February 24, 2004 - Idaho Statesman: Terrorism, Heinz Kerry said, is going to be defeated by the "can-do spirit" and "happy faces of Peace Corps volunteers”" and by better intelligence and support of other countries

Peace Corps Online: Peace Corps News: Headlines: February 2004 Peace Corps Headlines: February 24, 2004 - Idaho Statesman: Terrorism, Heinz Kerry said, is going to be defeated by the "can-do spirit" and "happy faces of Peace Corps volunteers”" and by better intelligence and support of other countries

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Terrorism, Heinz Kerry said, is going to be defeated by the "can-do spirit" and "happy faces of Peace Corps volunteers”" and by better intelligence and support of other countries

Terrorism, Heinz Kerry said, is going to be defeated by the "can-do spirit" and "happy faces of Peace Corps volunteers”" and by better intelligence and support of other countries

Senator’s wife stumps in Boise, reads to kids

Rocky Barker

The Idaho Statesman

John Kerry picked up four Idaho delegates Monday even before Democrats head to caucuses around the state tonight.

Four of the state´s five super delegates — party leaders with a vote at the Democratic National Convention — pledged their support to Kerry.

Democrats will meet in caucuses in 40 of the 44 counties tonight to divide up 18 of the state´s 23 delegates between the candidates for the Democratic nomination for president.

Kerry´s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, who has had a home in Ketchum since 1966, capped off a five-day statewide blitz by the Kerry forces that included Carole King concerts, veterans rallies and poltical receptions. On Sunday and Monday, Heinz Kerry spoke to supporters, read to kindergartners and toured the University of Idaho campus.

Kerry has already won 15 states. Idaho, Utah and Hawaii select delegates tonight.

Kerry´s main competitor, John Edwards, dropped out of an appearance Saturday at the annual Frank Church Dinner so he could focus on Midwest states that vote next week. His campaign has not been prominent around Idaho.

“We have a strong base of supporters throughout the state,” said Kim Rubey, an Edwards national campaign spokeswoman. “We are focusing our efforts on the grass roots, building from the ground up.”

Heinz Kerry held a press conference Monday morning with the four super delegates who endorsed her husband, state Democratic Party Chairwoman Carolyn Boyce, state Vice Chairman State Sen. Edgar Malepeai, and the state´s two Democratic National Committee members, Gail Bray and Peter Richardson.

“I´m concerned about the loss of 3 million jobs in the U.S. under George Bush,” Boyce said. “Not only does John Kerry know and understand Idaho, he offers the kind of vision and foresight for the future we need.”

Dennis Kucinich, a former Cleveland mayor and Ohio congressman, has a core of support in the state, as does Howard Dean, who suspended but did not end his campaign. Both are expected to pick up some support tonight. Al Sharpton has had no visible campaign in the state.

Heinz Kerry spoke to supporters Sunday night at the home of Skip and Esther Oppenheimer. Kerry has spent all but two Christmases in Idaho since first coming here in 1966 with her late husband, Republican Sen. John Heinz of Pennsylvania. Heinz died in a plane crash in 1991.

“This is kind of coming home for me,” she said. “I was very forlorn flying over Ketchum that I could not sleep in my own bed.”

Beyond her Idaho ties, Heinz Kerry talked about how she viewed the United States while growing up in Mozambique. She lived there during a dictatorship and said she saw her father vote for the first time when he was 71.

“As a country, we need to revive for our own people and the world what a great idea America is,” she said. “Hope, trust, candor and a generosity of spirit.”

Terrorism, Heinz Kerry said, is going to be defeated by the “can-do spirit” and “happy faces of Peace Corps volunteers” and by better intelligence and support of other countries.

“Right now we don´t have intelligence and we don´t have friends,” she said.

At a campaign stop at Franklin Elementary School in Boise, Heinz Kerry read books to kindergarten students and toured the building with staff. In a press conference, she criticized the “No Child Left Behind Act” as an unfunded mandate. The act sets standards for schools and cuts federal funding if student tests show they aren´t meeting them.

Heinz Kerry touted her husband´s proposal to aid every child from before birth through age 8 to ensure they are prepared properly for learning and growth. The plan includes covering all health care costs for children under 8 and shifting the costs of covering low-income children from states to the federal government.

“Being prepared is very important if our children are to compete in the world economy,” Heinz Kerry said.

Another Kerry proposal would give tuition for four years at a state college to high school students who volunteer in their communities for two years. Retired people could earn up to $2,000 a year through volunteer work that they could give to a grandchild for college.

Boise lawyer Bill Mauk, who is leading Edwards campaign effort in Idaho, acknowledged the North Carolina senator´s decision not to come to Idaho has hurt his chances here. But Mauk still expects a good turnout of Edwards voters.

“Even in Idaho, where Kerry has the obvious advantage, there is a lot of enthusiasm for the fresh face and new ideas of John Edwards,” Mauk said.

Caucuses begin at 7:30 sharp, and people arriving late will be turned away. Four counties — Camas, Clark, Franklin and Oneida — were not holding caucuses.

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I am one of those happy faced volunteers who worked for Dean because Senator Kerry as Senator did not advocate for my case and my family. You had to spend alot didn't you. Furthermore, I feel at the moment he has not done enough as a member of the foriegn relations committee. Perhaps, Ralph Nader will understand our cause for separated Veterans of the Peace Corps. We will be bringing our issues to Dennis Kuicnich who we have already met with.

Mrs. Kerry my phone lines are always open for you or your husband's call. Don't have Whouley call though or staffers. We want to hear what your real plans are for Massachusetts citizens and US citizens who join the Peace Corps in terms of rights. That is when we meet, terror in the field how would your husband deal with that? How is he to assure me and others he is going to the right thing by all volunteers. That we won't be sitting ducks volunteering our time?

I spoke with a Congressman directly on the phone from Massachusetts today. A Congressman who helped you in NH but knows we have issues with John on these issues. You have not reached out, except for a X-Mas Card. Which I appreciate, but it did not ansewer the real questions surrounding Peace Corps Volunteer rights and safety and attrition rates of volunteers and how he as President would address it.

You should be nice now, I did over 7,000 doors for Dean in New Hampshire. We are the people your firemen "mowed" down including a few woman with hostile intentions at St. Anslem's College. Your husband will recall the incident. We won't be yelling "people powered Howard" anymore, but you will have to continously confront us unless our concerns are resolved.

Perhaps Nader and Dennis will take the issue up to bring it to the forefront. By being direct and honest, you can find out what is really hindering Peace Corps safety. Your husband fought for Veterans based on his experiences, now we have helped get these current hearings coming on Safety and Security through our own Peace Corps Experience. We did not get help from John unfortunately. We think he should really understand the underpinnings of our concerns instead of the politics involved in our personal cases.

Senator Tsongas was my friend and he recommended me for service in Peace Corps.

Issues cost money.

My number 978-462-3868

Daniel Pailes


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We are looking for other 1967-68 Peace Corps volunteers in Afghanistan.
Harriet Hardiman
Alice Battles
Carol Frye
Paul Murray
John Harley
Please contact: Valerie at vagosta407@aol.com

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