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Peace Corps Online: Peace Corps News: Library: Peace Corps: Humor : Humor and the Peace Corps: February 14, 2005: Headlines: Parents: Hippies: Counseling: Humor: Dr. Brothers: Drugs: Unemployment: Seattle Post Intelligencer: Help! Our son wants to join the Peace Corps! As we recall from the 1960s, that's mostly a bunch of hippies or druggies wasting time instead of working. : Join The World Of Today, 2005

By Ann Hannibal ( - on Tuesday, February 22, 2005 - 2:19 am: Edit Post

The lady who wrote about the P.C. of the 60's needs, desperately, to upgrade her thinking to the time called "present". My daughter was in the P.C. from '97-'99. She took no drugs(don't know if they were available)and was no hippie( another 60's concept). I was so proud of her when she told me I think I told everyone in the world and all my friends had the same reaction."You must be so proud, not everyone can do that." This lady's way of thinking brings the thought to mind, "Love of money is the root of all evil" Kennedy said, in case she has forgotten, "It's not what my country can do for me,but, what I can do for my country." He started the P.C. with his brother-in-law. Helping others less fortunate than ourselves is a great lessen for us and at the same time means the world to them,e.g. 3rd world countries. My daughter, Dina Paxenos, was in Senegal and when I visited I saw how those beautiful people loved her dearly.They treated us both like "Royalty". A good lessen in life is , "it is always better to give than to receive."

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