Prefer Kerry over Bush promisses any day.

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By Shelton Pitney ( - on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 10:37 pm: Edit Post

How many disappointments do we have to take from GWBush? We've heard promisses about education, tax cuts, about the environment, about homeland security, about shock and awe, about immenent danger from Sadam Hussein and WMD, about the medicare benefits, and almost all of it is pure poppycock. Why should we expect Bush to be able to increase the PC budget while maintaining tax reductions for the wealthiest citizens, while we run a HUGE deficit?
Why should we even ask for such an increase given the circumstances?
Vote the village idiot out of office!

Let's put Kerry into the Oval Office. Regardless of what he has done or promisses to do for the PC specifically, he will do FAR MORE than Bush to restore American credibility with traditional allies, the UN, and the world in general. Without credibility, without a measure of humility, without some understanding of cultures outside of Yale frat houses and Crawford Texas resident in the White House, our State Dept, our international aid efforts, and our PC activity are all wasted efforts.

By Colleen Clark, Turkey IV ( - on Thursday, March 25, 2004 - 1:12 pm: Edit Post

John Kerry may need an education from us former RPCV's about what the Peace Corps needs and how it can continue to contribute to a better world.

But Bush???? His administration is the most dishonest one in my lifetime surely, and that's not ignoring the huge lies told by our governments in the Vietnam era.

The best weapon in the 'war on terrorism' is education and economic development. People who see a hopeful future for themselves are not likely recruits for terrorist organizations.

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