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I hope we can speak someday about making changes through the Congress. I have been working for years in trying to get language put together. If we go on our own to Congress we will only accomplish certain goals, but together, we could really change attrition rates and health care at Peace Corps. I offer my number. 978-462-3868.

In 1993, I brought rough draft to Senator Leahy on the Foreign Operations Committee. He listened to our reforms. Your experiences and research are very valuable. You covered things I did not. We should look at meeting with his staff person.

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In my case they, Peace Corps medical services at headquarters said, you either go through our process or ET. That is coercive discharge.

Peace Corps coerces volunteers into medical care that can damage careers by hiring Doctors who have will see the perspectives of Peace Corps.(Wisher vs Coverdell) This is why Peace Corps won't let you choose your own Doctor. They use Doctors who have bad reputations in DC and in the Medical Field. They back up incompetent Nurses at headquarters and in country with these type of "quack" Doctors to fire individuals.

Peace Corps Medical Services is not a hospital registered in Washington, DC.. They are not because they then would have to adhere to the American Medical Association practices.

In my particular circumstance, the medical nurse who wrote the bogus comments in my file is supported by Peace Corps to this day. She even got a "raise" by stepping on volunteers like myself with her libel, slander and non medical related insertions. Yea, they considered her professional enough then to give a job at headquarters for more duplicitious work. Yet the GAO did a report in 1991 and found that this nurse misdiagnosed many volunteers and was not trained properly.

My case was never reviewed properly even to this day.

The truth will be published soon and Peace Corps will be made the fool, for treating a volunteer so harshly by violating my civil rights and never properly heard my case.

The General Counsel member involved in my case read it and recused himself from my case.

Why because he knew the top executives at Peace Corps wanted to cover it up, some more.

In this Administration Steve Weinberg, the Director of Volunteer services directed staff not to handle my case.

Its corruption and cover up. Its like the cover up in safety and security. Like the cover up of 45% attrition rates. That is right 45% percent, not 30 percent as Peace Corps will pronounce.

I think we should be able to testify in order to change medical services, safety and attrition rates.

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