September 16, 2001 - Message from the New York City Peace Corps Office

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By Admin1 (admin) on Monday, September 17, 2001 - 5:36 pm: Edit Post

Following is a copy of a memo received from the New York City Peace Corps Office:

September 16, 1002


TO: Our Peace Corps Family

FROM: Peace Corps New York Regional Office

As the whole world knows, on Tuesday September 11, the City of New York became an empire of the stricken. It was a bright day, one that held great promise. But at 8:45 AM, while I was looking out of my office windows at 6 World Trade Plaza, I heard the sound of a low flying jet followed instantly by a huge explosion: World Trade Tower 1 had been slammed into. 18 minutes later, when the second airplane struck Tower 2, I, and thousands of others who were at ground zero, were eye witnesses to the most heinous attack ever on American Democracy. After the second assault, it was evident to all that New York was under attack. Dazed and in disbelief, many of us were crying and praying, swearing for revenge, while trying to reach family members and friends with cell phones and thanking God we had been among the lucky.

Our small recruiting office and building at 6 World Trade center is gone. Fortunately, all 15 staff members survived and are in good physical shape. In comparison to those who lost family members or friends, and for an America that forever has been changed, the price Peace Corps paid was small. Everyone at the scene on Tuesday must deal with the horrific memories and images individually. For myself, I can only hope that with the help of God and others I will, if not forget, at least learn to live with my experience. We are grateful for the emotional and administrative support that peace Corps Washington and the Peace Corps family at large have given the New York staff. The goal for us now is to get ourselves a new home and continue to recruit men and women whose purpose in life is to do good, the antitheses of those insane individuals who piloted hijacked aircraft and assaulted America. Thank you all and God Bless America.

Edwin Jorge
Regional Manager New York Office

By Judi Brown on Monday, October 01, 2001 - 2:54 pm: Edit Post

Dear Edwin,
The New York office was in my thoughts on September 11 because I used to work in that office myself around 1987-1989. It was my first job after returning from service in Cameroon, and we were first located at 1515 Broadway, right on Times Square. After a few months we moved to the Federal Building at Church & Vesey, and I guess it was a few years after I left my job there that the office moved to 6WTC. I was relieved to learn that the good people in NYC who spend their days working with prospective volunteers are all safe and sound. A friend has told me that the windows in the Church Street building where I used to sit and review applications are all blown out. Nevertheless, I have to say that I love seeing that old federal building still standing on the corner, in the midst of all that destruction.
Clearly, some things are meant to last, and Peace Corps is one of them! Best wishes to you all from a member of your "extended family," now working at EPA in Washington-- Warmest regards,
Judi Brown

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