What good is the Peace corps?

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By Chaufist on Sunday, August 05, 2001 - 2:23 pm: Edit Post

I looked at Ghana, the first country Peace corps "helped".
It is worse off today than in 1961. What good did the Peace corps do there?
I am looking at the list of "Countries of Service"
and its very revealing. Iran today hates the US.
India is building nuclear weapons instead of addressing its poverty. Is it because some suckers are doing it?
Indonesia, that country is in choas, its ex-president having by some estimates, through corruption amassed a 20 BILLION, TWENTY BILLION DOLLAR fortune.
Pakistan from what I have read, there is no government, just maurding tribes. And the government there is is busy making nuclear weapons.
Sudan they have slavery.
Zimbabwe the President won't give up his office and tells his followers to murder white farmers, their fellow countryman, and not to worry.
Forty years ago the Peace corp was created. Today we should be reaping what we have sown.
The evidence in some country's is overwhelming, the Peace Corp has done more harm than good.

By Evan Seifert on Monday, February 18, 2002 - 5:34 pm: Edit Post

Correlation is not Causation.

By Jessica Seminelli (dsc05-nyi-ny-205-184-161-226.rasserver.net - on Friday, November 14, 2003 - 8:48 pm: Edit Post

Maybe I am not one to say, but I've been studying the Peace Corps for my National History Day project this year, and I've learned that the Peace Corps is not meant to be out there creating massive change. Some individuals are better off, and yes, maybe they couldn't help stop corrupt governments, but did they actually go to adjust the government and change the rich people's way of thinking? Or were they more focused on small villages and areas? Besides, I believe that not only have some people been helped in those developing nations, but also the American volunteer is bettered in so many ways. They have a new perspective on life and can stop thinking in terms of our American wealth and exuberance and reflect upon how much the people they serve have. When Americans come back and share what htey have learned, that is the importance of the Peace Corps. Maybe those countries just couldn't be helped enough. I don't know, but I believe the Peace Corps has done enough good to prove it is a worthy cause. But once again, I am not an expert, just a student.

By Aliyana Gewirtzman (ool-43542195.dyn.optonline.net - on Sunday, November 16, 2003 - 12:39 pm: Edit Post

YEAH JESSI!!! u tell him!!

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