February 4, 2002 - Office of Management and Budget: Peace Corps Funding increased from $275 to $320 Million for FY 2003

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Peace Corps Funding increased from $275 to $320 Million for FY 2003

Read and comment on this information released by the Office and Management and Budget on the Budget for the US Government for FY 2003 which includes an increase in the Peace Corps budget from $275 Million to $320 Million for an increase in the number of volunteers at:

FY 2003 State Department Budget*

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FY 2003 State Department Budget

A Summary of the FY-03 Budget is below and is now available on the OMB Web Page and State has released its own Budget Document. More details will be available Wednesday at the COLEAD Hill Strategy Meeting

I. Overall 150 Accounts figures: (Note most figures are from the State Briefing Document)

The Foreign Affairs 150 Account budget for FY 2003 is at $25.4 billion or an increase of 5.9% according to the US Department of State briefing document release today. This compares with the FY-02 figure of $24.013 billion. Figures for FY-02 were not adjusted to account for the Emergency funding of 1.3 billion in FY-02. (The OMB figure in their web document was $ 24.3 billion, an increase of $ 1.billion from the FY 2002 $23.3 billion level that OMB scored.) There are other numbers also being reported. There will be a need to adjust these conflicting figures over time. The State figures are nominal.

Note that growth in spending in FY-03 for all general programs was at 2%, with security and homeland defense increasing at 8.5%. OMB and State said that of the total about $5.2 billion was for "programs that are essential in pursuing the war on terrorism."

II. Foreign Operations Account:

The Foreign Operations portion of the 150 Account FY-03 request is at $ 16.137 billion according to State (The OMB figure was $16.10 billion, verses the FY 2002 level of $ 15.35 billion. The FY 2003 Request Increased from FY 2002-2003 some $ 750 million in OMB terms, or about 5%.) There has been a considerable restructuring of the Foreign Operations Account and transfers of programs within that account for a number of programs. Also a lot about "performance."

Some general FY-03 Program request levels are below:

Development Assistance $2.740 billion

Global Health and HIV/AIDS $1.4 billion

International Disaster Assistance $237 million

Transition Initiatives $55 million

USAID Operations expenses $586 million

Economic Support Fund $2.29 billion

SEED $495 million (A reduction)

Assistance for the Independent States $755

Peace Corps $320 million (Double size of PC to add 1,200 new volunteers)

Inter-American Foundation $14 million

African Development Foundation $17 million

International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement

Andean Counterdrug Initiative $731 (an increase)

Migration and Refugee Assistance $706 million

Non-Proliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining (NADR) $372 million

Debt Restructuring - None

International Military Education & Training (IMET) $80 million

Foreign Military Financing (FMF) $4.104 billion

Peacekeeping Operations (PKO) $108 million (a decrease)

Multilateral Development Banks $1.437 billion

International Organizations and Programs (IO&P) $310 million (an increase)

Other items of note

There was no request for UNFPA ((to be determined)

State says that DA is actually up $248 million

Much of FMF will gone to Jordan, Pakistan and India and Oman

There will be an increase for Columbia military to protect a pipeline costing $98 million

State briefing said that Africa and Latin America are not down if all accounts are considered.

There is a consolidation of PL-480 accounts, and WFP accounts in one agency. Total funding is $1.185 billion.

Commerce, Justice, State Account:

The Department of State Account according to the State document for FY-03 is $8.090 billion verses $7.795 billion in FY-02. (OMB total cited was $9.234 billion up from $8.880 billion in FY-02.)

Some Key Accounts are:

Educational and Cultural Exchanges $247million verses $239 million

Diplomatic and Consular Programs $4.019 billion

Other State Department Programs $55 million

Embassy Security, Construction and Maintenance $1.3 million

Contributions for International Peacekeeping Activities $726 million a decrease from $844 in FY-02

International Broadcasting $517 million

Other notations:

UN funding for Operations expenses will be $725.9 million

The budget assumes that Peacekeeping will wind down due to drawdowns in Bosnia and East Timor and Sierra Leone.

Money is provided to the UN to rebuild it NY Building

There is a provision to permit debt rescheduling (debt swap) as part of the Tropical Forest Conservation effort (Can go to $40-50 million, from DA) "Front Line States" (defined as those helping us in the fight on terrorism) are getting a large disproportionate share of old and new funding.

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