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By Colin Gallagher (colin_gallagher) on Thursday, February 07, 2002 - 12:33 am: Edit Post

With Peace Corps legislative language being drawn up by RPCVs and their Congresspersons and Senators as well as seperate and related legislation by the President's staff, the time is right to make sure that Peace Corps will not be negatively affected by legislative changes, and that it will be kept forever safe from misuse or direction by other government agencies.

That, in essence, is what this petition is about. A petition link will soon appear here to "," a webpage which is specifically suited to the volume of messages associated with petitions.

Stay tuned!

By Colin Gallagher (colin_gallagher) on Thursday, February 14, 2002 - 2:24 am: Edit Post


Link to:

If you cannot click on the above link, copy and paste it to your browser's text bar.

I hope that you not only will "sign" the above petition, but will forward it to your representative as well. You can do that directly by using the below link to e-mail the language of the petition to your Congressional representative:
Make sure that your friends and sympathetic family members are e-mailed the link to the petition -- only through "spreading the word" can the potential effect of this effort be realized.

Another critical thing to do -- for the really committed -- is to write a short (100 word) letter to the editor of your local newspaper about this petition, and include the web address:
Or, you could even get people together to pitch in for an ad to include the text of the petition.

For those who had ideas for additions or modifications to this petition, but submitted your thoughts after the petition was published, please feel free to craft your own version of this petition and send the resulting text to your representative. You can e-mail your representative, regardless of where you live, at the following link:

Please post your stories about this petition to this page -- successes and failures -- and we'll learn from each other in a collaborative effort to help the Peace Corps maintain its mission.

Thank you for helping to "keep the ball rolling!"


C. Gallagher.

By Colin Gallagher (colin_gallagher) on Wednesday, February 20, 2002 - 2:14 am: Edit Post

An Important Note:

I have recently gotten a goodly volume of e-mails (and one or two complaints) which leads me to the conclusion that the announcement of this petition has been broadcast far and wide. This is good. However -- If you choose to broadcast news of this petition, please make sure and add a brief note to the recipients indicating who you are and why you are sending it -- this will help avoid misunderstandings as it is transmitted to various individuals.

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