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By Patricia-Faye Marshall on Wednesday, February 20, 2002 - 2:56 pm: Edit Post

"REALITY" as we humans mostly experience it gets created through AGREEMENT. If enough of us agree....it is. To create a new reality- or to clarify an existing one-this happens in a conversation. I call this an enrollment conversation. Most of us come equipped with what's necessary for a conversation- speaking and listening(one mouth and two ears-twice as many ears might give us a hint!)

An ENROLLMENT CONVERSATION creates a possibility in another's world such that they are touched, moved and inspired to take ACTION.

We have the power to speak the future of The Peace Corps into existence and ENROLL others in that future. I find this most exciting and would love to make a difference to this conversation!

By Colin Gallagher (colin_gallagher) on Thursday, February 21, 2002 - 9:53 pm: Edit Post

FROM CARMEL TO CHINA -- The Independent Peace Corps Petition Takes Wing

Today, the Petition for the Preservation of an Independent Peace Corps was signed by individuals ranging the globe -- from Rorick Sellers of Carmel, CA., to Kevin Gaudette, currently of Shanghai, China. It's a testament to the power of the collective concern of citizens willing to organize and promote peace.

Patricia-Faye Marshall recently said, "Reality as we humans mostly experience it gets created through agreement... An enrollment conversation creates a possibility in another's world such that they are touched, moved, and inspired to take ACTION."

An excellent example of this kind of collective agreement is contained in a recent letter of the San Diego Peace Corps Association to Senator Feinstein, which combined the promotion of an independent Peace Corps, with the ideas of the RPCVs that are working with Senator Dodd to create a New Mandate for Peace Corps, with Sargent Shriver's concept of a 4th goal for Peace Corps. Now THAT'S what I call "working together."

Keep up the battle -- and while you're doing so, collect the wealth ideas which have surged forth from so many good people along the way, and include them in your messages to friends, governmental representatives, and anyone you meet who will listen. Together, we will win.

For more on this petition, link to:

Below are included some comments from people who've signed the petition -- from Carmel to China.

#119 - 11:11 am PST, Feb 21
Kevin Gaudette - Shanghai CN
As a Returned PCV from 30 years ago, now based in China,I am concerned, like many others, that the "Freedom Corps" seems like what Sen. Fulbright would call "Arrogance of Power"--USA pursuit of short-term national (unenlightened) self-interest, as the 3rd World poor are generally in worse conditions than when the Peace Corps began. Is the Peace Corps ready to think BEYOND national/MARKET borders, and see that the current global win-lose zero-sum competition system is a rapid race to the bottom for ALL the nations on the planet? We need some LATERAL Thinking, beyond this tired WTO nationalism...to enlightened self-interest. The entire planet is suffering TRAUMA. Can't you FEEL IT? Attempting to "kill evil terrorism" using US military might and consistently accidentally killing civilians, while ignoring fundamental CAUSES of such "terrorism/revolt'...this is like using a hammer to kill masses of mosquitoes, while not thinking about the CAUSE--the stinking swamp of the international political/economic system.
. Any (global) Community Development RPCVs out there?

#109 - 12:19 am PST, Feb 21
Rorick Sellers - Carmel US
While teaching high school math in the Peace Corps in Botswana I was asked more than once if I was working for the CIA! People have a genuine fear that the Peace Corps is a branch of the US intelligence community. It is vital that there should NEVER be such a connection, nor the APPEARANCE of such a connection.

By Betty J. Rosentrater on Wednesday, March 13, 2002 - 2:20 pm: Edit Post

If we truly want to fight terrorism, we must do so with PEACE--active, revitalizing, enabling peace that empowers the poor to achiece their potential and BE participants, not mere recipients in a world of mutual helpfulness. Pushing for power or prestige will only create more distrust, fear and hatred. Peace Corps has and can continue to serve effectively. It should remain special and distinct and free from an attitude or group used to infiltrate or impress other countries.

By hayward allen on Friday, May 03, 2002 - 11:35 am: Edit Post

The integrity of the Peace Corps' independence is as critical as the quality of volunteers who sign on. The fearful in every country, as well as those looking for dragons to slay, inevitably look at any American overseas institution as suspect in intelligence gathering and devious plots. It's not just the Peace Corps, it is USAID, USIS, almost anything wearing the US flag. This is not to say that there have not been incursions and infidelities over the years, as PCVs were approached as "information sources" by various adjuncts of the US government. Many just said no; others said hell, no; others probably capitulated for one reason or another. That is not the fault of the Peace Corps, only the human frailty of PCVs, who thought that this, too, was serving the two countries' best interests.
Now the Peace Corps faces the threat to its integrity from the highest levels of the US government, and that is blatantly wrong and in complete opposition to the forces that created the Peace Corps and the tens of thousands who have served.

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