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By Vincent Bemowski ( - on Monday, February 02, 2004 - 11:11 am: Edit Post

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By Vincent Bemowski ( - on Tuesday, November 16, 2004 - 2:48 am: Edit Post


The only terrorists I fear are those who tell us you have the right to kill a human being through abortion. It is a scientific fact that a being in the womb feels pain, but those who favor abortion tell us you have the right to condemn these innocents to a painful, horrible death. The Pope recently thanked George W. Bush for his moral leadership, and although they originally differed on the war in Iraq, the Vatican now sees the necessity of our troops remaining there to insure democracy takes a solid foothold, as happened in Germany and Japan after WWII. Rather than becoming selfish isolationists, our nation needs patience, and the wisdom to seek God’s Holy Will. Rather than declaring war upon the unborn, our nation needs the healing that can only come through a belief in the power and mercy of Christ.

By Vincent Bemowski ( - on Friday, January 14, 2005 - 3:57 am: Edit Post


Has the average member of the Catholic Church in the USA, and other Western nations become less obedient to what the Church teaches, and become more worldly during the past 40-50 years? Are the ramblings of foolish atheists of more value than the Word of God? Has the average priest become a “master of ceremonies” during Holy Mass? Is he more aware of the presence of the “crowd” than he is of the presence of God? Is the telling of jokes, and the “social” atmosphere more important than reverence during the celebration of Mass? Has the Vatican learned to “tolerate” scandal among the clergy? Are we not all equal in the sight of God, or are only those who are part of the clergy considered to be “brothers“? Is this why lukewarm bishops and priests are frequently complimented instead of being admonished?

Is the Lord’s Day no longer considered to be holy? Is deliberately missing Sunday Mass no longer a grave sin? Do today’s priests still know, and recognize what sin is? Has the Church learned to accept hypocrisy and spiritual lukewarmness as a way of life for the average Catholic? Priests are given the honorary title of “father,” but do they act the part of a good father, and correct and admonish their “children” when necessary? Or is being popular more important? Have Church leaders in the Vatican fallen asleep? Has holiness been redefined to fit the times? Are the “blind leading the blind”?

Fewer and fewer Catholics sincerely practice their faith. More and more are the lukewarm bishops and priests who rob Church members of any type of real spirituality. More and more, with the blessing of the Vatican, has the Church in the West become a safe haven for a “den of thieves” (see Mark 11:17).

Vincent Bemowski
Menasha, WI

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