Peace Corps holds back careers with Bogus Records

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By ( - on Sunday, November 23, 2003 - 10:38 am: Edit Post

The Peace Corps has been holding back on the information on the victims of violence so much so that the Dayton Daily News had to take them to court. The Peace Corps is holding twelve pages with my name on it under, so called National Security.

If you have been a victim of violence or been separated wrongfully, is your record correct or have staff members lied about you, implanted slander in your file, out of context information or even their whimsical opinion during that particular administration?

My medical file is littered with innuendo, lies, possible slander, out of context information, gossip. All the above is considered medically related. During my case, the former General Counsel who was originally on my case said. "We could expunge non medically related material out your file and then you could return to service and get FECA benefits." One week later, this attorney recused himself from my case and the Peace Corps began to frustrate me again. The guy who recused himself eventually became deputy director of Peace Corps. If he knows its bogus,why can't I work in Federal Service again.

This has not just happened to me. It has happened to thousands of former Peace Corps Folks who are being disserved by the practices of writing bogus and groundless information in a file without adequate challenge. In many cases, the time period is abritary and capricious.

By the way, this medical nurse was able to cover up the incident at my site by having possible slander, possible libel, out of context information so they could hush my concerns at my site of safety.

Are they doing it to you?

If you feel your true Peace Corps experiences are not represented currently by the Peace Corps, please know that that information can hurt you in upwardly mobile jobs in private industry doing business with the government and the rest of the Federal Government. Peace Corps officials can actually hurt your career. When Security Clearances are checked, it is their lies that remain in your file.

We are speaking to Senators about safety issues too, but we are also speaking to them about having a lawyer represent us at Peace Corps because of supressing careers and being hurtful to victims. Peace Corps will use its ten attorney's against you, your career, and your family's interest. The Director uses them to cover up.

Many have written to me. I encourage you to keep writing. If they have done it to you or you want volunteers to have Peace Corps rights. Please call at 978-462-3868.

Daniel Pailes
Separated Peace Corps Veterans
42 North End Blvd.
Salisbury, Ma. 01952

If you need more acknowledgement of the fact Peace Corps won't help you just look at their responses to the Dayton Daily News reports. The reponse was signed by an attorney at Peace Corps. If they have this response to Victims of Violence and wrongful separations, how will they treat you? Call us or call Senator Mike Dewine, Senator Voinivich, Congressman Meehan, Senator Robert Bennett, Senator Leahy, Congressman Kuicinch, or your congressman or woman, or Senator.

If we make a petition for the right to have an attorney as a volunteer and former volunteer, we will need signatures or your name on it. We need help call. You can be any Peace Corps Volunteer.

I am out most of the week.Please leave a message.

By E. Potter ( - on Saturday, December 13, 2003 - 11:25 am: Edit Post

Hi there, from RPCV Elsa Potter Nicaragua/Benin, 1978-80. I was asked to leave PC by PCCD Dean Christ in Benin. My date was 4-26-80. The circumstances did not satisfy me; I had won my way back to country post Medevac. Yes they misrepresented my presence and my activities in a manner that has left me perpetually dissatisfied. Worse, when I wanted back in PC in 1989 (Note that I let time go by for statute of limitation purposes), I mysteriously found every door closed and PC personnel treating me in a harsh, rude and dismissive manner. If you want to work this into your investigation, you may contact me, but only online. Thanks

By CarmenBailey ( - on Friday, October 14, 2005 - 12:28 pm: Edit Post

Daniel, Count me in too: Carmen Bailey RPCV Tanzania 1986.

In my estimation Peace Corps is the only American Agency I find valuable in the interest of uplifting Human Kind. But it needs to be monitored by those who understand the reason for its existence and its purpose and who possess the care enough to do something about it.

Please count me in your investigation per my experience as outlined in
chapters six and seven. Chapter six now includes three documents.

I did not wish to feel that my government would purposefully leave me for dead. Nor that it would purposefully refuse to correct a statement in its medical manual, but it's been 22 years and I'm now in a state of shock over the general lack of interest in this matter - by my Fellow Persons.

In the printout of this letter before it is
published, the NAME of my website WAS DELETED
after I had put it in on two trials. If it does
not show in the final printout it can be seen
in under Library/Malaria.

If you can use my input please do so via this internet program - only - as all my emails do not go or come - the word was deleted too in my saying how to reach me. Likewise my snail mail.

4502 Tree Lane, Ft Worth Tx 76114. To move to Monticello Apartment Homes nearby in a month or two.

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