July 9 - House Appropriations Bill for Global Health Programs

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Subj: Global Health Issues
Date: 7/9/2001 6:35:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: donna@rpcv.org (Donna)
To: npca-l@list.vita.org (NPCA Advocacy)

This e-mail alert was sent to the NPCA office today
from the Global Health Council. This is
particularly appropriate for the NPCA advocacy
focus on health issues this year (as voted by our
members last summer). We encourage you to

Anne Baker
Director of Programs
National Peace Corps Association

Call Your Members of Congress Today!
Rep. Pelosi to offer amendment calling for a $200
million increase for global health

Current Situation

On Tuesday, July 10th 2001, Representative Nancy
Pelosi (D-CA) will be introducing an amendment to
the FY 2001 Foreign Operations Appropriations
bill. The amendment calls for a $200 million
increase for global health programs that address
child survival, maternal health, and infectious
diseases. This is a unique opportunity to improve
global health.

Although the FY 2002 bill does include an increase
for global HIV/AIDS efforts, it does not currently
include an increase for child survival, maternal
health, or infectious diseases. As we well know,
global health is profoundly interconnected.
Infectious disease such as tuberculosis takes the
lives of millions of people living with HIV/AIDS
and the health and survival of a child is intimately
connected to the health and well being of its mother.
The Pelosi amendment is a modest investment that
can potentially impact the lives of millions of men,
women, and children around the world.

Why is this significant?

* Over ten million children still die each year in
the developing world before their fifth birthday due
to preventable diseases such as diarrhea, measles
and pneumonia. We know how to avert these
deaths with low-tech, low cost interventions that are
community based. What is needed are the resources
to get these interventions to those who need them
* Infectious Diseases are responsible for more
than one third of all deaths in the world today.
These diseases have had the most devastating
impact in the poor countries in the developing
world, but with the rise of antibiotic resistant strains
they also pose an increased threat to the United
* Nearly 600,000 women die each year as a
result of pregnancy and childbirth - a one in 13
lifetime chance of dying from these causes for
women in many of the countries of Sub-Saharan
Africa. Over 15 million women a year survive but
are crippled by lifelong disabilities due to
complications, such as bladder prolapse and

Action Requested

Your help is needed to get the amendment adopted
on Tuesday! Call your member of Congress on the
House Appropriations Committee TODAY and
TOMORROW (see Chart) and request that they
vote for Rep. Pelosi's amendment. Let them know
that the United States should be a leader in global
health and demonstrate its commitment to
improving the lives of those around the world.

If you do not know your Congressional
representative, you can go to
http://www.globalhealth.org and click on "Write
Congress" and enter your zip code.

Now is the time to show your commitment to global
health. CALL NOW!

House Appropriations Committee
Room: H-218 Capitol
Phone: (202) 225-2771 (Majority)
Phone: (202) 225-3481 (Minority)

Aderholt, Robert (4th-AL) 225-4876
Bonilla, Henry (23rd-TX) 225-4511
Boyd, Allen (2nd-FL)225-5235
Callahan, Sonny (1st-AL) 225-4931
Clyburn, James(6th-SC) 225-3315
Cramer, Robert E.(Bud), Jr. (5th-AL) 225-4801
Cunningham, Randy (51st-CA) 225-5452
DeLauro, Rosa L.(3rd-CT) 225-3661
DeLay, Tom (22nd-TX) 225-5951
Dicks, Norman D.(6th-WA) 225-5916
Doolittle, John (4th-CA) 225-2511
Edwards, Chet(11th-TX) 225-6105
Emerson, JoAnn (8th-MO) 225-4404
Farr, Sam (17th-CA)225-2861
Fattah, Chaka (2nd-PA)225-4001
Frelinghuysen, Rodney P. (11th-NJ) 225-5034
Granger, Kay (12th-TX) 225-5071
Hinchey, Maurice D.(26th-NY) 225-6335
Hobson, David L. (7th-OH) 225-4324
Hoyer, Steny H.(5th-MD) 225-4131
Istook, Ernest (5th-OK) 225-2132
Jackson, Jesse L.,Jr. (2nd-IL) 225-0773
Kaptur, Marcy(9th-OH) 225-4146
Kennedy, Patrick(1st-RI) 225-4911
Kilpatrick, CarolynC. (15th-MI) 225-2261
Kingston, Jack (1st-GA) 225-5831
Knollenberg, Joseph (11th-MI) 225-5802
Kolbe, Jim (5th-AZ) 225-2542
LaHood, Ray (18th-IL) 225-6201
Latham, Tom (5th-IA) 225-5476
Lewis, Jerry (40th-CA) 225-5861
Lowey, Nita M.(18th-NY) 225-6506
Meek, Carrie(17th-FL) 225-4506
Miller, Dan (13th-FL) 225-5015
Mollohan, Alan B.(1st-WV) 225-4172
Moran, James P.(8th-VA) 225-4376
Murtha, John P.(12th-PA) 225-2065
Nethercutt, George R.(5th-WA) 225-2006
Northup, Anne Meagher (3rd-KY) 225-5401
Obey, David R.(7th-WI) Ranking Mem. 225-3365
Olver, John (1st-MA)225-5335
Pastor, Ed (2nd-AZ)225-4065
Pelosi, Nancy(8th-CA) 225-4965
Peterson, John E. (5th-PA) 225-5121
Price, DavidE. (4th-NC) 225-1784
Regula, Ralph (16th-OH) 225-3876
Rogers, Harold (5th-KY) 225-4601
Rothman, Steven(9th-NJ) 225-5061
Roybal-Allard,Lucille (33rd-CA) 225-1766
Sabo, Martin Olav(5th-MN) 225-4755
Serrano, Jose E.(16th-NY) 225-4361
Sherwood, Don (10th-PA) 225-3731
Skeen, Joe (2nd-NM) 225-2365
Sununu, John (1st-NH) 225-5456
Sweeney, John (22nd-NY) 225-5614
Taylor, Charles H. (11th-NC) 225-6401
Tiahrt, Todd (4th-KS) 225-6216
Visclosky, Peter J.(1st-IN) 225-2461
Vitter, David (1st-LA) 225-3015
Walsh, James T. (25th-NY) 225-3701
Wamp, Zachary P. (3rd-TN) 225-3271
Wicker, Roger F. (1st-MS) 225-4306
Wolf, Frank R. (10th-VA) 225-5136
Young, C.W. (10th-FL) Chairman 225-5961

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Ken Kelly
Grassroots Manager
Global Health Council
1701 K Street, NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20006
Tel: (202) 833-5900
Fax: (202) 833-0075

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