March 1, 2005: Call your Senators for the Peace Corps

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Call your Senators for the Peace Corps

1. RPCVs, former Staff and Friends of the Peace Corps: Call the Capitol switchboard in Washington DC at: (202) 224-3121 (sorry, there is no toll-free number), ask for your Senator by name and ask the operators to connect you to his or her office.

2. When you are connected to the office of your Senator, please give them the following message: identify yourself and where you live (so they will know you are a constituent), tell them you are a returned volunteer and tell them you strongly support the President's proposal for a $27 Million Budget increase (8.5%) in the Peace Corps budget for FY2006 and that you oppose the elimination of Perkins loans that make it easier for volunteers from low-income backgrounds to serve in the Peace Corps. Ask if your Senator has taken a position on the budget increase for the Peace Corps and on the elimination of Perkins loans. If you have time and know the Congressman for your district, please give him or her a call too.

3. Then take our poll below. Your help in providing this information will be much appreciated.

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More information on the Peace Corps budget increase is available on the NPCA web site here. More information on Perkins loans in available here.

If you wish to leave a message on how your call went and what you learned about where your Senators stand on the budget increase and Perkins loans, then click here.

Thank you for supporting the Peace Corps.