Kerry for an Unsafe Peace Corps

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By daniel ( - on Thursday, January 22, 2004 - 8:05 am: Edit Post

Howard Dean's campaign is the best and will win in New Hampshire. Iowa was a bunch of insiders left over from the Clinton Gore era. That era is coming to a close. We will be in New Hampshire today for Dean.

Kerry has never advocated for safety of volunteers. He has never proposed anything substantial on Peace Corps as a Senator, yet he was third ranking member of the Foreign Relations committee.

His Peace Corps proposal is the same as George Bush, increase the numbers and forget about safety. He opposes pairing volunteers as a priority. He will send your daughter or son to village alone which has been unsafe Peace Corps Policy. 86% percent of the victims of violence were alone at the time of their attack.

Kerry has alot of Massachusetts residents he who served and are victims of violence and separated wrongfully. His staff is rude to us and dismiss us. I have had to go to other Senator's out of my state for help on this issue because he is a snob on this issue, like he is in person. That type of person will not be a good president.

It is my opinion that he has not done enough for the missing volunteer. He should have gone to that country personally. Paul Tsongas would have. He has not helped me or my family either, he has been a hinderance in our pursuit for proper change. Also, there are rape victims who are not getting proper care and are having problems with employment development after service. They are Massachusetts residents too. He is callous. He will have to ansewer us in the up coming hearings.

He will say he is doing something but watch his feet.

Howard Dean was a Doctor. He will be able to help change medical services and provide a quality program by addressing the safety issue from the micro end "prevention in the field" and the macro end with the Peace Corp's new safety office.

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