January 18, 2002 - Personal Resume: Overseas Position Wanted in Institutional or Human Resource Development

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Overseas Position Wanted in Institutional or Human Resource Development

Read this resume for a RPCV seeking an overseas position in Institutional or Human Resource Development at:

Mel Schnapper, Ph.D. *

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Mel Schnapper, Ph.D.
2522 W. Fitch Ave.
Chicago, IL 60645
Tel/Fax: 773-973-0791/0792
Email: mel@schnapper.com

If you're looking for a senior level person for a Human Resource Development function in an international context in the public or private sector, consider me as an ideal candidate. I am able to develop various Organization, Management Development& Training strategies to increase organizational and individual productivity and teamwork in ways that are culturally appropriate. I have worked with highest levels of government and corporate executives and managed staff with strategic planning, budgeting and recruiting responsibilities. Have also done extensive evaluation reports for various UNDP, USAID, ADB projects and feasibility studies.

I've also worked in the following regions and countries:

Africa: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Somalia;
Asia: Indonesia
Caribbean: St. Lucia;
Europe: Belgium, England, France
Middle East: Egypt, Palestine (Gaza/W. Bank), Kuwait;
North and Central America: Canada, Costa Rica
South Pacific: Marshalls, W. Samoa;
Asia: Indonesia

Please review the resume below for more details.

CAREER OBJECTIVE. Manager of an Institutional and/or Human Resource Development function in an international context in the public or private sector. Able to develop various Organization, Management Development & Training strategies that influence policies, procedures and practices while increasing organizational and individual productivity and teamwork in ways that are culturally appropriate. Have worked with highest levels of government and corporate executives to reengineer, rationalize, strategize and create greater efficiencies in any function. Have also managed staff with strategic planning, budgeting and recruiting responsibilities. Expertise in:

Performance Improvement
Executive Coaching
Career Planning
Succession Planning
Culture Change
Business Alignment
Strategic Planning
Project Management
Organization Development (OD)
Performance Consulting
Change Management
Management Development and Training

Have worked in the following countries: Africa: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Somalia; Middle East: Egypt, Palestine (Gaza/W. Bank), Kuwait; South Pacific: Marshalls, W. Samoa; Caribbean: St. Lucia; Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, England; Indonesia;



1999. Agriculture-Led Export Business (ALEB) Organization and Management Development Consultant, Cairo, Egypt. Worked with Business owners/managers of the processed food sector to help them increase exports and take advantage of liberalized trading laws, requirements of EU imports and to achieve higher standards of hygiene, packaging, and visibility for an international market. Organized public workshops with in-house follow-up consulting focusing on themes of teambuilding, leadership, delegation, performance measures, improvement and reward systems to support improved management focused on greater exporting success.

1988 - present. Mel Schnapper Assoc., Inc., Chicago, IL General Human Resources Development/Organization Development practice for international and domestic clients. (See US Private Sector section of resume.)

* Performance Based Contracting (PBC), for US Agency for International Development (USAID)/Indonesia, 1996.
Training conducted for all Contract Officers, Program Officers, Finance and Administration to help them conform to GPRA (Government Performance Results Act) and the conversion of Level of Effort (LOE) documents to PBC format. This effort supported a new US Federal Government mandate that all departments use this format as their new policy

* Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) Developing Public Administration Systems, USAID, Gaza/W. Bank, 1995. Focused on creating the infrastructure, organizational designs, culture of independence and accountability for a State of Palestine. This was realized by Staff training, consultant support and a managerial needs analysis of Palestinian Authority government structure.

* International Labor Organization Training (ILO) Center, Turin, Italy, 1994. - Managed program "Improving Public Service Management" for 25 senior African mangers. Program included study trips to various sites in Italy and England to examine how various national, regional and local policies impacted government and people services.

* United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Kuwait, 1994. Assisted team for project "Strengthening the Civil Service" to accomplish capacity and skills building. Developed new organizational structures and procedures to support the Kuwaitization policies of the Public Service and trained counterparts to maintain these new initiatives.

* United Nations Development Program, Namibia, 1993-94. - Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) within the Office of the Prime Minister to "Government Restructuring and Performance Improvement" project. Managed a budget, assistant, short-term consultants, reporting to Secretary to Cabinet. This UN project was to support a radically different agenda of this newly independent country. Major focus was to align Ministry functions with new Government policies in a post-apartheid transition phase. Another focus was implementation of Performance Management System to improve clarity of mission, objectives and strategies to accomplish increased productivity, efficiency, etc. Acted as consultant to some twenty-six ministries, permanent secretaries and as trainer of some 6 local consultants to sustain the effort.

* African Development Bank, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, 1992. Developed, implemented and evaluated executive training program for various managers from the public and private sectors. Program was an overview of skills in the areas of negotiating, leadership, Management by Objectives, Time Management, Organizational Culture, Career Development, and Teambuilding.

* United Nations Development Program, St. Lucia, 1992. -Evaluated a "Multisector Development Program: Phase II" whose objectives were to increase the effectiveness of the public sector managerial and technical skills for economic development and private sector expansion. Developed recommendations to release funding for Phase III to build upon previous efforts emphasizing in-country training capacity to improve mid-level and executive skills to manage in a way that supported development.

* Asian Development Bank (ADB), Republic of The Marshall Islands, 1992. - Evaluated Human Resources Development (HRD) Capacity for Public and Private Sectors. Developed strategic HR plan with counterpart and National HRD Committee consisting of public and private sector representatives. Conducted needs assessment to validate recommendations. Developed strategy for increased teamwork between public and private sectors.

* United Nations Development Program, Ghana, 1990. - "Developed Local Consulting Capacity" project. As advisor to Ghana Consulting Association conducted needs analysis for consulting skills training program with evaluation instruments, dealing with marketing, pursuit of the private sector and international standards of consulting services. Part of larger World Bank project for Africa. Consulted with Ministries, private sector, major universities and training institutions and parastatals. Trained private sector consulting firm to sustain program.

* UNDP, Conducting Manpower Needs Analysis of the Government of Western Samoa, 1990. - Developed project mission statement for strategic manpower development plans to improve public sector performance to support private sector revitalization where the Government's enabling role. Identified regional and other institutions and universities that could provide both "twinning" capacity and training potential.

* USAID, Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya, 1989. - Agriculture Management Program to upgrade the agribusiness sector in all areas - financial marketing, human resources. Served as Team Leader for Machakos District Cooperative Union needs analysis project. This project also evaluated current policies of the Kenyan and international trade organizations to support Kenyan expansion of its world markets.

* USAID, Somali Institute for Development Administration & Management, Mogadishu, Somalia, 1988. - Trained senior level public and private sector managers advanced skills and concepts of organizational and individual productivity improvement techniques.

* The World Bank, 1988. - Trained executives in negotiation skills, interpersonal and intercultural communication, leadership and organizational change strategies.

* Western Samoan Government (1974 -75) - As Chief of Staff Training, revived dormant training and development function. Developed all curricula, implemented all training programs with evaluation and trained counterpart to take over.

* U.S. Navy (1974) - Intercultural training for exchange programs and race relations/team building; and various other projects.

* USAID (1973) - Conference planning in Costa Rica for worldwide program presenting data for small farmer credit efforts.

* Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) - 1970 Trained over 150 Canadians going overseas for technical assistance. Ph.D. dissertation based on this effort.


1999 to 2001. Performance Manager, Halo Corporation. Implemented OD, teambuilding an coaching session to measure, improve and reward performance metrics, initially of the technical team and eventually of the total company. Developed online performance metrics application to support this effort.

1998- 1999, Oracle Corporation. Quality Manager, Americas Enterprise Solutions, Global Project Management Service Line, Oracle Consulting Services. Responsible for baselining and improvement of any metrics for any function with a focus on performance measures and improvement of functions, teams, individuals, service lines, new initiatives, sales, etc. Seeding the organization with the culture of measurement and with the "3Ms of Performance: Measure, Manage and Magnify", a program I developed and brought to Oracle. 3Ms incorporates strategies of Organization Development, Change Management and Training and Development.

1997-1998, Managing Principal Consultant, Organizational Change Management Practice. Conducted organizational assessments develop templates for organizational change and communication. Developed a methodology so client could transform itself into a global company. Provide change services for macro-change efforts of a highly technical nature.

1979 -present, Mel Schnapper Assoc., Inc. Chicago, IL - Have worked with major corporations such as AT&T (installed Management by Objectives program impacting 7 levels of the organization and worked closely with Strategic Business Planning group to develop new divisional objectives); Chicago Board Options Exchange (installed MBO programs across all functions - Legal, Regulatory, Human Resources, etc.). Developed Executive, Middle Management and Basic Supervisory Training; Holiday Inns, Inc. (in the Chicago, Memphis and San Francisco regions; have done team building, Leader Effectiveness Training (LET) for 10 years; and for various clients, have done performance appraisal, internal consulting skills, project management, conflict resolution. Have conducted needs analysis, material development, delivery and evaluation of all the above.

* Created the "3M's of Performance: Measure, Manage and Magnify" a total system of organizational improvement encompassing corporate culture, change management, 360 Feedback, Self Directed Work Teams, Leadership, delivered to various clients.

* RPh on the Go, Coached President and staff through major transformation of corporate culture, executive role, incentive system. Company was poised for major growth and has achieved it.

* Developed diversity program for major health care provider that established structure and systems for continued improvement of sales, teamwork incentives and career mobility.

1977 to 1979, Director of Development and Training at G.D. Searle, Chicago, IL,. Revamped overall strategy of training department and acted as corporate consultant to Searle-owned businesses in the areas of management development and supervisory training, team building and the development of various courses - Time Management, Discipline, Human Resource Procedures, Salary Administration.

1975-1977. Manager of Organization and Individual Development, Quaker Oats Co. Started a new function which improved the performance appraisal system and developed career planning, succession planning and manpower planning. Served as consultant to all U.S. plants and those in Western Europe. Conducted programs which impacted all functions of the company (Business Development, Marketing, Research & Development, Operations, etc.). Concentrated on team building and project management during construction of $40,000,000 plant.

1974 to 1975, Chief of Training, Public Service Commission, Western Samoa. Revitalized training division of the civil service and organized team building between government department heads, began orientation programs for new employees, conducted supervisory training and acted as consultant to Head of the Public Service Commission on matters of human resource development throughout the public service.

1971 to 1975, Consultant, Washington, D.C. Government agencies on supervisory training, management development and organization development.

1969 to 1971, Instructor, University of Pittsburgh.. Taught courses in Intercultural and Nonverbal Communication and Cultural Patterns and Administration while consulting to various departments on improving teacher effectiveness.

1969 to 1971, Peace Corps Training Staff. Trained Volunteers for Swaziland, Somalia (worked with Volunteers and staff in-country to promote teamwork and intercultural effectiveness), Ethiopia. Consulted to many other Peace Corps programs for India, Latin America, Francophone Africa and Southern Africa.

1965 to 1967, Peace Corps Volunteer, Nigeria. Taught English in a vocational high school and developed Yoruba language and cultural training courses for all expatriate volunteer groups.

EDUCATION: Ph.D. in Communications, University of Pittsburgh, 1973; M.A. in Linguistics and Anthropology, Northwestern University, l968; B.A. in English Literature, Howard University, l964.

PUBLICATIONS (examples):

"Multinational/Multicultural Teambuilding" in Psychologische Aspekte Des Internationalen Managements, Heidelberg, Germany. 1991

"How to Sharpen Performance Objectives" Journal of Performance Improvement, Jan. 1990.

"Multinational Training for Multinational Corporations" in Breaking Down Barriers: Practice and Priorities for International Management, Gower Press, Westmead, England. 1980

"Experiential Intercultural Training for International Operations" Ph.D. Dissertation, U. of Pittsburgh, 1973.
(Complete list of publications available at: www.schnapper.com)

LANGUAGES: Yoruba (Nigeria), French (basic), Arabic (50 hours)

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If you are looking for an online staff to work for your organisation using internet facilities, I am convinced that I am qualified for the responsibility and I am convinced that I can add good value to your business.

Name: Victor Izuogu
Phone: 2348033407086
e-mail: victor4izuogu@yahoo.com
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1782, Mile 1, Diobu,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State,

Please find enclosed, a copy of my resume





 Nigerian
 Imo State
 Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area
 Male
 Born on February 8, 1973
 Single

 Contact Address:

C/O FirstInland Bank Plc,
133 Olu Obasanjo Road,
Port Harcourt,
Rivers State.

e-mail: victor4izuogu@yahoo.com

Telephone: 0803-3407086


1994 – 1999 Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt

1987 – 1988 Government Secondary School, Lumene, Bori

1982 – 1986 Egbema Secondary School, Egbema


JAN., 2000 B.Sc. in Secretarial Administration

DEC., 1988 West African School Certificate

JUN., 1986 West African School Certificate


(1) Special (Banking) Entry Level Training: Organised by PBTG Consulting
Sponsored by FirstInland Bank Plc (Jul., 2002)

(2) Special Banking Operations Programme: Organised by PBTG Consulting
Sponsored by FirstInland Bank Plc (Oct., 2003)


FirstInland Bank Plc
• Marketing prospective customers both for deposit liability and risk asset generation

• Packaging of facility approval memo for credit customers

• Confirmation of contracts/invoice domiciliation of payment for facility customers

• Relationship management

• In charge of NITEL, NEPA, Custom Duty and other collections

• Acts as back-up to the team leader

FirstInland Bank Plc
• Clearing Representative at CBN, Port Harcourt Clearing House
• Funds Transfer
• Clearing Transactions
• Tellering Functions
• Reconciliation of office ledgers
• Custom Duty Collections and Remittance
• Nitel Collections and Remittance
• Draft Issuance, etc
• Other functions as may be assigned by the team leader

FirstInland Bank Plc, Port Harcourt.
133 Olu Obasanjo Road, Port Harcourt
• Marketing prospective customers both for deposit liability and risk asset generation

• Packaging of facility approval memo for credit customers

• Confirmation of contracts/invoice domiciliation of payment for facility customers

• Relationship management

• Acts as back-up to the team leader

• Other functions as may be assigned by the team leader

FirstInland Bank Plc., Port Harcourt.
 In charge of all secretarial functions of the branch
 Printing of cheque books
 Updating the Branch Manager with appointments and meetings.
 General office administration


Reading, writing, traveling
“Street Gangs: Friends or Foes?”
THE TIDE, VOL. 3 No. 71; Friday, March 5 – Saturday, March 6, 1999; page 7. Printed and published by the Rivers State Newspaper Corporation, 4, Ikwerre Road, P.M.B 5072, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Tel. 084-331082-3
“While We Pray, They Prey”
SATURDAY PUNCH, Saturday Essay. March 13, 1999; page 4. VOL. 17 No. 945. Printed and published by PUNCH (Nig) Limited, 1 Kudeti Street, Onipetesi, Ikeja, Lagos. Fax/Phone: 01-962697, 4972816, 4972815.

(3) VICTOR IZUOGU: “The Challenge of a New Millennium”
NATIONAL CONCORD VOL. 20 NO. 4009; Tuesday, March 30, 1999; page 11. Printed and published by Concord Press of Nig. Ltd.
“Save the Children” (1)
THE GUARDIAN VOL. 15, No. 7,453; Thursday, April 8, 1999; page 41. Printed and published by Guardian Newspapers Limited,
Rutam House, Isolo, Lagos. P.M.B. 1217, Oshodi, Lagos.
Tel: 01-524080, 4529183. Fax: 521982.
“Save the Children” (2)
THE GUARDIAN VOL. 15, No. 7,453; Friday, April 9, 1999; page 29. (Other details same as in Guardian above).
“The ‘King’ Must Dance Naked“ (1)
THE TIDE, VOL. 3 No. 86; Friday, April 9 – Saturday, April 10, 1999 (Other details same as in TIDE above)


“The ‘King’ Must Dance Naked“ (2)
THE TIDE, VOL. 3 No. 89; Friday, April 16 – Saturday, April 17, 1999
(Other details same as in TIDE above)
“The Folly of Anger”
NATIONAL CONCORD, Vol. 20, No. 4034, Wednesday, May 5, 1999; page 11. (Other details same as in NATIONAL CONCORD above).
“In Protection of the Niger Delta”
THE TIDE, VOL. 3 No. 89; Friday, April 16 – Saturday, April 17, 1999; (Other details same as in THE TIDE above)
“Nigerian Jesus”
BBC FOCUS ON AFRICA MAGAZINE, July – September, 1999;
Page 71; Vol. 10, Number 3. Printed and published by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Bush House, P.O. Box 76, Strand, London WC2B 4PH. Tel. +44-171-557 2906,
Email: focus.magazine@bbc.co.uk
Web: www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/focus


“The Impact of Training and Development Programmes on Employees’ Attitude to Work: A Survey of Selected Private Firms in Port Harcourt”
A research project submitted to the Department of Secretarial Administration, Faculty of Management Sciences, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt.


Available on request.

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