Rices ingnorance, lack of compassion as is a disgrace to this country

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By Keith H. Seymour ( on Wednesday, March 01, 2006 - 12:51 pm: Edit Post

How anyone can have ever obtained the disgraceful termerity to make a statement is beyond me. Mr. Ric's statement is nothing less than unchristian and downright UNAMERICAN!!!

I was a Peace Corps volunteerr between March and Sepetember 2001. (I was medically seperated, and am now able to reactivate for peace Corps service since certain issues have been resolved.) I do not consider my time in the rural part of the Philippines a vacation. neither does anyone else with whom I have spoken about my experinces. However, I do consider it the most enriching experience of my life, and more benficial than any finacial businesss or politicial persdon that I have been able to network with. (I am a media consultant, financial advisor, and educator.)

thr people who go to their peace Corps countries give up the financial benefits of 401-K plans, paid vactations, and comparitively high paying jobs. The current exchange rate is about 54 pesos ot our one dollar. The minimum wage in this country for only a twelve hour day, would be considered a kings ransom in any peace corps country.

Most people in my village worked 60-80 hour weeks and made less than the poverty level of 3,000 pesos ($60.00) a month. I would give whatever extra money I had left over to my host ngo for whatever they needed.

I do not consider the stipend that peace corps gives us pay, nor do i consider it a vacation.

Mr. I make more for one of my news stories, (25-100 MINIMIUM) han people in peace Corps Country will ever see at what time. yet I am willing to give it up to help those less fortunate than myself. the difference between those who acknowledge the importance of Peace corps and Mr. rice., is that we do not consider the sacrifices that we are making as scarifices. Jesus christ one said that that which you do for the least of mmy brethern you do for me. That which you do not do for the same, you you not do for me.

Mr. Rice is a arrogant, bigot, who shows total ignorance and lack of human compassion.

One of the most important goals in my life is to return to Peace Go, go wherever they feel they may best use my talents, and to do complete the two years.I would stay longer if needed. I was recently asked to run for a city coucil psoition in 2008. I declined and told the person I had plan to be in Peace Corps by that time. When the person told me that I was a successful small businessman who would do well, and would be crazy to give up the prestige and expense accounts that i would have at my disposal to live in 'a thrd world country) I told him that I wished to use my talents and success to help others, instead of for politicasl or social advancement.

The bottom line is there two types of people in this world. Compassionate people, and those who think like Mr. rice-ignorant bigots.

Keith H. Seymour
Peace Corps Philippines
Group 257 March-september 2001

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