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By Anonymous ( - on Thursday, October 23, 2003 - 7:24 pm: Edit Post

I have read all the information here and do not see Peace Corps' signature anywhere. The National Peace Corps Association is not that important and I do not see why anyone would issue a press release to them about possible unfavorable reporting. The NPCA is political and has always had goals beyond Peace Corps. Peace Corps has always been able to take care of itself.

The NPCA and Peace Corps rarely give anyone information. It will be nice to see any information on either one.

By Admin1 (admin) ( - on Thursday, October 23, 2003 - 9:27 pm: Edit Post

Read our story with the original Press Release from the Peace Corps that was issued through the NPCA here.

Subscribe to the NPCA's listserv for NPCA news and future announcements here.

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By Anibus ( - on Friday, October 24, 2003 - 7:50 am: Edit Post

I can't believe I agree with Aka TORONTO above. The NPCA is political and tries to squelch issues related to safety, health and separtions.
Many are friends with powerful Senators and insiders in Peace Corps. Therefore, they don't want real reform.

This Carollo guy knows how to rustle the Peace Corp's hawkish feathers doesn't he?

Someone must explain to everyone that Peace Corps and the National Peace Corps Association aren't helping the safety, health and Separation issues, if anything they act as an entity that excerbates these problems by not addresssing the issues at their root cause.

I guess it takes a journalist who only wants to look into problems at Peace Corps. Perhaps, if he keeps focusing on the their program problems they will be forced to change?

Those statistics the Peace Corps published on rapes are not the full truth and are misleading as well. See the GAO Report done on Safety in 2001.

Why are we discussing rapes anyway. There should be none in Peace Corps or very few. Prevention is a solution.

Two volunteers at every site would decrease incidents of violence, rapes and death. The Peace Corps does not place all volunteers together. Many are alone. The incidents of violence have occured in sites where volunteers were alone. If the Peace Corps did those statistics perhaps they would be enlightened to the fact that Zack Merrill was alone. So was Walter, Larissa, Jane Lee, Nancy Coutu and many others who have fallen as Peace Corps Volunteers.

Arrogance or unsafe Policy?

Or are they just dull?

When it comes to death, violence and rapes people are going to have strong opinions.

27 Volunteers killed died or missing since 1996 is dangerous policy.

Why doesn't Peace Corps explain to victims of these crimes, how this policy is safe and sound?

Who is really reckless here Mr. Carollo or the Peace Corps with its continuation of placing volunteers out in villages alone.

Who is reckless Peace Corps or Mr. Carollo when medical issues are off the chart, especially in relation to trauma?

The people at the top of agency have not expereinced these problems first hand and don't know how to deal with them.

What they continue to fail by spinning their numbers on separations, incidents of violence, feca problems and safety issues.

The Peace Corps will only be united and strong when separated Peace Corps veterans are treated correctly, Prevention Policy is implemented, FECA/Deparment of Labor/ health issues are fielded correctly,we have a lawyer working for all voluteers and RPCV's, and two volunteer at every site for prevention.

Until then, nothing will be solved.


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