Peace Corps reform

Peace Corps Online: Peace Corps News: Special Reports: October 26, 2003: Dayton Daily News reports on Peace Corps Safety and Security: What RPCVs Say about this series: November 29, 2003 - Letter to the Editor: Ukraine RPCV Harrison Stevens says Peace Corps needs to be fully transparent about safety : Peace Corps reform

By Harrison Stevens ( - on Friday, December 26, 2003 - 1:38 pm: Edit Post

How is this as a recipe for inter-nation peace?:

1) UN inspectors go to nations w/ WMD/terrorists

2) regional police force go to protect inspectors

3) nation-building global Peace Corps may go too

The implication of the above is that Peace Corps:

a) would be globalized to lessen targeting US PC

b) self-defense safety training becomes standard

c) PCVs become more effective & replace military

By default, the US military is trying to do PCV work in a more dangerous & more targeted fashion.

Rather than insist on a Peace Corps that is safe, let's first insist on making the world safer by reforming not only the Peace Corps but other institutions designed to insure global peace.

Reforms of the above sort, while expensive, would be inexpensive compared to mistakes made recently.

By Daniel ( - on Saturday, December 27, 2003 - 9:55 am: Edit Post

If you want to join Interpol, then join interpol.

You see there are RPCV's who don't want volunteer safety. They try to difuse the subject by talking about global peace, blaming dead volunteers, and scaring other volunteers, that if we make the Peace Corps safer and the necessary changes take place then the Peace Corps will be destroyed. Do you know what will be destroyed is the apathy about real safety, attrition and health issues at Peace Corps.

The subject at hand is volunteer safety, attrition rates and health care of volunteers.

I am glad the Dayton Daily news produced the true experiences of victims. I am glad there has been a GAO report on Safety because Peace Corps refuses to make it safe on the ground, refuse to investigate properly, refuse to memorialize these volunteers properly and the volunteers who are victims back here in the states are treated with discrimination when we won't go along with their cover up on our cases. This is what ruins the Peace Corps program. Cover up is what is hurting the program.

31 Volunteers killed, died or missing and 2000 Plus victims of violence during the 1990's and no substantive response, that is a cover up.

By sandeep ( - on Sunday, January 16, 2005 - 10:14 am: Edit Post

Can you please tell on how to join the Interpol. I am from India.

By parikshit dave ( on Monday, October 10, 2005 - 5:45 am: Edit Post

respected sir

i m eger to know how to join inter pole
i m affiliated with civil defence council
and i want to know how to join

By dayatherock ( on Wednesday, November 09, 2005 - 6:30 am: Edit Post

i want to read the message

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