January 18, 2002 - Inside Ventura County: California RPCV questions Senator Boxer about Gaddi Vasquez nomination at Pepperdine University speech

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California RPCV questions Seantor Boxer about Gaddi Vasquez nomination at Pepperdine University speech

Read and comment on this message from an RPCV who attended a speech by California Senator Barbara Boxer at Pepperdine University on January 18 and the news story that appeared in "Inside Ventura County" at:

California RPCV questions Senator Boxer about Gaddi Vasquez nomination at Pepperdine University speech*

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California RPCV questions Senator Boxer about Gaddi Vasquez nomination at Pepperdine University speech

We received this yesterday, Friday 18th, from an RPCV in California, someone who has been working hard locally to stop the nomination of Gaddi Vasquez. Here it her account of quizzing Senator Boxer at a lecture at the conservative Pepperdine University.

"Yesterday, Barbara Boxer was the speaker in the Dean's Lecture Series at Pepperdine. I questioned her about Gaddi. As I listed a few facts about his background, the importance of having someone the world can respect as Dir. of PC and my inability to understand her support of a person so completely inappropriate - on the grounds of "give him a chance", a buzz, nay a gasp, went up as if in a single breath from the 600 people in the audience. (Your report, John, on the committee hearings was sooo valuable - let me sound as if I had been there, or spent my days reading the Congressional record!)

"She gave her stock response which was illogical, bumbling and unconvincing. After having earlier made a pitch for "respect" in political discourse to this largely conservative bunch, she started her remarks about Gaddi by saying the campaign against him was especially mean spirited (pause) as if that was enough reason to support him. She really is a lightweight.

"I spoke without notes, so can't give you my speech. But it must have been coherent because my assistant walked a little taller and I had a lot of comment afterwards. With all of the comments in complete agreeing with my remarks, especially from the Orange County folks who knew Gaddi."

One might (almost) feel sorry for Senator Boxer. Here she is in front of (what she thinks) is a very conservative California audience and she is being "attacked" for supporting a Republican. She can't get away from us.

This is one example of how strong, wide-spread, and dedicated all of you are in this Committee for the Future of the Peace Corps. Thank you again for your work on our cause.

John Coyne for the Committee

Here is the news story on Seantor Boxer's speech at Pepperdine Univeristy on Janaury 18, 2002 from the newspaper Inside Ventura County":

Boxer urges rebuilding of Afghanistan

U.S. HELP: She also says the collapse of Enron and harm done to employees shows need for pension reform.

By Brad Smith, Staff writer

MALIBU -- The Bush administration deserves credit for the conduct of the military campaign in Afghanistan, but the United States must take the lead in that country's post-war reconstruction, Sen. Barbara Boxer said Thursday.

The California Democrat, speaking at Pepperdine University, said American willingness to remain engaged in Afghanistan is key to a peaceful relationship between the United States and the Muslim world.

"We fell into Afghanistan, and we've liberated these people," she said. "If we stick with it, bring them economic development, if we do the right thing in Afghanistan, it will change our image in that world."

Boxer spoke as part of the university's 2002 lecture series, which will focus on the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks that left almost 3,000 dead or missing.

The senator, who was in Washington Sept. 11, had to evacuate the Capitol when authorities feared the fourth hijacked airliner -- which later crashed in Pennsylvania, apparently after passengers attempted to regain control -- was bound for the capital.

"When you look back at that beautiful building, and think about what it means -- maybe not often enough -- you understand what is at risk," she said.

After the speech, Boxer, one of 50 senators who had to leave their offices when the building was contaminated by anthrax, said Congress will examine U.S. intelligence failures before the attacks.

She said those hearings -- likely to be conducted by the Judiciary, Government Operations, and Intelligence committees -- will probably be delayed until after the anti-terror campaign, however.

"We put that off because when the country's pulling together, it's not the right time to start pointing fingers," said Boxer, who indicated the Senate has already received some closed door briefings. "As far as full-blown hearings, we don't know."

Boxer suggested the Congress may put off public review of Sept. 11-related issues until after investigations of the collapse of Houston-based Enron Corp and the role of accounting firm Andersen.

"We had executives who were getting (their money) out of the company, but at the same time they were locking out the employees from getting their money out of their 401Ks," she said.

"My view is some people are going to need to go to jail."

Boxer also said the Enron case -- and allegations Andersen employees were involved in the company's suspect practices -- points to a need to systematically reform pension laws.

"You should not be able to force people to hang on to stock if they want to get out," she said. "We're going to need some actual reform."

-- Brad Smith's e-mail address is bsmith@insidevc.com

January 18, 2002

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