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RPCVs supported Wesley K. Clark - Weekend Thoughts

RPCVs supported Wesley K. Clark - Weekend Thoughts

February 21, 2004

Weekend Thoughts

An op-ed article by Paul Glastris, A Campaign to Remember, appeared in yesterday's New York Times. It warmed the soul and reminded this writer again that Wes Clark did make his mark during his five month campaign and will be a force in American politics, no matter what.

No one can doubt that something new happened during the 2004 Democratic primaries: a candidate who lost may have as great an impact on the party's political future as whichever candidate wins. That candidate, of course, is Wesley Clark.

Thank you, Mr. Glastris, for thinking and writing beyond the endless offerings that repeat the campaign's flaws at the expense of the larger issues that are so integral to Clark's fresh approach to politics.
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February 19, 2004

Return to the Issues

In his last speech, Clark said that the campaign for America's future required an America that listens to the world and an America that, in turn, is listened to and admired.

While the Clarks are taking a well-earned vacation, this page will return to highlighting Wes Clark's thoughts on matters of global concern.

Many thanks to everyone who supported Wes Clark in his bid for the presidency by sharing interests and concerns, keeping up with Clark's campaign activities, and working so hard to get Clark's message out and promote him in the primaries.

Note: Links to selected articles related to the Clark for President 04 Campaign are now being collected in the Discussion Forum.

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February 18, 2004

A Message From Wes Clark

Today Wesley Clark sent a message to supporters. After thanking his loyal troops and mentioning a family visit in LA, Clark wrote,

During the next few weeks, I'll be reflecting a lot on all that we've done together and putting together some ideas about where we will go from here. For many of us, this was our first time to really get involved in politics. I think we all learned a lot, and I hope you feel as I do: even more inspired to do whatever it takes to build a better America. My pledge to you is to remain involved in the political process. And I ask you to do the same, because there is just too much at stake this election. We cannot allow George W. Bush and the Republicans to play politics with national security. We must reclaim the values of faith, family, patriotism, and inclusive leadership for America. We must do everything in our power to send George W. Bush back to Texas and return the White House to its rightful owner -- the American people.
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Post Wisconsin

The Democratic field is now down to two real contenders, and Wesley Clark is not one of them. It is downright discouraging to think of what might have been. Did Clark drop out too soon? The Moderate Independent offers one perspective--there will be more.

Many Clark supporters are now finding ways to take the positive energy from the campaign into the future. We will provide links to some of these initiatives as they come up. For starters:

The Wesley Clark Weblog continues as a group of Supporters of Wesley Clark now fighting to elect a Democrat for President.
Clark04.com is the current Clark site to watch for news about Wes Clark and his plans for the future.
Clark04 and the Clark Community Network (blog) are still alive, if you want to chat and/or download items from the old site.
The General Conversation Forum continues to be active on all things political.
The Wesley Clark Society was founded by Michigan for Clark and will be devoted to values, principles, and practical politics.
Clark Democrats intends to become a unified force within, shaping a new and dynamic Democratic Party that will define superior codes for leadership to serve America's greatest interests, the people.
Clark Supporters for Kerry 2004 is a Yahoo group for those who are ready to sign on to the Kerry campaign.
A CCN blogger has created a nifty visual for Clark Democrats supporting Kerry.
KerryClark04 is just underway.
United for Clark is a very active Yahoo group that is keeping the flame alive for Clark.

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February 17, 2004

Another Tuesday

It has been only three weeks since Wesley Clark faced the voters of New Hampshire in his first national election. Today Wisconsin votes, and this writer is more than a little wistful that Wes Clark is not among the active contenders. For those of us who got to know the man and what he stands for, a significant presence is missing on this primary Tuesday.

There are five months remaining until the Democratic convention and then another four month stretch before the general election in November. Anything can happen, yet one thing is certain: We must continue our efforts to replace the current administration.

We are considering how to proceed with this site. Wes Clark clearly intends to stay in the game, and, depending on the nature of his involvement, there is interest in exploring ways to support his continued efforts. Your thoughts are welcome!
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February 13, 2004

The Measure of the Man

If the measure of a man is how quickly he can rebound from defeat, Wesley Clark is one strong character. On Charlie Rose last night, Clark spoke glowingly and sincerely about his first experience as a politician. Today he endorsed his main rival of a few days ago. After an amazing maiden voyage into politics, Clark took stock of his prospects, remembered why he entered the race in the first place, and regrouped to pursue his main objective: ousting the Bush administration.

To get a measure of how far Clark has come as a politician in handling the media, watch his last interview with CNN's Judy Woodruff.

As often suggested on this page, the general election is going to be focused on national security issues: Kerry faces fight on security. This writer joins many others in hoping that Wes Clark plays a major role on the team that will be needed to get the job done in November.
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February 12, 2004

The Day After

Yesterday afternoon Wes and Gert Clark left the podium arm-in arm after General Clark had delivered his dignified address: thanking his supporters, commending his rivals, acknowledging the virtues of the Democratic Party, and vowing to do everything in his power to unseat George W. Bush. Clark pledges to battle for Bush's defeat. The couple was then rumored to be heading for a beach vacation.

Today is another day. Clark is now scheduled to endorse John Kerry in Wisconsin tomorrow. Source says Clark set to endorse Kerry.

The position of this page is that the main objective is to end the dangerous policies of the Bush administration. Any role Wes Clark can play in that endeavor is a benefit to us all.

For those still trying to sort out Clark's presidential run:

Moderate Independent - Kerry Ko's Clark
USA Today - Let primaries run course before crowning candidates
Philadelphia Inquirer - Still the soldier, Clark ends the campaign but not the battle
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February 11, 2004

Wesley K. Clark - Statesman

In his public address from Little Rock this afternoon, Wesley Clark thanked his supporters and his family, and called the three remaining Democratic contenders good men deserving of support. He said that his journey as a presidential candidate was over and promised, I will do everthing I can to make sure George W. Bush does not get away with playing politics with national security. An officer and a gentleman.

We hope that this sincere, honorable man, with all his talents and experience, continues to define the US foreign policy dialogue and to lead this country toward better relations with its world neighbors. No one does it better.

Wes Clark's message to supporters follows...
more ...

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