" Read our answer at:

When are you going to update "Peace Corps Crossroads?"*

* This link was active on the date it was posted. PCOL is not responsible for broken links which may have changed.

When are you going to update "Peace Corps Crossroads?"

Answer: We are not the creators of Peace Corps Crossroads. Peace Corps Crossroads was created by the late Jonathon Muehl.

Jonathon Muehl was one of Peace Corps' earliest adapters of the internet and in 1996 created a web site dedicated to Togo called the "Friends of Togo FuFu Bar." This site expanded and eventually became Peace Corps Crossroads.

Jonathon died in June, 2000 after battling leukemia for 5 years. His last update to Peace Corps Crossroads was on May 14th, 2000.

His site remained up and running for several years after his death but when his ISP went out of business in 2002, the site disappeared for several months. Rather than let this resource disappear from the net, we contacted Jonathon's family and with their permission, rehosted Peace Corps Crossroads to this ISP.

Some people have written us and told us that the Peace Corps Crossroads is out of date and that we should "update" Jonathon's site and add new Peace Corps web sites that have come online since Jonathon's death.

We don't agree.

Much of what made Peace Corps Crossroads unique was Jonathon's style of writing and his point of view and it would be both impossible and, we believe, inappropriate for someone else to attempt to imitate him. Therefore we made the decision to leave "Peace Corps Crossroads" as it was when Jonathon died as a permanent memorial to one of the pioneers of Peace Corps web sites. We have used the "Internet Archive" to show the links as they appeared at the time of his death.

Peace Corps Web Pioneer, Jonathon Muehl

We invite you to visit Peace Corps Crossroads and see it as its creator originally intended it to be seen at:

Peace Corps Crossroads


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