Kerry Understands the World better than Bush

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By Chris McKee ( - on Tuesday, March 09, 2004 - 2:08 pm: Edit Post

Who cares if Kerry really tries to increase the Peace Corps budget? The bottom line is that Bush declared war on a country that didn't do anything to us and all but abandoned the search for the terrorist that did - leaving the first country he invaded to fall apart, which will only foment more terrorism.

Bush is an idiot who should be removed from power before our former allies in the world start developing weapons to defend themselves from his miopic, mistrustful interests. He's the epitome of what JFK was trying to prevent. Look at his actions: he's a warmaker, not a peacemaker.

All I know about Kerry is that he's spent two decades on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and he's not a warmonger. It's true that America needs to be careful to prevent terrorism from causing panic here, and that we have domestic problems like Health Care and Education which need addressing (not that Bush is a savior for either of those causes). But we are living in a global marketplace, and we need a leader who understands our neighbors well enough to work with them to improve our relationships so everything can flourish again.

If you believe in what the Peace Corps stands for, you shouldn't worry about what our organization's budget is. Worry about who's going to be better for peace.

By julie ( - on Tuesday, March 09, 2004 - 4:26 pm: Edit Post

I agree with the commentary above. The importance of peace as a priority, of creative and positive interaction with the world, and of course, getting Bush out of office take precedence over specific budget measures. Anyhow, when Bush "increases" the PC budget, what will he decrease? My guess is social program funding and environmental funding.

By Jim Fox ( - on Friday, March 12, 2004 - 12:42 am: Edit Post

Bush's "increase" for PC's Budget is just blowing smoke. He doesn't even considering it lying.

He throws ideas out for PR Propaganda, knowing damn well he has no intention of following through or that Congress will never enable it, or, or, or.

There are examples everywhere. I wouldn't bet on anything they say on the "liberal" side of the ledger; it's just smoke and mirrors, for effect.

As for "decreasing" something else, to "balance" the budget; he doesn't even know what living within a budget means -- he's never had to. He has all but bankrupted the US during his first term. Why would he change during his second term?

He's happy as long as his family and his buddies rip-off as much as they can. Peace Corps is just another tool for them to use when convienient, for their own self-interest.

By Jim Fox ( - on Friday, March 12, 2004 - 1:16 am: Edit Post

Bush's "increase" for the PC Budget, and expansion of Peace Corps is just blowing smoke. It's more nice sounding words, empty PR Propaganda, simply for political effect. Even if he acknowledges that he won't follow through, or that Congress won't approve it, or that there isn't enough money; he doesn't even consider it lying. It's just for effect.

Peace Corps is just another tool, to be exploited for the Bush Group's own self interest, and then ignored, unless needed again later, for effect.

As for decreasing something else, in order to "balance" the budget, why would he start now? Bush doesn't even know what living within a budget means; he's never had to. As long as his family and his buddies are making out, looting the government coffers, they're happy.

Peace Corps is an utterly insignificant pawn, to be used and then ignored. There are many similar examples. I sure wouldn't bet on any real Bush support, unless PC is band-aiding some Bush screw-ups somewhere. It's just a sick joke; enjoy.

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