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By Albert F. Gigliotti (cache-ra07.proxy.aol.com - on Thursday, December 11, 2003 - 8:44 pm: Edit Post

I realize you are of the peace corps,however ,I think you can help me. I have tried to reach the president of aarp without success.The matter is simple but obviously this guy don't want no part of me.First of all I am a Korean Veteran from the get go.His communist magizine had a big mouth write and article that he should be ashame of himself for even trying to lie to the American people.His article appeared in the july-August issue of the inssurance company's magizine. His name is Davd Habertson.I quote His article," The first American troops who went over were cocky about the outcome. The US had just distroyed the mighty Germans and the Japanese,so many solders thought this fight would be over in a few weeks. That turn out to be a pipe dream,based on racism. The first American troops who went to Korea were not the men who defeated the germans and the japanese.Rather they were troops from occupational Japan,by in large FAT AND HAPPY,POORLY TRAINED AND POORLY EQUIPTED.By contrast,the North Koreans forces were very good ,and were excetionaly well-trained and had the best Russian tanks of the era,T-34s, which had been recently used with great success aganist the german panzers.American 2,36 Bazookas, For example could not stop north Korean tanks.I don't need to go any further with this bullshit because I am upset at these lies.I was at West Point training 2 nd year cadets when Harry Truman gave me an additional year to go with my outfit to korea. I got there September8, 1950 and two months later General Mac Authur told us we would be going home for Christmas. We were 100 mile south of China when the General got fried. We then retreated by orders of the white house,We killed all those well trained North Korean and were out numbered 200 to 1 by the chinese which the big mouth didn't mention.I can give you a day by day blow from sept.8th 1950 thru dec 1951 when i rotated home.We retreated Nov.5,1950 to the 38th From Anju And we help build the first truth conference line which is probably still there.I am looking for a retraction from this big mouth or lets compare notes.Face to Face. Remember we lost 38,000 Americans over there and 20,000 un forces. I can Show you where we were attacked and captured fifty-three Highly trained idiots.I think it's a shame when you ask us to protect the weak and have jerks like habertson write garbbage about us. Unforgivable.You can try ,get this, dearjim@aarp.org.I,dearjim@aarp.org.I},\mail{maildearjim@aarp.org.I,maildearjim@aarp.org.I},dearjim@aarp.org.I}'ll keep going if I have to pay the News Papers all around the country to get this guy He's not going to get away with that article.

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