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By ( - on Saturday, November 29, 2003 - 6:25 am: Edit Post

First of all, when I brought him and Jack Macdonald my proposal in 1995 to fundamentally change safety, security and attrition rates the guy reacted like he had seen a ghost.

27 Volunteers were killed, died or were missing during the period he was with Peace Corps. He did not do enough to prevent the above from happening.

2000 plus victims of violence from the early 1990's when (Baquette)was there. He was there as a federal employee,then deputy director, then director and then "cling on" to abuse the five year rule. He was at Peace Corps from 1993-2001. If that isn't abusing the system, I don't know what is, let alone his attitude toward us who had problems in the field. He didn't get what was going on and if he did, then wow he was out for lunch on K street.

"Ambassador", "the makes my hair stand on end". So, he is one of the types who did not have vision during the 1990's in terms of securing Peace Corps. That is right, it was under his watch because these tragedies did happnen.

This all goes for Mark Gearan too. They could have done something. They chose not to and look what has happenened.

The Foreign service is off because of the vision of these types.

Write and apology and then fight for us tooth and nail, the we wil have respect.

By Anonymous ( on Saturday, November 29, 2003 - 5:03 pm: Edit Post

Originally,the five year rule was a ban on intelligence activity for five years after service,yes,(I do have a thing about all these five year rules)there are alot of them now at PC and CIA. Where both these five year rules in existence at the same time(1993+)?

By Admin1 (admin) ( - on Saturday, November 29, 2003 - 5:44 pm: Edit Post

The five year rule the first post refers to is about employment at the Peace Corps:


It is important to understand that Peace Corps employees receive time-limited appointments and that most employees are limited to a maximum of five years (60 months) of employment with the agency. This time-limit is referred to as the "five-year rule." It was established to ensure that Peace Corps' staff remain as fresh and innovative as its Volunteers.

For the same reason as the "five year rule", former Peace Corps employees cannot be re-employed by Peace Corps until they have been out of the agency's employment for the same amount of time that they worked for the Peace Corps. For example, if you previously worked for the Peace Corps for three years, you cannot come back to work for the Peace Corps until you have been away for three years. Service as a Peace Corps Volunteer overseas is not counted for the purposes of this rule.

After three years of employment with the Peace Corps, you will earn "non-competitive eligibility status," which can help you obtain employment at other federal government agencies.

Read more at the Peace Corps web site. The five year rule on employment has been in effect since 1965. Congress recently modified the Five Year Rule. The rule change that was passed by Congress now permits the Director of the Peace Corps to make appointments for Peace Corps employees to serve for periods in excess of 5 years in the case of individuals whose appointment or assignment involves the safety of Peace Corps volunteers. The examples given in the bill are positions such as regional safety security officers and employees within the Office of the Inspector General. The original five year rule remains in force for all other appointments.

The five year rule "Anonymous" is referring to is discussed here.

Best Regards,


By Anonymous ( on Saturday, November 29, 2003 - 7:20 pm: Edit Post

So, what your saying (it)is the original five year rule is for PCVs/RPCVs and not for employees because they can go back after five years if they worked there for five years,which in the case of a volunteer is ten years, unless they were hired under the five year rule and not the ten year rule, which, either way, results in a five year rule even though they served only two or three years(extension)overseas that does not fall under the CIAs five year operations officer return from overseas operations rule, which does not result in non-competitive eligiblity for their service, as opposed to an employee's employment and not service. Peace Corps, of course will not acknowledge the five year rule, which a volunteer got rid of because she wanted a job,(if in fact they have gotten rid of the five year rule)which they will not acknowledge, which is why people say they PCVs and RPCVs are really CIA operations officers(or married to one)operating under the CIA (operations officer) five year rule upon return from their overseas (operations) service and kill them.

By the way, why is missile defense looking for 52 weeks of 'experience' in their security officers?
Just kidding.

By ( - on Sunday, November 30, 2003 - 7:49 am: Edit Post

What I am trying to get at is that Baquette is praised in the Peace Corps community. He should not be praised. More volunteers lost their lives during his time than in any other time in Peace Corps history. He abused the five year rule because he wanted more money, power, and his policies at Peace Corps. Mark Gearan left in the right time. But Baquette was an employee, the deputy director, then acting director and then director. Even as an employee he was like the Director because Bellamy and Gearan listened to every word.

What is unfornunate is we ended up with all 2000 plus victims of violence and 27 volunteer who have been, killed, died or missing during their service.

Baquette had his henchmen to do the covering up in federal employment. Both of these guys abused the five year rule too.

1. Director of Medical Services: The man who separated thousands. I Hope he is happy. Dr. Guttnick, I don't even like calling him a Doctor. He sent so many volunteers home who were not treated right, were misdiagnosed, should have been treated with more sensitivity ;especially in the area of rape. I think he has hurt alot of careers. Many former volunteers are calling my house complaining of their care and post services care under his direction. (He was there for eight years) 1993-2000. Because there are so many former volunteers who were victims of violence and I think we were like experiments to Peace Corps, I like to refer to his care on the same lines as Dr. Mengala. I believe there is alot of cover up at Medical services on letting volunteers go (separated that is), forcing them to leave, violating civil rights through abitrary and capricious actions, not providing empathetic care, and not providing proper counsel to volunteers who have been separated.
(Volunteers who generally come in from the field don't know what General Counsel is, Inspector General or for that matter what FECA is.)

Medical Services: What I have been finding out lately is that Peace Corps has an insidious group of Doctors around the DC area contracted with them who give them the diagnosis they are looking for. Why can't volunteers have their choose of Doctors when they are in the US? Peace Corps is not registered as a hosptial.

2. Former Director of Inspector General: Charles Smith, Toy cop number one. He stayed from 1994-2002. Too many years. He kept telling Congress everthing they wanted to hear. Everything is just "rosie" over at Peace Corps. Meanwhile the above happened. He is the one of the reasons the five year rule should not be modified. He encouraged members of Congress and their staff to change the five year rule to extend. "Yeaaaaa! and while I'am at it, maybe I will break the rules myself". Charlie Baquette will back me up anyway, he did it, so can I. Baquette tried to justify their extension as serving at the pleasure of the Director. And that is the way it went during those years.

27 Volunteers from 1996-2003. Incredible
24 Volunteers from 1998-2003.
2000 plus victims of violence.

Remember you should have implemented two volunteers at every site. These folks above still have their influence in the agency and is the only stubborn reason it won't change.

By annnnnoymosu ( - on Sunday, November 30, 2003 - 8:54 am: Edit Post

Anonymous, are you try to speak the "Bill Clinton" double speak. George Carlin had a record album where he joked about spies. It was really funny. You should get that album oh sorry CD.

Anonymous, the tv show alias is better than that type of talk. What was that dribble about at the end. Is that a Get Smart quote or something.

Keep writing, you have become like a character on the web site. Tell me, what is Golden Plow?

By Anonymous ( on Sunday, November 30, 2003 - 4:20 pm: Edit Post

Where these five year rules in existence at the same time (1993+) When did each rule start?

You should try the movie 'The President's Analyst (or don't mess with the Phone Company).'

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