Medically Seperated because of lack of communication

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By Nathan Sather ( on Saturday, October 09, 2004 - 8:50 pm: Edit Post

I am currently being medically seperated from the Peace Corps due to what Peace Corps Washington is calling "an illusion that I am loosing my hearing." But the real reasons are as follows. I was going home on vacation last month and was ordered to have clearance by the medical department at PC Washington before returning to post by my medical advisor here in Africa regaurding a testicular exam. While home I called PC Washington 3 times regaurding the situation, the first time I was told by PC Washington that my advisor was not able to order a medical clearance before return, only that PC Wa could. The second time I left a message asking them to email my advisor that everything was ok so that I wouldn't have any problems after my return. The third time I called PC Washington to confirm and PC Wa. said that they did not email because they forgot and that everything would be ok, again for the reason that my medical advisor had no right to say this. I asked them to please try again. Apon arriving back to Africa my medical advisor called me and the first question he asked was did you get clearance from PC Wa. I said "didn't they get ahold of you." My advisor asked me to come to his office and than told me that I was being medically seperated because I have to no faith the medical department and that I am always paranoid that I am loosing my hearing.

I saw my advisor only once regarding a hearing concern, he took me to an audiologist here who said everything was ok. I never brought up the situation again. When I was home on vacation I saw another audiologist on my own terms and that audiologist said everything looks normal and that I was ok to fulfill my contract. Never have I seen my medical advisor more than once concerning the topic and that is proven in my med file. The medical department has a very hard time dealing with all of the vollunteers in country, but I believe that they have gone way to far.

By daniel ( - on Sunday, October 10, 2004 - 8:38 pm: Edit Post

This why Vasquez and henchmen Weinberg should be look at. Here is a clear example of a new case of staffers who try to separate volunteers capriciously.


You have limited rights within Peace Corps in challenging a wrongful medical separation based on what you have described here. If your Doctor said you were OK and the medical staff says otherwise they are playing games like they have done to many volunteers. They can't separate you based on abitrary and capricious reasoning such as illusions.

If they are creating information in your file they are breaking the law by writing information that could be false light invasion of privacy.

Number One: Get the address of the Inspector General of Peace Corps and address for internal investigation. Send this statement and your complaint to there office.

Number Two File a FYOI request for your entire medical file.

Number three: Call and make a complaint and register it with the General Counsel's office at Peace Corps for Medical Malpratice, Omission and Negligence. Tell them the Medical staff is acting abitrary and capricious in your matter. Look at this title within the Peace Corps act. Ask the General counsel for the exact title for medical malpratice.

Number four: Call the Dayton Daily News, Dayton Ohio about being separated wrongfully with Peace Corps.

Number five call your Congressman.

Number Six call 202-224-3121 and ask for Henry Hydes staff member on the International Relations Committee. Peter Smith, Tell him your circumstances. The office of the ombudsman is being created but it is not enacted yet. However, they will be the oversight committee in the long run so at least tell them so they can contact Peace Corps on your behalf.

Don't let them rattle you. You have rights under the disability act Title 551 of the US code.

You also have rights related to wrongful separation with Medical services. You should read or get hold of Doris Wisher VS Coverdell. They wrongfully separated her for a misdiagnosis.

Let them know you are contacting other former volunteers who have been wronged by medical services. I bet they will serve you right then.

By Anonymous ( - on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 10:31 pm: Edit Post

who do I contact when we believe our family person who is a peace corp volunteer is not getting the necessary medical attention. Even calling the emergency medical number, we feel we are getting the run around. Are fear is for the health or our family member. The family member is so sick, we are unable to get in a phone conversation.

By Admin1 (admin) ( - on Sunday, January 14, 2007 - 11:22 pm: Edit Post

Dear Anonymous ( -,

If you have not been able to get results through normal channels, call Peace Corps Headquarters at 800.424.8580 and ask to be connected to the Director's office. Once connected, ask to speak to the "Special Assistant to the Director of the Peace Corps" and leave your message.

If your concerns have not been addressed in a few days, contact your Congressman, explain the situation, and ask him or her to contact Peace Corps on your behalf.

Best Regards,


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