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By RPCV ( - on Friday, November 21, 2003 - 10:04 am: Edit Post

Yea, but he (Gaddi Vasquez) isn't reaching the goals set out by the Congress and the President because of the Safety and treatment of Victims and the Families of fallen volunteers.

Two Volunteers at every site is being discussed on the hill as a hearing topic. We can't wait to be part of the process. I know it scares "Peace Corps to death", just like some of perpetrators did while we were harassed, threatened, raped or even killed during service. This is a hypothetical: Have you ever thought that if one of these victims of violence had lived and was aggressive enough so that he or she might speak out enough to change your minds?

Peace Corps puts out alot of numbers which are underreported. Could the numbers above be over stated? Are these volunteers in training? Are they just recruited volunteers?

I bet you guys have been scrambling for these numbers to cast a good light on 27 Volunteers since 1996 have been perished due to safety breches. Over 2000 have gone through traumatic events, yet they down play these expereinces and discriminate against volunteers who have true reported incidents.

Peace Corps also performs "The Reprisal Techniques" to shutting you up. Volunteers have been concerned to report incidents because they may get the "status" of being separated. Many volunteers join Peace Corps for altruistic reasons. However, the secondary motives are primary to practical life. This is where Peace Corps exploits the victims of violence, planned attacks, rape and safety breehes. Almost all like the fact that if you finish, you can write off the Perkins loan, you can get educational scholarships for graduate school, in having RPCV status you can get upward mobility jobs in the government through non-competitive eligibilty and recommendations on the "que te" toward good private industry jobs.

Most volunteers know now if you report and incident and you get separated you will have trouble receiving the above and in some cases may squelch your concerns and "label you crazy". Now, where are you going as a volunteer? You will go nowhere, without their support. (So, you better shut up about what really happened.) That is the thought process. "You didn't have these experiences, just go see a counselor, as they (the staff make more money as so called government employee) laugh at your case. That is discrimination and civil rights and Peace Corps should be held accountable for these wrongful separation techniques.

An example of stayin out too long and concerned with the feeling of reprisal. In 1996, a woman was raped and killed in Madagascar. She wrote home for "mace". She loved service and wanted to go to graduate school. What if she came in and reported the incidents she had had. Would Peace Corps have sent home without resources and called her crazy. She knew if she asked Peace Corps for mace there would have been a big bureacratic hugabaloo about it. Instead, volunteers put themselves in harms way to stay out there just to get to graduate and an upwardly mobile job.

Peace Corps secondary incentive program needs to be looked at.

For each month of service after you swear in you get a certain number of points like in government service. If you leave early you will still get the benefits "you as a volunteer earned".

Discrimination is a part of safety. It comes in the benefit package.

Separations are part of the safety equation because of this powerful tool over young middle class Americans and their economic status.

Of the seven thousand plus. How many will you fire? How many will have a safety breech? How many will not be able to finish due to the Peace Corps inability to support them. If it money, then ask for it in Congress. They know its an important program. How many will end up not serving the third goal because of staff and other volunteers who lie about these particular volunteers experiences?

When will the discrimination stop. How many of you have a Peace Corps file that is incorrect from your perspective even today.

How many of you as victims of violence have an attorney so you can address these issues with Peace Corps and be on equal footing.

I will be filing in court soon for a third time over fifteen years.

We will be filing that the Peacee Corps holds twelve pages under national security with my name on it. This bogus record and bogus claim will be challenged. Under laws of discovery we will be able to look at them.

We are filing for health care too which has been denied.

Lost opportunity is Peace Corps responsibility in many cases of volunteers who are being intentionally being discriminated against because of their political beliefs.

Coercive Discharge was part of the early 1980's firing process through medical services?

Yea, Peace Corps you are up against us again and you will continue to run into the force of the truth.

Where is the attorney working for us?


Peace Corps, my number is in the book. You can always call to repair my bogus file. You know my incident was capricous and abitrary. Believe the lawyer at Peace Corps who was even in Peace Corps then.

But, they won't. That is why you have to look at joining and weigh it for yourself. Perhaps, in most cases you will be able to serve well. On the other hand, remember you don't have rights as volunteer and discrimination after service does happen.

Instead, the Peace Corps will say,"well some fall through the cracks etcc... as an excuse to lieing about certain volunteers who have gone through these experiences. Call Peace Corps, and we can negiotiate my compensation for the last fourteen years as a "Federal Employee". By the way, I want an apology letter drafted to my family.

If the Inspector general can coroborate lies against the volunteer like Charles Smith did in my case, how will you get justice if you make a complaint. You won't because that office isn't strong enough.

If the safety office which is just like medical services from the past fumbles where do you go when Peace Corps starts protecting a federal staffer who is lieing about you to others and they are taking it at face value. Where do you go?

How many of your FECA claims have been denied? Doesn't that feel like discrimination in itself?

We must speak out. Come to Congress to speak about these safety breeches call 978-462-3868.

Let's get our money for health care, employment development, opportunities and compensation we deserve.

I bet Peace Corps will send a volunteer on here who served from the late 1990's to now 2003 to refute our claims. They are nervous of their past and the numbers they have hurt because their are thousands.

When we come back to service and provided just compensation that's when Peace Corps will reach its goal.

Then it will be a true team.


Concerned RPCV

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