Hey PeaceMaker, Do you need anything from the Big City?

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Do you live in a remote part of the world, in Hawaii or Alaska, Lithuania or Mauritania, or just in a rural area far from a large city?

Do you need anything from the Big City?

Are you tired of searching the web for materials that you cannot access?

Would you like to help the environment by reclaiming that used DVD from some Thrift Store in NYC for a few dollars, but you have to order it new from the company at an outrageous price?

Are you fed up with interlibrary loans, from media indexes for books, videos or software, that take weeks or months to arrive?

Do you miss finding what you need in used or antiquarian book stores at a fraction of the cost?

Do you long for the days when you could copy, scan, or convert to OCR what you needed from the local library in minutes?

Do you know anyone in a remote urban environment that will facilitate your research, or have you ever craved to find some body in a far away place that could capture an event in a digital format and forward it to you?

Are you frustrated that large corporations have the ability to use remote sensing to gather all data about anything from anywhere and instantly send it anywhere, anytime, but as an ordinary citizen of the planet Earth, when you need only a few bits of information, here and there, this rule does not apply to you?

Has your city or town been bombed, or hit by a man made earthquake or flood and you cannot get to your local comic book store, to pick up your latest version of World of Peacecraft video game?

Would you like to participate in a peacemaking or ecology project but feel that you are too far away from the centre of the action and or you don’t like peace marching in bad weather anyway, especially when you know that none of the local media will pick it up?

If you can identify with any of these situations, may we offer our assistance?


Here is how it works:

We operate on trust. “In God We TRUST.”

Once you have made a donation to our fundraising for http://peacemaker.bz you will be registered on for the RMR (t.m.) service as well as listed as a subscriber.

If you have made a donation and received your “Gratitude for Peace” email with your subscriber registration number you may proceed by replying with your request Now?

Here is what to expect …Please let us introduce you to our fictitious “slow old guy on a bicycle” that will assist you further:


Aloha Peacemaker!

My friends call me “Alowicious” (t.m.) because “…I am far from vicious”.

You may consider hiring me as your RMR (t.m.) courier.

As I understand it you are there in Hawaii? I am here in NYC. My friends at “Media Free Times” asked me to see if I could help you? What you wrote in the email is that you want to find a used copy of that DVD with “Bruce Saving the Planet” or whatever, that I think I can track down at the nearby Antiquarian Books and Old Tapes store and to make and transmit to you a digital cc. and OCR of the rare Rosicrucian manuscript or some other research, that maybe available from the University Library and to shoot a video of my old girl friend with here new Pajamas. Sorry no can do…the last part anyway. But as it turns out, that I have to get on my bicycle and it’s 40 below zero out there and the caricature business by the village fence is slow, I could use a subway token and some extra change, I’m on an old age pension but clean and sober though. Plus you will need to send the price of the items or services, plus a small mark up for the common cause, plus shipping, handling and or communications costs, plus applicable local taxes, finders fees or any additional expenses. I’ll send you a price quote, but it should still cost you much less than you would have to pay for the same items in Honolulu or wherever you are …so if you agree on the price quoted, you can send the total amount as a donation(s) to http://peacemaker.bz and we will see what we can accomplish.

Yours truly, signed

Alowicious Avatar* (t.m.) your RMR rep.

…pls. donate Now Thank You – PEACE BEGINS AT HOME

(c) 2005 Media Free Times – peacemaker.bz
*AKA “hartcomm” - Heart Calm Productions Communications International (t.m.)
All world rights reserved

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