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By lara ( on Wednesday, March 02, 2005 - 4:33 pm: Edit Post



I am Lara (psydo name), and I stay in Lagos, Nigeria.

America we've been told was founded on Spirituality, liberty, and equality for all men no matter the race or colour one is. America was founded by immigrants and is mostly filled by immigrants. For a decade now, most of what they preach (Americans), have been lies because they dont follow their own teachings. Is it the racism, discriminations, corruption and crime that go on there (amongst other things).
It is apparent that they love to preach to others and dont like practising what they preach. With this modern times / era, I must admit the Continent has improved alot (with two blacks winning an oscar for actor in a supporting role and actor in a leading role, that was history in the making. Very unbelievable). But it seems since there's no one to pickon on the shores of the supposed great Continent, the inhabitants (particularly the caucasians) are looking for others who are not so strong or who have no voice, to pickon.
Look at the violent war stories being revealed about the brutality of American soldiers in the recent wars (and I'll bet my eye on the fact that this recent revelations started before the Vietnam war but carefully covered up. Americans are very good at doing that). I'm sure there are other terrible offenses commited by Americans outside the shores of their Country but I can only tell the ones commited in my home land.

Americans staying in my homeland are arrogant and very overbearing. Thats bad enough but thats a personal thing and not a national offense. The only way an American can commit a very bad offense is when they are on call or on duty. When they are supposed to be of assistance or of help and they dont fulfil their obligations, when they commit the crime of injustice.
Were you see this the most is at their embassies or consulate.

I was opportuned to visit the American embassy for an appointment for a visa. Over the years I've visited the States once. I got a visa in the middle 90's but didnt use it because of a family emmergency. Lets just say I'm not crazy about that place. I've visited the U.K alot more and each time I go, I always come back to my Country. My Country may have her own problems but I still love her. But I met this wonderful guy and luckily got a long over due break at the office, so I decided (by his invitation ofcourse) to visit him in the States because he stays there.
I had planned to go see him for a short while then go see my Grandfather in London and then go to Sweden for personal reasons.

What I saw on that day would forever stay in my mind. Right from the gates, to the payment / waiting rooms and to the interview room, nothing but discrimination was displayed to everyone black and Nigerian. It didnt matter that we all had to pay a hundred US dollars which was non-refundable. Some where not even allowed into the premises (even though they got there on time and had payed and fulfilled all necesary chriteria, they were not allowed in). It was terrible. I saw gross injustice. I saw unbelievable discrimination. I just couldnt believe my eyes. I had heared of terrible things going on in the embassy but it took me to see them with my own eyes for me to believe.
I got to the interview room and was denied visa by my interviewer because I had told him that I was going to stay with someone I was romantically attached to. He said that I may get there and not come back. That was ludricrous looking at my travelling habits over the years and even if I got there and we decided to get married and I stay there, so what? Am I to deny myself something that alot of pple take years to find (that is if they ever do?) When I pointed out that I had been to the states before and been given a visa before, he was shocked but didnt want to loose face and said he needed something more recent than that. That was very pathetic. I quietly got my things and left but my mental health had been affected cos I just couldnt believe I would be denied a visa just because I was inlove.
Well atleast he didnt insult me. There were lots of other pple the interviewers insulted. Some pple they didnt even ask anything. They just said they wouldnt give them visas for no reason. After a while, it became obvious it was just a game to them. They would leave whomever it was they were interviewing, go behind the screens and talk to each other, making fun of everyone there.
We were made to feel dirty and degraded.

Now I know some of my Country pple can be very notorious. I know some get there and dont come back. But everyone living here is not like that. Its like me saying that all Americans are evil and terrible pple just because of what I've seen and heared. I wouldnt have dated one of them but then you dont choose whom you love.
I even heared a story(circulated amongst a very few pple) of how a married Nigerian man was sacked by a single American woman because he didnt want to marry her.
I dont like what the Islamic fanatics are doing but sometimes you just dont blame them cos Americans do very stupid things, and dont allow others to commit the same offenses.

My Sweetheart felt so bad and couldnt believe his own pple could do such things especially outside the shores of their country. I wrote them a letter and told them that I wont stand for it. This is a factual story that is happening to Nigerians everyday.
I'm sure there are other terrrible things they do internationally but this is one that is coming out to the light because Nigerians, especially the innocents are getting sick and tired of this.

I dont think they would have done all what they did to a Briton or an European. It was descrimination at its best and even though they may be the superpowers now, they shouldnt feel they can do whatever they like and get away with it.

This is gross international injustice and I think something should be done about it.

By CarmenBailey ( - on Wednesday, March 02, 2005 - 7:45 pm: Edit Post

Hello Lara...

It's the same in the American Embassy in
Ethiopia where I as a Caucasian American woman lived for seven wonderful years, except when visiting my embassy, that is. They lied as much as the personnel in your country... sorry about that on both counts. They charged 5000 USDs for a visa to go to America to those who did not qualify as a religious or government employee. They stood on their SoapBox and yelled at me when I took a dear friend to get a visa to see her new granddaughter in Califoria who was denied "because she wouldn't return" and I objected. I had lost sight though of how my country used to be - founded on pleasant principles - until you reminded me. Being a RPCV and an inhabitant of recipients of American Agression on the other side of the Planet
really hurts us and them. I did not want to come
back to America... it was a medical need. I said that if I had to come back I would make it count and say everything I could remember. You said it

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