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By ( - on Thursday, November 27, 2003 - 3:59 am: Edit Post

We need an attorney for volunteers. A person who knows the agency rules as well as the law and work on behalf of the volunteer.

Then, that one or two attorney's could go head to head with the ten attorney's Peace Corps has at the agency who work against volunteers for a living.

Does that sound fair? Sounds as if the is more employees to handle volunteers. The problem has always been that the leadership at Peace Corps can't make the right decisions so now we need a lawyer to work for us. That is sad. That is not why Peace Corps was created. Live and let live without building files with lies about volunteer experiences and we will be better off.

The neutral part will still give Peace Corps the chance to "welsch out of repsonsibility and give Peace Corps the advantage over the volunteer". (Remember the volunteer is the program. That is why we need to assure her or his rights in and out of service.

I don't disapprove of the Ombudsman but I think you would ensure the volunteers perspective of his or her own experiences with Peace Corps better with an advocate attorney.

By Joel Fritzler, Botswana 90-92 ( - on Tuesday, December 09, 2003 - 10:16 am: Edit Post

An advocate would be helpful. In 1991, while returning from a site visit for my APCD, I was a passenger in a car that rolled 3 times at 50 mph. I was able to walk away but the next day, I felt like an elephant had stepped on me. For the next two months, I couldn't raise my hand above my chin to write on my chalkboard. I've had neck and back pain since. Before the accident, I used to run three days a week but to run since then results in a week of stiffness and pain. At the time, PC only allowed you to see MDs. I saw three and each one said, "You're lucky to be alive, you're just getting older, and I can give you stronger pain pills." I was only 30 years old. A few months after my COS, I ran into a friend that had just finished chiropractic training specializing in sports medicine. I started receiving treatments from him and in four-months I was feeling almost normal. However, I continue to have pain and if I hold my head looking to the left or right for an extended time, I'll have a stiff neck for a week. Every dollar for 11-years of chiropractic treatment for this PC injury has come out of my pocket. A few years ago, I learned that PC was now allowing chiropractic care but it was going to be a real pain in the neck to receive help. So, an advocate would be helpful.

By Roger Landry ( - on Monday, March 17, 2008 - 11:19 pm: Edit Post

I was injured in a training during my toured there were 20 witness it happened in 07/06/95 it took me until 2001 to get the DOL/OWCP to admit I was on the job when I was injured .at the time I was giving an award I was out of work living from hand to hand
I had an option to go for a sort of retirement but did not have a wage they could use for the 2/3 settlements. I continued to try to get employment after re educating my self at a Vet center. I worked at computers and as long as I could sit a lot it was getting me buy.
So when people for get you are disabled and you have to pull your full weight I started to fall down from my bad leg giving out. I was ask to look in to retiring fore the employer feared I get hurt and sue him. I retired with no money and on the recommendation of my doctor move to the south and in 2005 not having a job and money running out I appealed the DOL/OWCP and was awarded 7% at this time I was old enough to get SST disability and with the 2 incomes I live very poor ;One thing do not think you will get retired by the DOL/OWCP I have 10 doctors say I am over 25 % but the doctors used the AMA for disability so it is not valid .The best I can do is ask for my disability % get enlarged so I can live better that rice and beans ;No way to treat a volunteer
I need you reply at

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